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Seeing the Light
This year's Indo LED & Light Expo, held last October, saw the majority of domestic and overseas manufacturers largely optimistic about prospects in Indonesia's LED lighting sector.
17 Jan 2017
Global IPO Leader Webcast
Uncertainties such as the slow global economic recovery, Brexit, the presidential elections in the United States and rising interest rates led to a less-than-ideal worldwide fundraising climate, professional services firm PwC reports.
10 Jan 2017
Mobile-first Market
By ASEAN standards, Indonesia has been a slow developer in terms of Internet penetration.
9 Jan 2017
Mobile Marketing in Myanmar Webcast
In 2013, only seven per cent of Myanmar's population owned a mobile phone.
28 Dec 2016
Forecast for Steady Trade in the New Year Podcast
Despite challenges facing the global economy, Hong Kong’s exports are expected to stabilise in 2017, with improvements in export value and volume compared to this year.
20 Dec 2016
Fintech Future
Hong Kong has positioned itself as Asia’s premier Fintech hub for start-ups, accelerators, incubators and investors, with several leading Fintech companies already based in Hong Kong.
13 Dec 2016
Cashing in on Credit
ASEAN's rapid economic growth – together with its typically young and tech-savvy population and astounding rate of digital adoption – has seen e-commerce revenue across the region grow the fastest in the world.
6 Dec 2016
Business Friending in the Philippines
The Philippines is home to some of the world's keenest users of social media – particularly Facebook.
5 Dec 2016
Bringing Franchise Partners Together
Ever since American fast-food chain McDonald’s opened the first of its Hong Kong outlets in 1975, franchised operations have been a stalwart of the city’s SME landscape.
22 Nov 2016
Bucking the Global Trend
Global shipping may be in the doldrums, but participants at the 14th ASEAN Ports & Shipping 2016 tradeshow and conference in July were bullish about the future.
17 Nov 2016
Hong Kong’s Partnership with “Pearl” of the Belt and Road Webcast
Construction is being stepped up on a key project within China’s Belt and Road Initiative – a major high-tech industrial park near the Belarus capital of Minsk, said to be China’s largest overseas investment project.
9 Nov 2016
Poland Paves Way for Belt and Road Webcast
The opening of new warehousing facilities in Poland has been hailed as helping pave the way for China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative.
7 Nov 2016
Unlimited Potential Webcast
Connected living is the next frontier in today’s digital society.
26 Oct 2016
Tax Cuts Benefit Corporate Treasuries
New tax rules, introduced in June, make Hong Kong more attractive for multinational corporations and Chinese mainland enterprises to set up headquarters and treasury functions in the city.
19 Oct 2016
Investing in Africa's Renewable Energy Sector
Africa desperately needs more electricity, with economic projections indicating rapid growth for many of its constituent nations.
11 Oct 2016
Connector to Cambodia’s Opening Trade Window Podcast
Cambodia is determined to ascend the regional trade value chain by, among other things, leveraging on Hong Kong’s advantages.
5 Oct 2016
Stability Amid Uncertainty
The latest G20 meeting held in Hangzhou, China, in September, failed to find concrete solutions to jumpstart global growth.
27 Sept 2016
Asian Design Shines at CENTRESTAGE Webcast
Fashion is a US$1.2 trillion business, and Asia represents an increasing chunk of the industry both from the consumer and design end.
20 Sept 2016
Building Architectural Muscle
Architects from around the world have been drawn to participate in the making of a role-model modern metropolis that is Hong Kong.
13 Sept 2016
ASEAN Belt and Road Connector Webcast
Opportunities are emerging for ASEAN-related projects, worth an estimated US$800 billion a year, under China’s Belt and Road Initiative.
7 Sept 2016
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