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VC specialist goes to sea
As with any biome, innovation ecosystems have crowded, intensively competitive spaces – “red oceans” – and wide-open spaces full of potential – “blue oceans” – where pioneers can potentially grow far and quickly.
17 Nov 2020
ALMAC goes online
Businesses in almost every sector and economy have had to adapt to a world changed by the COVID-19 pandemic.
10 Nov 2020
Start-up redefines the screen
Many people put books in their bags when going on journeys since they are useful as small, light packages of content.
3 Nov 2020
Entrepreneurs urged to seize Greater Bay Area opportunities
While many of the Hong Kong entrepreneurs active in Mainland China headed home as soon as the true extent of the COVID-19 outbreak became apparent earlier this year, Foshan‑based Ben Leung had no hesitation in staying put.
27 Oct 2020
Brunei-Hong Kong FTA takes effect
The oil-rich sultanate of Brunei, a coastal enclave surrounded by Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo, implemented a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and an Investment Agreement (IA) with Hong Kong on 20 October.
20 Oct 2020
Start-up ensures happy returns
Online shopping has been growing in popularity for many years and the COVID-19 pandemic, which kept consumers around the world at home, turbocharged the trend.
13 Oct 2020
Pandemic tests innovators’ mettle
The Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s (HKTDC) Entrepreneur Day (E-Day) celebrates those who come up with innovative solutions to 21st-century problems.
6 Oct 2020
SMEs plugged into global logistics network 
Online transactions have become popular, ranging from purchases of daily necessities to home appliances and furniture.
29 Sept 2020
Young designers thrive virtually
Those born since the early 1990s are often referred to as “digital natives” since they grew up in an internet-powered world.
22 Sept 2020
Greater Bay Area enhances Hong Kong’s portal role
One of the most profound changes the world has seen in the first two decades of the 21st century has been the massive expansion in Mainland China’s economy.
15 Sept 2020
Pressure cooker for talent
Having spent decades growing into its role as one of the world’s financial capitals, with big, mature firms, Hong Kong has recently turned into a nursery for nimble young start-ups.
8 Sept 2020
FILMART Online draws nearly 7,000 buyers
As restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19 kept audiences out of theatres across the world, entertainment quite literally streamed online. And Asia’s leading film and television content market also moved into the digital realm.
1 Sept 2020
Bicycles ride to rescue in Taiwan
One of the surprising beneficiaries of the global COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be the humble bicycle.
25 Aug 2020
Indonesia in transformation spotlight
The world’s manufacturing infrastructure and supply chains were undergoing profound changes last year, driven by trade disputes, rapid technological advances and the long-running rise of Asia.
18 Aug 2020
Redefining business for digital era
For the past decade Entrepreneur Day (E-Day), organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), has been a highlight on start-ups’ calendars in the city and beyond.
11 Aug 2020
Thailand beckons Hong Kong entrepreneurs
As traditional earnings models are under pressure from a basket of challenges - including the COVID-19 outbreak and Sino-United States trade conflict - many Hong Kong small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are looking to diversify into emerging markets such as Southeast Asian countries.
4 Aug 2020
Traders flock to cyberspace
The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping many suppliers, exporters, importers, buyers and investors confined at home – and no intelligence, artificial or otherwise, will reveal when regular physical travel can resume.
29 July 2020
COVID the transformer
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought drastic changes for all businesses with sectors such as cruise liners going into suspended animation while others, such as entertainment, transform themselves with such innovations as drive-in concerts (main picture).
28 July 2020
Self-driven scoops scour waters
Plastic pollution in oceans, rivers, harbours and lakes has become a hot-button issue around the world, including in Hong Kong where most people live and work near waterways and see the problem every day.
21 July 2020
Start-up sector bullish on comeback
Hong Kong’s start‑up scene was very much seen as riding high last year, a scenario viewed as set to fuel the innovation that is the lifeblood of the city.
14 July 2020
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