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Digital tutoring round the clock
The COVID-19 pandemic has shut schools, bringing the classroom into homes.
9 July 2020
E-Day ushers in future present
High-technology start-ups are a key component of Hong Kong’s economic transformation – and start-ups belong in the future, by definition.
2 July 2020
Infrared remote-control hub creates smart homes
The smart-home trend has drawn intense interest over the past decade.
24 June 2020
Virus beaters show their prowess
Strengths in technological research and application have helped Hong Kong contain the COVID-19 outbreak and cope with the disruptions it caused.
18 June 2020
Agile start-ups take on the world
Investors and entrepreneurs have always seen agility as a desirable trait when considering which business models, companies or people to plough their resources into.
11 June 2020
Who adapts wins
In the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong, many residents spent almost all their time at home, sheltering from possible infection.
4 June 2020
US seafood chain grasps opportunity
Some people might consider the past year as a risky time to start a business in Hong Kong but the man who brought United States restaurant chain Red Lobster to the city thinks otherwise.
28 May 2020
Philippines, Hong Kong launch free-trade pact
For more than two centuries the Manila galleons plied the Pacific Ocean between the Philippines and Acapulco, Mexico, taking silk and porcelain from Imperial China to North America and Europe, making Manila the trade hub of the day.
21 May 2020
Wine traders expect rapid bounce back
With the abolition of wine duties in 2008, Hong Kong kicked off its transformation into the undisputed wine hub of Asia, drawing in traders and experts from across the world.
14 May 2020
HKTDC, business leaders map out recovery
The COVID-19 outbreak has had a heavy impact on Hong Kong's economy, business operations and people's livelihoods.
7 May 2020
Jack of all trades on call
Whether it’s finding weather forecasts, stock prices, travel tickets or even just where you are, “there’s an app for that”.
28 April 2020
Corporate services demand jumps
When French entrepreneurs Julien Labruyere and Adrien Barthel co-founded their cloud-based corporate services platform Sleek in 2017, they knew a one-stop digital solution would make back-office processes quicker and easier for start-ups like themselves.
23 April 2020
Rescue fleet turbo-charged
Open, agile, cosmopolitan, the glittering pearl – Hong Kong has attracted many adjectives and metaphors over the years and most reflect the city’s pre-eminent status as a two-way global investment and business hub.
16 April 2020
Russian software bill presents opportunities
As of 1 July this year, all digital devices offered for sale in Russia – including smartphones, tablets, personal computers (PCs), laptops and smart TVs – will have to come with various items of designated domestic software pre-installed.
14 April 2020
Agile start-ups on viral front line
As the COVID-19 outbreak scrambles every aspect of economies and businesses worldwide, the only certainty is uncertainty; the future belongs to small, nimble and agile players – a description which is often applied to Hong Kong, as well as start-up nation Israel.
8 April 2020
Star-flyer makes port in Hong Kong
The COVID-19 pandemic may be crippling the travel industry at present, but many companies in the sector still have faith in their long-term outlook.
2 April 2020
Executive finders pick Hong Kong
Access to key East-Asian markets and a firm belief in Hong Kong’s long-term future as a business centre in the region have led Singaporean boutique executive search firm Hofer Tan Partners to set up a branch in the city.
26 March 2020
Bright prospects for pooled IP
Asia's cultural creativity and innovation have developed vigorously in recent years, with more and more companies using intellectual property (IP) systems to protect IP rights.
23 March 2020
Flexibility the key to space sharing
Hong Kong-based flexible working space provider Compass Offices, established in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, found its first decade of operation challenging, but the company remains bullish on its prospects.
19 March 2020
IT keeps offices humming
Work-from-home has become a hot topic since the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government brought in flexible work arrangements for civil servants and called on private companies to follow suit in order to reduce COVID-19 infection risk.
16 March 2020
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