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Spectacle of innovation
Advances in both optometry and information technology are driving rapid changes in the eyewear industry; professionals and traders in the optical world converged on Hong Kong in November to learn more.
19 Nov 2019
Smart opportunities in lighting
A steady drop in the price of work-horse LED units, pressure to cut down on energy use and the massive business potential created by technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) are moving the lighting industry up the value chain.
12 Nov 2019
UK looks to opportunities in Hong Kong
As the United Kingdom’s likely departure day from the European Union draws near, the country’s leaders are looking for fresh opportunities worldwide; strengthening their already well-established relationship with Hong Kong is an obvious option.
5 Nov 2019
Season of innovation
Lightning-fast technological advances are drastically realigning core industries in Hong Kong, such as finance, trade and professional services, and many businesses are trying to map their way through this ever-changing maze.
29 Oct 2019
Future on display
A feast of innovations on display at the 39th HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) early this month conjured up images of 2020s dwellings – 5G-driven smart homes where robot butlers switch from being paramedics to running 3D printers that can create anything from a pair of slippers to a dinner plate decorated with junior’s drawings (assisted, naturally enough, by another cloud-enabled robot).
22 Oct 2019
Digital disruption reshapes the fashion world
Singapore-based e-commerce platform Zilingo, an exhibitor at the Sourcing at One Magic event in Las Vegas, is set to achieve unicorn status.
15 Oct 2019
Power quartet lights up electri-city
Hong Kong is about to become an electri-city, powered-up and lit-up as a quartet of electric fairs showcase the latest developments in a plethora of cutting-edge technologies.
9 Oct 2019
US businesses encouraged to access Asia via Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s digital entrepreneurs drew an enthusiastic response as they made their pitches in California, the home of Silicon Valley, during the “Think Asia, Think Hong Kong” promotion in Los Angeles on 19-20 September.
2 Oct 2019
Belt and Road Summit
As the Belt and Road Initiative matures – it was launched by President Xi Jinping six years ago – Hong Kong’s role is becoming clearer.
24 Sept 2019
Where beauty meets sustainability
Luxury products and sustainability might not seem to belong on the same shelf but French cosmetics start-up La Bouche Rouge has found strong demand for its eco-friendly lines, including a healthy interest in Hong Kong.
17 Sept 2019
IT’s all on the wrist
The smartphone might be the device which ate everything but another gadget has its eye on that lunch – the smart watch.
11 Sept 2019
A bridge to opportunity
Companies which solve a range of modern-day needs are using Hong Kong as a bridge to lucrative Asian and global markets.
3 Sept 2019
IoT pioneer plugs into Hong Kong
Hong Kong has a competitive edge over other centres for technology innovation development, and the progress of Synap Technologies (Synap) underlines this.
27 Aug 2019
Start-up on a mission to improve health
Technological developments are transforming people’s lives in many ways, including in the areas of disease prevention and anti-ageing treatments.
20 Aug 2019
Cute characters go global through Licensing Show
Two of the character families created by Hong Kong company Gee Kingdom – Mikoko & Nikolas and Adorable Dogs – have won the hearts of European, South American, Chinese and Southeast Asian clients with its cute and approachable appearance.
13 Aug 2019
Bookworms flex muscles
The third HKTDC Hong Kong Sports and Leisure Expo, organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), drew to a close last month.
6 Aug 2019
Small country, big dreams
The 30th HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair wrapped up on Tuesday, 23 July, having drawn nearly 1 million visitors to browse through the books and related materials which the exhibitors offered; a wide range of thematic events and presentations also proved a drawcard.
30 July 2019
Innovation beckons publishers
The publishing industry faces massive challenges and opportunities as sales of printed works decline while digital offerings grow explosively.
23 July 2019
Mysterious worlds revealed at Book Fair
The annual summer literary extravaganza, the HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair, enters its 30th edition in 2019 and is expected to draw 686 exhibitors from 39 countries and territories.
16 July 2019
Taiwan gears for 5G roll-out
At present, 5G mobile networks are in various stages of development in nearly every industrialised nation.
9 July 2019
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