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Hot Fun in the City
Most city kids have limited opportunities to dig in the dirt, get up close and personal with wildlife, or challenge their physical limits in the great outdoors.
1 July 2016
Much Ado about Sherry
In Asia’s wine-drinking capital, Hong Kong – where per-capita consumption is the highest in the region, according to Vinexpo data – the arrival of a rare vintage is always something to celebrate.
24 June 2016
Architects at the Frontier
The voices of young Hong Kong architects and artists are ringing loud and clear in an international exhibition focused on improving global living conditions.
17 June 2016
Hi-tech DIY
Offering tuition in everything from woodwork to 3D printing and providing co-working spaces for creatives, the makerspace movement is gaining traction in Hong Kong.
10 June 2016
Plant Food Revolution
Increasingly, the city’s consumers are eschewing animal products in favour of plant-based menu options, which a growing number of vegetarian/vegan and organic-food businesses only too happy to provide.
3 June 2016
More than a Game
Cricket is a game played and loved by billions of people, whose biggest players are idolised and paid like rock stars. It’s a game that fills stadiums and draws a television audience into the hundreds of millions.
26 May 2016
Prelude to an Arts Hub
A spaceship has landed in the playground at a school in Hong Kong.
20 May 2016
Hanging out in Hong Kong
Multi-functional spaces, which not only offer food and drink but other attractions too, ranging from listening posts to educational workshops, are cropping up across the city.
13 May 2016
Art for All
Greg McNamara is not a man to adopt half-measures. That was evident when launching his independent art consultancy and curatorial company McNamara Art Projects earlier this year.
6 May 2016
Marketing Vitality
Fish oil, Omega-3, evening primrose oil, joint formula and celery are some of the most popular complementary health supplements flying off shelves in Hong Kong, according to Raymond Chan, Deputy Managing Director for Blackmores, an Australian natural-health firm supplying vitamins and supplements to Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific.
29 April 2016
Picturing Peace
An exhibition featuring the noted collaborative masterpiece Plum, Orchid, Bamboo, Ganoderm and Rock, a series poetry-calligraphy-painting by contemporary artist Dr Dominic Lam, was held during Hong Kong’s de facto art week in March
22 April 2016
Street Food Fiesta
The inaugural event marks a fitting return to the tradition of vendor food carts, which once lined the city’s streets, but have been diminishing since the 1970s.
18 April 2016
Cooking up a Storm
Perhaps it’s the arrival of so many celebrity chefs to Hong Kong; the vastness of the city’s restaurant offering; or the plethora of reality cooking shows on TV.
8 April 2016
Off the Wall
In Kowloon’s gritty Sham Shui Po district, an industrial building has gone under wraps.
1 April 2016
Public Art Takes off
Renowned for a unique carving technique that involves drilling into walls to create life-like murals, Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto, AKA Vhils, aims to make art more accessible to Hong Kongers with “Debris,” his first solo exhibition in the city.
24 March 2016
A Village Reborn
Just a few years ago, a tiny outlying island of Hong Kong was struggling for survival.
18 March 2016
Scoring Big in Hong Kong
On first glance, American-style football might seem like a strange fit for Hong Kong, where sports fans generally follow soccer, cricket, basketball and rugby, not to mention the more traditional Chinese disciplines, such as martial arts.
11 March 2016
A New Creative Hub for Hong Kong
Hong Kong property developer Nan Fung Group is paying tribute to the company’s beginnings as a textile manufacturer by transforming its old cotton mill in Tsuen Wan into The Mills, a hub to nurture innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship in the techstyle space for companies based in Hong Kong.
4 March 2016
Spectacle of Glamour
One of the richest purses in international equestrian sport was shared in Hong Kong by the world’s top riders competing in the prestigious Longines Masters three-day event in late February.
26 Feb 2016
Sparkling Trade Webcast
Last October, a Hong Kong billionaire paid US$48 million for a precious coloured diamond sold at auction by Sotheby’s in Geneva, Switzerland.
19 Feb 2016
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