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Caterers Quick to Tap Demand for Al Fresco Feasting
With summer in full swing, to be followed by a balmy autumn, it means only one thing for Hongkongers who love the great outdoors – ’tis the season for barbecues and picnics.
15 Aug 2018
Hong Kong Joins Global Plastic-waste Fight
As the war-on-waste gains momentum with grassroots campaigns around the world, Hong Kong is rallying to the cause.
9 Aug 2018
Meet the Meat-free Diners
Reflecting people’s concerns about the sustainability of a meat-based diet, Hong Kong’s dining scene is undergoing something of a herbivore revolution; just about every restaurant, café and food outlet is addressing the trend with a slew of plant-based alternatives to meat on its menus.
31 July 2018
The Spirit of Inclusion
Going alcohol-free often means drinking overly sweet mocktails or the same old sodas – but the world’s first non-alcoholic spirits brand, Seedlip, aims to change all that.
25 July 2018
Gardens in the Air
Urban-dwelling Hongkongers can get stuck into gardening this summer in the latest initiative of a city going ever greener.
23 July 2018
Reading the World: What on Earth is Love?
The 29th edition of the Hong Kong Book Fair, which opens next Wednesday, celebrates not only a love of books, but also romantic literature – with the tag line “Reading the World: What on Earth is Love?’
10 July 2018
Summer Camps Inspire Young Minds
Who said summer was only about having fun in the sun?
9 July 2018
Rediscovering Local Traditions
With a plethora of cool bars, coffee shops and boutiques, Sai Ying Pun has become a hip hangout for locals and tourists alike over the past few years.
29 June 2018
Recipe for Success
A former investment banker has turned her passion for cooking into a multi-million-dollar start-up business with operations in Hong Kong and on the Chinese mainland.
25 June 2018
A Cultural Feast
Few art forms can evoke the mystery and charm of ancient China as eloquently as Cantonese opera.
11 June 2018
Cheers to Italian Wine
Italian wines, especially big reds such as Amarone and Barolo, are increasingly loved by Hongkongers, thanks in part to a decade-long collaboration between the HKTDC and Italian exhibition organiser Veronafiere.
7 June 2018
Hong Kong in EcoArt
Nature has inspired artists and poets forever, but tragically for today’s creatives, environmental degradation can spoil an otherwise perfect view.
1 June 2018
Police Station Reinvents Itself
The largest heritage conservation and revitalisation project in Hong Kong opens its doors this month (May 2018) as the former Central Police Station is transformed into an exceptional cultural space.
25 May 2018
Unwind the Body and Mind
In a bid to combat stress and tune out the fast pace of city living, Hong Kong is turning to the time-honoured practice of yoga to calm the mind and strengthen the body.
18 May 2018
Tastes with a Twist
In a city like Hong Kong, where diners are discerning and many restaurants don’t make the cut, setting up a new eatery can be a daunting experience – particularly if that place purports to offer something beyond the norm.
9 May 2018
A Feast for the Fashion Senses
PMQ pop-up 23 Senses will introduce Hong Kong to some of the finest local designers, from globally recognised brands like menswear label Necro Poon to newly-launched labels such as Start From Zero & Sons, a workwear collection that represents a collaboration between designer Sonic Lam and the renowned street art collective.
4 May 2018
Sharing is Caring
Why own a car when you can have a driver at your beck and call? Why store a bike when you can borrow one?
27 April 2018
Let’s Talk CSR
During his executive career in the corporate sector, and then as a successful business owner, Dr K.K. Tse could not have imagined himself as an icon of social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong that he is today.
19 April 2018
Greener Pastures in Hong Kong
Singapore social enterprise Green is the New Black Asia, in partnership with Hong Kong-based Ocean Recovery Alliance, will present the Conscious Festival over the Earth Day weekend (20-22 April) at PMQ in Central.
13 April 2018
Foods of the Future
Foodie alert: cricket pasta is a thing.
6 April 2018
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