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Fairs draw buyers from across globe
Innovation and technology in general, and smart cities in particular, were high on the agenda in April as exhibitors and buyers from all over the world flocked to Hong Kong to take part in seven fairs organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) in the peak season for expos.
21 May 2019
Hands-on entrepreneurs in focus
The term “start-up” often brings to mind a team of engineers devising the next big thing in such abstract areas as fintech or blockchain but the start-up innovation field is limitless and many start-ups develop hands-on solutions which impact our daily lives.
15 May 2019
Home products have the smarts
Houseware product and service providers are eager to ensure their products are future-proof as the smart home rapidly switches from concept to reality, as shown by the offerings at the 34th HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair and the concurrent 10th HKTDC Hong Kong International Home Textiles and Furnishings Fair.
7 May 2019
Fashion-conscious shoppers turn green
The founders of ethical start-ups producing clothes and accessories with a lighter environmental footprint may be inspired by their own beliefs – but they’re also catering to consumer demand.
30 April 2019
Electronics world turns ‘smart’
“Smart” was the word du jour at the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s (HKTDC) twin innovation showpieces in April – the 16th HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) and HKTDC International ICT Expo.
24 April 2019
Australia set to open gates for Hong Kong
Hong Kong and Australia signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and an Investment Agreement on 26 March which will enter into force after the two governments complete their respective internal procedures.
16 April 2019
Hunt is on for InnoStars
The Our Hong Kong Foundation, noting the need for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government to develop a long-term strategy and take a holistic approach in driving innovation and technology, made several recommendations in its landmark report on the issue.
9 April 2019
Innovative testing service leverages technology
Exports have always been a main sector of Hong Kong and require a range of services – such as auditing, inspection, safety testing and supply-chain management – to ensure product quality meets international standards and destination-market regulations.
2 April 2019
Manufacturers urged to consider Russia, ASEAN
Hong Kong manufacturers looking to diversify their operations could consider the Russian Far East or the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region as attractive investment destinations, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) economists said when announcing the Council’s Export Index for the first quarter of 2019.
26 March 2019
Digital marketing Internet winner
The Internet has developed rapidly, from the "rice-water TV" of early days to "the machine does not leave the hand" now.
18 March 2019
Jewellers go digital
Industry experts came together at a forum at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewellery Show to discuss how technology is changing the jewellery industry – including design, manufacturing, marketing and retail aspects – and what the trends indicate for the next decade.
12 March 2019
Hong Kong is hub for global digital transformer
Hong Kong-headquartered Global Digital MOJO is following a very 21st-century path, starting out as a product design company then expanding into marketing communications.
5 March 2019
Electrified Africa, burgeoning market
With a population of more than a billion and increasing access to power, sub-Saharan Africa could present a massive market for electrical products and services – sectors that are among Hong Kong’s fortes.
26 Feb 2019
Digital makeover for China’s gateway
Hong Kong, traditionally a gateway bringing goods and people to and from Mainland China, is receiving a 21st-century makeover, transforming itself into a portal for data, finance, talents and services – as well as goods.
18 Feb 2019
Customs clearance on fast track
Logistics firms have been finding themselves in a double bind as security concerns increase the need for scrutiny at ports while customers demand ever faster delivery.
12 Feb 2019
No Trade-off between Impact and Return for Investment
“You can make impact, or make money” appears to still be a common view in the investment community – and one which raised many hackles at the recent Asian Financial Forum.
4 Feb 2019
Financiers Look to Sustainable Future
As the financial world contemplates geopolitical tensions and the prospect of technological progress shaking it to its foundations, the global industry is contemplating fundamental restructuring.
29 Jan 2019
Start-up Takes 3D Printing to Next Level
Tilita George Alexandru, who came from Bucharest, Romania in 2012 to take a doctoral degree at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is living proof that Hong Kong is suitable for the development of start-ups.
22 Jan 2019
Yoghurt Pioneer Defies Odds
Start-ups work from the ground up and even if they have sound investor backing, they are bound to suffer hard times before tasting success.
15 Jan 2019
Russian Christmas Shoppers Turn Practical
While, on the surface, it would seem that Christmas spending has plateaued in Russia – with the 2018 per-consumer spend of US$225 almost identical to that of 2017 – the figures alone do not reflect the underlying change in buying patterns.
8 Jan 2019
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