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Springboard to Global Markets Webcast
Away from the booths of global brands and the floor-to-ceiling corner stalls, some lesser-known companies from Southeast Asia have shown that smaller brands can compete and flourish in Hong Kong.
26 Jan 2015
In Taxing Times, SMEs Head to Hong Kong Webcast
Hong Kong’s low and simple tax regime is famous for giving businesses a competitive advantage.
20 Jan 2015
Hong Kong Flexes IPO Muscle
Buoyed by a strong performance in 2014, Hong Kong goes into 2015 as a dominant figure in the global initial public offering (IPO) rankings.
12 Jan 2015
Beyond Bollywood
While India is known globally for its distinct brand of mainstream movies – usually referred to as Bollywood – another kind of Indian cinema has started to make waves in recent years.
5 Jan 2015
In Growth Mode Webcast
The value of Hong Kong exports is expected to grow by three per cent next year, according to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s (HKTDC) latest forecast.
22 Dec 2014
Dream Designs in Hong Kong Webcast
The city of Malmö is Sweden’s answer to Silicon Valley. Ranked the world’s fourth-most inventive city, Malmö was where the milk carton, mobile phone and bluetooth technology were born.
15 Dec 2014
Winning Start-ups Show the Way
Five budding entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States have been named champions of the 2014 StartmeupHK Venture Programme, a global business start-up competition, which salutes innovation.
8 Dec 2014
Investment Express Speeds Ahead
In the time-honoured tradition of the New York Stock Exchange bell-ringing, the ceremonial sound of a Chinese gong marked the landmark linking of Hong Kong’s and Shanghai’s bourses last month.
1 Dec 2014
The Business of IP Webcast
Hong Kong started getting serious about establishing itself as a leading player in the nascent industry of intellectual property (IP) trading last year, with the decision to establish a government-led working group that brings together the business, technology and legal sectors.
27 Nov 2014
Moving with the Times Podcast
Globalisation of both big and small business has fueled growth in the logistics industry.
21 Nov 2014
A Taste of Africa Webcast
South African winemakers, together with international export organisation Wines of South Africa (WoSA), are aggressively targeting the Hong Kong and Chinese mainland markets.
11 Nov 2014
Accelerating Growth
In Europe, sales of electric vehicles (EVs) have doubled annually since production vehicles were first marketed in 2010, according to a study by the environmental think-tank Transport & Environment.
29 Oct 2014
Design Innovation Webcast
With so much hinging on innovation in today’s competitive business environment, at no time has Hong Kong’s reputation as the regional trendsetter been more important, says Dr Edmund Lee, Executive Director, Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC).
22 Oct 2014
Freedom to Grow
Hong Kong’s business-friendly environment has received another boost, this time from the Fraser Institute in Canada, which has reaffirmed the city’s ranking as the world’s freest economy.
15 Oct 2014
Open for Business Webcast
Asserting its reputation as a city that means business, Hong Kong continues to draw entrepreneurs and SMEs from around the world to set up offices that oversee regional operations.
1 Oct 2014
Strength in Unity
Among Scandinavia’s relatively small but dynamic economies, Finland and Norway are working hard to create new business opportunities in Asia through Hong Kong.
1 Oct 2014
Brand Bonanza
Walking into Las Vegas' Licensing Expo 2014 was like walking into a theme park/shopping mall.
1 Oct 2014
Arbitration Expertise Webcast
Highly regarded for its world-class legal services, rule of law and pro-arbitration stance, Hong Kong is going from strength to strength in facilitating commercial mediation and dispute resolution, saving companies the costly business of court litigations.
17 Sept 2014
Fostering Financial Innovation
Some of the sharpest minds in financial innovation have been drawn from around the world to participate in a ground-breaking product accelerator programme, the FinTech Innovation Lab Asia-Pacific.
10 Sept 2014
Asia’s Final Frontier
For many overseas investors eyeing the country's potential, Myanmar presents something of a dichotomy.
10 Sept 2014
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