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Made in Hong Kong
Local social enterprises are a viable business model that also gives back to the community.
23 April 2014
Dressing the Swiss Market
As the world’s richest country, Switzerland is a promising destination for Hong Kong niche, green fashion and lifestyle products.
23 April 2014
Film Fest Webcast
Business was booming at this year’s FILMART, with the promise of much more to come, thanks in part to a potential new route into the Chinese mainland.
16 April 2014
The Power of Social Media
Not yet mastered the art of promoting your products on social media networks? You may be missing out on business.
16 April 2014
Baby Bonus Webcast
Hong Kong and Chinese mainland parents increasingly demand high-quality goods and services for their children.
9 April 2014
Corporate Bounty
The tradition of corporate gift-giving is fueling new collaborations in the premium gifts sector.
9 April 2014
Retail Therapy
Malaysia’s thriving consumer market makes this Southeast Asian country a promising business destination.
9 April 2014
Clear Potential
Overseas eyewear designers are focusing on Hong Kong, the world’s third-largest exporter of spectacles and frames.
2 April 2014
Hot Gift Trends
Smartphone accessories, wearable devices and eco-friendly bespoke gifts are among the trends to watch in 2014.
2 April 2014
ASEAN Export Promise Webcast
Negotiations get underway this year on a Hong Kong-ASEAN free trade agreement, which is set to benefit Hong Kong companies.
2 April 2014
Lifestyle Partners
French companies are increasingly tapping Hong Kong’s potential for joint ventures, IPOs and brand promotions.
26 March 2014
Content is King
Technological advancements have broadened the options available for consuming media entertainment.
26 March 2014
Embracing Gallic Style
The French market offers prime opportunities for Hong Kong brands and manufacturers that cater to high-end lifestyle products.
26 March 2014
Artistic Intent
Strong Hong Kong art sales continue to drive profits for the world’s leading auction houses.
19 March 2014
Show me the Money
Hong Kong is the meeting point for Asian filmmakers and investors to partner for new projects.
19 March 2014
Eastern Europe’s Emerging Electronics Hub
Hungary has firmly established itself as the key player in the burgeoning East European electronics sector.
19 March 2014
Asia’s Lifestyle Capital
Hong Kong remains Asia’s style leader, when it comes to fashion, financial services, food and entertainment, a new survey has found.
12 March 2014
Advocating Reality
Documentaries are attracting a growing audience in Asia, thanks to new avenues of support.
12 March 2014
Boosting a Powerful Partnership
A long-standing medical research partnership between Hong Kong and France moves into a new phase in its efforts to save lives around the world.
5 March 2014
The Business of Entertainment Webcast
Entertainment Expo celebrates a decade of showcasing Asia’s best and promising talent from the industry.
5 March 2014
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