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Finance Goes High-tech
Finance has been a pillar of Hong Kong’s economy for many years – visitors are always impressed by the glass towers of the Bank of China, HSBC and Bank of East Asia buildings which dominate the Central skyline.
2 Jan 2019
‘Glass Pipeline’ for Logistics Customers
The fragmented and out-of-date information and communications technology used in the logistics industry, and efforts to rectify it, are common themes at industry forums, such as the Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference.
24 Dec 2018
Innovative Creators Show their Mettle
Design is much more than a function shunted off to “creative” departments or relegated to the bottom of agendas at business meetings.
18 Dec 2018
Forum Puts High-tech in Spotlight
Technological innovation comes in many flavours and requires a wide variety of talents, delegates at the 19th Hong Kong Forum in early December learnt.
11 Dec 2018
Start-up Brings Genomics Services to Asia
Everyone reading this is the product of genes plus environment – genes specify many traits, such as height, while the environment influences the result.
4 Dec 2018
Open Trade Critical for Growth
Connectivity and, in turn, open trade are keys to global growth, according to a prominent speaker at this year’s Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference (ALMC) in Hong Kong.
28 Nov 2018
Fintech Start-up Bridges Cash Gap
As demand among global consumers for cross-border online purchases continues to grow exponentially, Qupital – a fintech firm based in Hong Kong which helps businesses raise cash against unpaid invoices – has expanded its services to help local e-commerce merchants and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access financial loans and advances through its trade-finance platform.
21 Nov 2018
Fortune Favours the Adaptable
Flexibility, speedy service, a focus on customer requirements and willingness to embrace new technologies are the keys to success in the logistics and shipping industries.
13 Nov 2018
Japan Urged to Think Hong Kong Webcast
Historically the first-mover in Asia’s economic transformation, Japan has long been a leading business partner for Hong Kong.
7 Nov 2018
Duller Droids Conquer Californian Robo-Expo
Although self-driving cars and delivery drones may be grabbing pretty much all the headlines, there are other, less glamorous, autonomous vehicles that have quietly transformed a number of commercial and industrial sectors.
30 Oct 2018
AI Transformation Surges Ahead
Discussions on artificial intelligence (AI) often turn into face-offs between the pros – who come up with pithy quotes of the “knowledge is power” or “data is the new oil” variety – and the cons who point to job losses and the danger of Terminator machines.
23 Oct 2018
Foreign Fare Wows Moscow Consumers at Food Expo
This year's Taste of Moscow event saw the chill of Western trade embargoes briefly lift as globally sourced gourmet delights and local restaurateurs jostled for the attention of munch-minded Muscovites in a four-day culinary cavalcade.
16 Oct 2018
‘In Style’ Showcase Draws Interest in Vietnam
Rapidly growing Vietnam now means much more to Hong Kong than being the home of pho, a destination for long-weekend breaks and a low-cost production base.
9 Oct 2018
SMEs Expand Global Footprint
More than 70% of Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are now exporting globally – a significant increase over the past three years, new industry research reveals.
2 Oct 2018
Smart Solutions for Fast-paced City
Since the local government released its Smart City Blueprint in December 2017, Hong Kong has been on course towards becoming a world-class smart city.
26 Sept 2018
Hong Kong Enterprises Adapt to Fickle Trade Regime
As trade tensions between the Chinese mainland and United States are causing uncertainty on both sides of the globe, Hong Kong small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are shoring up their businesses by developing strategies to meet the challenges posed.
18 Sept 2018
Hunt for Alpha goes High-tech
Stratospheric valuations and thin yields have left investors scrambling for high-alpha assets that will bring rich returns, but the hunt is harder every year, and the quarry more elusive.
11 Sept 2018
“Russia's Amazon” Overhauls Third-party Sales Platform Proposition
Ozon.ru, Russia's largest and longest-established online retailer, is set to implement dramatic changes to its marketplace model, the facility that allows third-party businesses to access its nationwide sales and distribution platform.
4 Sept 2018
Africa 4.0: A New Digital Dawn for the World's Less-Developed Region
When the BRICS summit – the annual gathering of the leaders of the five most-significant developing nations – came to Johannesburg in July, the focus was very much on next-level technology.
28 Aug 2018
User-generated Content and High-tech Cameras Dominate Media Expo
Visitors braving the wintry chill were treated to a glimpse of the future – at least as far as media industry content creation is concerned – at London's BVE event, the United Kingdom’s leading broadcast, production and media tech show.
22 Aug 2018
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