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A Cultural District Arises
The aim of the US$2.7 billion West Kowloon Cultural District (WKCD) boils down to an extremely focused message, according to WKCD Authority CEO Duncan Pescod.
8 Sept 2017
Curating Cool in Hong Kong Podcast
Despite Hong Kong’s business reputation as a place with notoriously long working hours, people in the city are also known to have an appetite for playing hard.
1 Sept 2017
Farm Gardens in the Sky
Rooftop Republic was established in 2015 by three friends who met in Hong Kong: Michelle Hong from Singapore, Pol Fàbrega from Barcelona, and Andrew Tsui from Hong Kong.
25 Aug 2017
Embracing Alfresco Living
Mirroring global trends, if there’s an opportunity to incorporate a terrace into a restaurant or bar in Hong Kong, designers will do so.
18 Aug 2017
Shoot for Hong Kong
Some 3,000 contestants will set off from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre at 11am on 8 October to capture their best camera shots of Hong Kong, as the Canon PhotoMarathon gets under way.
11 Aug 2017
Fit for New Purpose
Saving and revitalising properties that might otherwise be destined for demolition is a direction encouraged by government policy, and according to the Hong Kong office of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), it’s an area ripe for public-private partnerships.
4 Aug 2017
Weaving Hong Kong’s Textile Heritage
Public participation will be very much part of efforts to help revive the legacy of Hong Kong’s textile industry, thanks to the initiative MILL6 GET SET – Hey! Let’s WEAVE! organised by the MILL6 Foundation, a non-profit arts and cultural institution.
28 July 2017
The Only Way is Up
It took Hong Kong entrepreneur Kevin Wong just 60 seconds to convince investors of the merits of his idea.
21 July 2017
Project Happiness
On a mission to make the world a happier place by championing start-ups and ideas with a positive social impact, the Super Happiness Challenge is a start-up competition from a global movement established to help people achieve happier lives through specific actions and create a global happiness ecosystem.
14 July 2017
Armchair Journey Around the Globe Podcast
Travel writers would seem to have a dream job, traversing the globe to exotic destinations while getting paid in the process.
7 July 2017
Head for the Hills
A chorus of birdsong, a medley of monkey chatter.
30 June 2017
Anniversary Celebrations Set to Sparkle
Two decades since the 1 July 1997 official lowering of the British flag and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Hong Kong has emerged as Asia’s World City and the principal commerce and trade conductor between China and the world.
23 June 2017
Sailing the High Seas
Ahead of the prime sailing season, the Aqua Luna Restaurant Group launched the second in its fleet of “junks” – traditional Chinese boats re-imagined for leisure cruising.
16 June 2017
Move Over, Meat
Not any more, now that the greener eating movement in Hong Kong has a meat alternative so appealing it’s even on the menu of a proudly beef-focused restaurant brand, The Butchers Club.
9 June 2017
Air Coding
In early May, more than two dozen passengers boarded a British Airway (BA) flight from Hong Kong to London with a specific goal in mind.
2 June 2017
Into the Future
With its loyal and devoted fan base, science fiction offers a multitude of new opportunities for creatives and entrepreneurs who are interested in the genre.
26 May 2017
Dim Sum and then Some
With exquisitely presented dishes and elegant interiors, some chefs in Hong Kong are incorporating luxury ingredients into classic Chinese dishes to win over new audiences and encouraging guests to pair their meal with tea-infused cocktails.
19 May 2017
Hakka Culture Unveiled
While Hong Kong has a long list of renowned culinary delicacies, few people have heard of one particular specialty.
12 May 2017
Sustainable Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s second “Zero Waste Week” held last November – when people were challenged to send nothing to the landfill for seven days and a growing awareness around sustainability – show organisations are taking steps to become more planet-conscious.
8 May 2017
Interactive Gaming Grows Up
While the entertainment factor is a major draw of interactive games, marketers are also leveraging the power of this cutting-edge technology to sell messages.
28 April 2017
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