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Freedom to Grow
Hong Kong’s business-friendly environment has received another boost, this time from the Fraser Institute in Canada, which has reaffirmed the city’s ranking as the world’s freest economy.
15 Oct 2014
Open for Business Webcast
Asserting its reputation as a city that means business, Hong Kong continues to draw entrepreneurs and SMEs from around the world to set up offices that oversee regional operations.
1 Oct 2014
Strength in Unity
Among Scandinavia’s relatively small but dynamic economies, Finland and Norway are working hard to create new business opportunities in Asia through Hong Kong.
1 Oct 2014
Brand Bonanza
Walking into Las Vegas' Licensing Expo 2014 was like walking into a theme park/shopping mall.
1 Oct 2014
Arbitration Expertise Webcast
Highly regarded for its world-class legal services, rule of law and pro-arbitration stance, Hong Kong is going from strength to strength in facilitating commercial mediation and dispute resolution, saving companies the costly business of court litigations.
17 Sept 2014
Fostering Financial Innovation
Some of the sharpest minds in financial innovation have been drawn from around the world to participate in a ground-breaking product accelerator programme, the FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific.
10 Sept 2014
Asia’s Final Frontier
For many overseas investors eyeing the country's potential, Myanmar presents something of a dichotomy.
10 Sept 2014
Sowing Seeds of Innovation Webcast
Hong Kong’s unique business opportunities are attracting more start-ups than ever.
3 Sept 2014
High-tech Solutions for Seamless Travel
Hong Kong visitors who like to hit the ground running will find that getting around the city has become even easier.
27 Aug 2014
Modern Marketing
The holy grail of any successful online promotion is for the campaign to go viral.
27 Aug 2014
Polishing the Jewellery Market
Fashion jewellery, exquisite luxury pieces, and loose diamonds provided a glittering backdrop to the JCK Las Vegas in June, America's largest jewellery and diamond trade show.
20 Aug 2014
Hong Kong: Your e-Commerce Gateway
Given their nature, e-commerce businesses can operate from any location. In the digital era, Hong Kong again comes up trumps for Internet entrepreneurs from all over the world.
20 Aug 2014
Full Steam Ahead
Described as "the Rolls-Royce of cruise terminals" by US lifestyle magazine Departures, Hong Kong’s new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal celebrated its first year of operation in June.
13 Aug 2014
Long Life Tea
A needle-like indigenous plant grown only in a small area of South Africa's west coast is creating considerable interest among Asian tea lovers and importers.
13 Aug 2014
A Beautiful Market, Naturally
Asian women – and increasingly, men – are becoming more discerning about the products used in their skincare routine, making Asia among the fastest-growing regions for the natural and organic beauty sector.
6 Aug 2014
Decade of Growth
In the 10 years since renminbi business was launched in Hong Kong, the city has established itself as the premier centre for offshore business using the Chinese currency.
30 July 2014
Switching to Renewable Energy
With global emission reduction deadlines looming, experts focus on the challenges of transitioning from fossil-fuel reliance to green energy.
30 July 2014
Cargo Business Sky-High Webcast
Air freight business is soaring to new heights in Hong Kong, the world’s leading air cargo hub.
23 July 2014
Print Run Webcast
Hong Kong’s magazine industry is thriving, with a spate of new publications launching in recent months.
9 July 2014
Happy Days in Hong Kong
Expatriates have long enjoyed the good life in Hong Kong; a newly released World Bank report reinforces that reality.
2 July 2014
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