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Hong Kong in EcoArt
Nature has inspired artists and poets forever, but tragically for today’s creatives, environmental degradation can spoil an otherwise perfect view.
1 June 2018
Police Station Reinvents Itself
The largest heritage conservation and revitalisation project in Hong Kong opens its doors this month (May 2018) as the former Central Police Station is transformed into an exceptional cultural space.
25 May 2018
Unwind the Body and Mind
In a bid to combat stress and tune out the fast pace of city living, Hong Kong is turning to the time-honoured practice of yoga to calm the mind and strengthen the body.
18 May 2018
Tastes with a Twist
In a city like Hong Kong, where diners are discerning and many restaurants don’t make the cut, setting up a new eatery can be a daunting experience – particularly if that place purports to offer something beyond the norm.
9 May 2018
A Feast for the Fashion Senses
PMQ pop-up 23 Senses will introduce Hong Kong to some of the finest local designers, from globally recognised brands like menswear label Necro Poon to newly-launched labels such as Start From Zero & Sons, a workwear collection that represents a collaboration between designer Sonic Lam and the renowned street art collective.
4 May 2018
Sharing is Caring
Why own a car when you can have a driver at your beck and call? Why store a bike when you can borrow one?
27 April 2018
Let’s Talk CSR
During his executive career in the corporate sector, and then as a successful business owner, Dr K.K. Tse could not have imagined himself as an icon of social entrepreneurship in Hong Kong that he is today.
19 April 2018
Greener Pastures in Hong Kong
Singapore social enterprise Green is the New Black Asia, in partnership with Hong Kong-based Ocean Recovery Alliance, will present the Conscious Festival over the Earth Day weekend (20-22 April) at PMQ in Central.
13 April 2018
Foods of the Future
Foodie alert: cricket pasta is a thing.
6 April 2018
Tucking in to Dining Disruption
The city’s legendary culinary culture is being shaken, and stirred, by the city’s latest batch of food entrepreneurs.
28 March 2018
Hong Kong Art Scene Comes of Age
With several high-profile art shows debuting in the city in recent years, Hong Kong’s art landscape has changed dramatically.
23 March 2018
Hong Kong’s Game Plan
Over deep bass notes and spitting gas flares, a youthful crowd erupts at the Spodek stadium in the southern Polish city of Katowice.
16 March 2018
A Dog’s Life in Hong Kong
There are dog spas, doggy day-care and hotels that allow pets to accompany their overnight guests.
9 March 2018
Hong Kong Hospitality Heats Up
With two MICE-oriented Sheraton hotels and the Marriott Ocean Park – the theme park’s first hotel – scheduled to open this summer, 2018 looks set to be a landmark year for the Hong Kong hospitality scene.
2 March 2018
Walk on the Wild Side
Hong Kong’s natural heritage, evident throughout the UNESCO-listed Hong Kong Global Geopark, can be traced back 400 million years.
23 Feb 2018
Season of Scents and Blooms
Flowers are highly representative in Chinese culture, and particularly so around the Lunar New Year, the most important festival of the year.
9 Feb 2018
Transition to a Smart City Webcast
What makes a smart city? Undoubtedly, the answer lies in technologies closely aligned with innovative thinking.
2 Feb 2018
A Feast of Artistic Treats
Now in its 46th year, the most comprehensive line-up to date will enthral audiences throughout a month-long programme, running from 23 Feb-24 March.
26 Jan 2018
Culture Class
A number of Hong Kong opera production companies has been identifying opportunities for presenting Western opera to a local audience and, crucially, nurturing homegrown talent.
19 Jan 2018
Roll up for Asia’s Carnival Extravaganza
Spanning the season from Christmas to Chinese New Year, the event blends the most important celebrations of the Western and Eastern calendars.
12 Jan 2018
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