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Back-end providers ride data wave
The most recent edition of XTech, Japan's primary information and communications technology (ICT) event, drew on the sense of national optimism occasioned by the since rescheduled Olympic Games, while also being bolstered by a number of trends that have rejuvenated the sector overall.
20 April 2020
Innovators will drive recovery
Keeping Hong Kong businesses afloat during the COVID-19 outbreak is at the top of many to-do lists at the moment but looking to the post-outbreak world, and making sure companies can thrive in that new environment, is also receiving attention.
14 April 2020
Launch pad for start-ups
Hong Kong has a vibrant start-up ecosystem, with inventive entrepreneurs creating innovative solutions in artificial intelligence (AI), fintech, biotech, smart city and much more.
7 April 2020
Robots move into smaller factories
Discerning attendees at the most recent edition of Nepcon Nagoya, a major Japanese biannual electronics exhibition, no doubt came away with a fairly firm grasp of the key automation, robotics and smart technology trends that are set to reshape their respective sectors in the year to come.
6 April 2020
Express lane for start-ups
Technology is driving the rapid changes sweeping across the world and is itself evolving rapidly to help companies and people adapt to these changes – a vast, global virtuous circle.
31 March 2020
Innovation rules at BioJapan Expo
Viewed as very much a new frontier, the defining characteristics of the biotechnology sector appear to be the sheer breadth of its potential applications and the need for in-depth specialisation to make good on any of its myriad possibilities.
30 March 2020
Exhibitions go digital
The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted business activity across the globe, with hundreds of exhibitions worldwide being postponed or even cancelled, depriving many companies across the board of opportunities to promote themselves.
30 March 2020
Innovators step up in Hong Kong
Innovation and technology (I&T) is rapidly transforming every field of business – from accounting to yachting – and I&T itself is a burgeoning economic activity.
24 March 2020
Hong Kong builds CBD2.0
Visitors to Hong Kong in earlier times were often struck by the contrast between the towers of steel and concrete crowded in the central business districts (CBD) on the north side of the Island and Tsim Sha Tsui Peninsula, and the vast area of empty and flat land in East Kowloon, created by the 1998 closure of the former airport at Kai Tak.
17 March 2020
Banks shore up SMEs
The COVID-19 outbreak has brought an abrupt slowdown in economic activity across the world, and particularly in East Asia.
10 March 2020
Makeover budget
Faced with a rapidly changing world, outward-facing Hong Kong has been re-inventing itself for several years, boosting innovation and technology and deepening its integration with Mainland China.
3 March 2020
Lifeline for SMEs, start-ups
Fallout from the COVID-19 outbreak has affected almost all businesses in Hong Kong but the many trade-focused small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face a stiffer challenge than most as prolonged factory shutdowns in Mainland China have weighed on the global supply chain network.
25 Feb 2020
Enterprises rewire networks
Hong Kong has been braving various issues over the past two years, from the Mainland China-United States trade dispute to the novel coronavirus.
18 Feb 2020
Digital spending surges in Russia
The Russian economy passed a number of important milestones last year.
17 Feb 2020
Cars go smart
Artificial intelligence (AI), 5G connectivity and flying taxis were all prominent among the next-generation innovations accorded centre-stage status at the recent CES 2020, one of the world’s largest technology trade shows.
11 Feb 2020
People factor can hit digital transformation
People, rather than technology, are always the biggest impediment to progress, according to many of the experts gathered in London for the recent Digital Transformation Expo Europe event.
10 Feb 2020
Accounting network bullish on Asia
In a networked world, many businesses straddle borders and boundaries, finding themselves working in several jurisdictions, each with a unique economic, legal and social environment.
4 Feb 2020
Innovation drives tilt to Asia
Innovative breakthroughs will see ever more people in Asia achieve prosperity in the digital economy, attendees at the 13th Asian Financial Forum (AFF) heard earlier this month.
21 Jan 2020
Sound solution for the blind
Blind or partially sighted people live in a world where such day-to-day tasks as reading text, recognising the faces of family and friends or picking out items on supermarket shelves can prove impossible.
14 Jan 2020
Online festive sales shine
Cyberstreet moved comprehensively ahead of Main Street during the 2019 festive shopping season as sales remained strong worldwide but digital retailers reaped most of the gains.
7 Jan 2020
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