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Fingers on the Pulse
8Now. Storyappy. AfterShip. WeLab. Divide. Not some mysterious code, but the names of some of Hong Kong’s brightest start-ups.
12 June 2015
Clothes with a Conscience
The white cotton is soft to touch and its high quality is ideal for polo shirts.
4 June 2015
Hong Kong on Ice
From modest beginnings on a small skating rink at the former Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park, to the opening of an international-standard venue in 2007 and the launch of an annual international Hockey 5s tournament, ice hockey in Hong Kong has come a long way.
29 May 2015
Carnival of Colour
Dragon boat racing has been practised in China for 2,000 years, but since Hong Kong hosted the first international dragon boat carnival – a Hong Kong Tourism Board initiative in 1976 – the sport has gained prominence abroad.
21 May 2015
Hit the Ground Running
Hong Kong is becoming more of a fixture on Asia’s sporting events calendar, with the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon – currently the city’s largest sporting event – attracting more than 70,000 participants in January.
18 May 2015
Pampered Pets
It's fairly common in Hong Kong to see a pooch being paraded in a pushchair or sporting a designer coat and collar.
11 May 2015
The Business of Well-being
Hong Kong’s "work hard, play hard" lifestyle has long been credited as the force that drives businesses and individuals to levels of peak performance.
4 May 2015
Essentially French, Truly Hong Kong
Originally staged as a celebration of French-Hong Kong collaboration, Le French May arts festival has matured into an iconic hallmark of the region’s cultural scene.
24 April 2015
Connecting People with Nature
More than 130 million people have passed through the gates of Hong Kong’s home-grown, marine-themed Ocean Park since opening in 1977.
17 April 2015
Social Marketing
A proliferation of smartphones and tablets may be one reason why marketing research firm Nielsen predicts that social media will become the third-largest advertising platform in Hong Kong in 2015.
10 April 2015
That’s the Spirit Webcast
From the bars of Wyndham Street, where revellers choose premium spirits in trendy establishments such as Highline and Stockton, to the city’s auction houses, where rare whiskies are fetching premium prices; spirits are big business in Hong Kong.
27 March 2015
Where the World Comes to Play Webcast
Each year, the biggest event in the World Rugby Sevens Series returns to Hong Kong, where it all began.
19 March 2015
Wives Mean Business
Kotur clutches and purses are shown off by Hollywood stars and are stocked in upmarket stores in many fashion capitals.
13 March 2015
Brushing Up
Since peak sales of Chinese contemporary art in May 2011 put the genre and the region in the global spotlight, a stream of new art fairs and international galleries have opened across the region, many of them in Hong Kong.
5 March 2015
A Winning Recipe Webcast
Hong Kong’s competitive dining scene – already home to some 12,000 restaurants – makes it tough for entrepreneurs in the F&B business to run a profitable venture.
25 Feb 2015
Lucky City Webcast
“The harder I work, the luckier I get,” American film producer Samuel Goldwyn once famously quipped.
18 Feb 2015
Sheep Shape for the New Year
Retailers are already offering seasonal discounts which make this time of the year a shopping bonanza.
13 Feb 2015
The Stars Line Up
Following pop sensation Lily Allen’s Hong Kong debut in January, British boy-band One Direction will perform for the first time in the city, live at the AsiaWorld-Expo Arena in March.
6 Feb 2015
In the Swing in Asia’s World City
The city has only five golf clubs, but within that choice handful, are some of the world’s most prestigious courses in Asia and the world.
30 Jan 2015
Smooth Sailing All the Way
With more than 200 outlying islands to explore, excellent sailing conditions for much of the year, and a climate that beckons an outdoor lifestyle, Hong Kong is a haven for water sports enthusiasts.
23 Jan 2015
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