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Boosting Asia’s Online Defense Webcast
Wherever there is opportunity in the digital economy, there is also risk.
7 June 2016
Dialing up Mid-market Competition
Vietnam’s smartphone market is booming, with big-brand, high- performance phones taking the lion's share.
2 June 2016
Shining a Light on Belt and Road Opportunities Webcast
From top government officials to investors, project owners and services professionals, more than 2,400 participants attended the most authoritative conference to date on China’s Belt and Road Initiative, which covers more than 60 countries spanning Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
25 May 2016
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs
Hong Kong’s start-up-friendly environment is inspiring many women to set up their own business in the city – and those who do can find practical support and advice from Female Entrepreneurs Worldwide (FEW).
23 May 2016
In Pursuit of Proper Care Webcast
After discovering that standard care for dementia could be detrimental to those suffering from the condition, Dutch-based Wissner-Bosserhoff introduced the concept of a “Dementia Compatible Room” to greatly extend what can be offered to patients.
11 May 2016
Building Sustainability
The environmentally friendly approach to building is gaining momentum in Malaysia, according to exhibitors at Kuala Lumpur's Greenbuild Southeast Asia exhibition, held last September.
9 May 2016
Mediation Milestone Webcast
Voted in legal circles as the most preferred and used dispute resolution service outside of Europe, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) broke new ground by becoming the first international arbitration institution to open in the Chinese mainland.
3 May 2016
Driving China Investment
As the premier gateway for the two-way flow of investment to and from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong’s central role was reinforced at this year’s China Investment Policy Seminar, held in Hong Kong in March.
25 April 2016
Africa Taps e-Banking
Africa is one of the world's fastest-growing and most dynamic digital-technology markets.
14 April 2016
Partners in Development
Given the size and the scope of the Belt and Road Initiative, India is certain to play an important role in the project, particularly as the proposed sea-going 21st Century Maritime Silk Road route traverses the Indian Ocean.
7 April 2016
Hong Kong Chic
Fashionistas from both sides of the Atlantic got a taste of Hong Kong design at two major shows held during New York Fashion Week and Copenhagen Fashion Week in February.
30 March 2016
Make in India Podcast
The sustained rise in production costs on the Chinese mainland has eroded the competitive edge of many Hong Kong companies with labour-intensive factories on the mainland.
24 March 2016
Winning Hand
Capturing opportunities from the next phase of the digital frontier, the Internet of Things (IoT), was the theme of an event held in Hong Kong in January.
15 March 2016
Eastern Europe’s Road to Trade
With the Belt and Road Initiative in the international spotlight, Poland is among the countries looking to capitalise on the array of opportunities from the Chinese mainland's huge trade and development programme.
8 March 2016
Fostering Competitiveness
The Hong Kong Government last month unveiled a raft of measures to support businesses amid uncertain economic times.
1 March 2016
Asian Screen Business
Two major issues facing Asian content producers – the acquisition of source material to turn into films and TV shows and uncovering acting talent that travels well – were addressed at this year's Asian Film Market at the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), held last October.
25 Feb 2016
Fast-track to Start-up Success
Multinational corporations bring their resources, while emerging entrepreneurs contribute their ideas and passion.
22 Feb 2016
Taking a Bite out of the ASEAN Market
As South African exporters look to capitalise on the growing ASEAN food and wine markets, a key marketing opportunity is emerging for Hong Kong agents and distributors.
11 Feb 2016
Charging Ahead
Hong Kong has one of the world’s best transport hubs, and it’s stepping up its game with more environmentally friendly vehicles on the road.
1 Feb 2016
Vietnam Prepares for Belt and Road
Vietnam is considered a key part of the maritime component of China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative.
26 Jan 2016
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