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Hands on the Wheel
Clocking lap times has never been an easy or affordable part of amateur motorsport. Enthusiasts once faced the unenviable choice of renting expensive timing equipment or going without.
11 April 2016
Smart Masks
New respiratory diseases, such as the recent outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), are spurring Hong Kong researchers to develop more sophisticated face masks that can protect the general public.
5 April 2016
Organic Upcycling
With more than 3,200 tonnes of food going to waste in Hong Kong daily, two local entrepreneurs have found a way to promote food upcycling by producing Chinese-themed ornaments using food scraps such as vegetable leaves, curry powder and beef tallow.
29 March 2016
Foodie Narrative
Hong Kong famously has one of the world’s highest F&B offerings per capita, with one restaurant for every 300 people, according to government figures.
21 March 2016
Weaving Tech and Fashion
A one-size-fits-all mannequin that shrinks and expands was only an idea until Hong Kong Polytechnic University professor Dr Allan Chan and his research team turned the concept into reality with iDummy.
10 March 2016
Safety Results
With its innovative fish embryonic models for toxicity-testing in food, plastics and cosmetics, Hong Kong start-up Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Ltd is making waves in testing technology around the world.
7 March 2016
Finding Your Mojo
With so many businesses from around the world keen to enter the China market, it pays to stand out from the crowd.
29 Feb 2016
Sowing Seeds for Clean, Smart Cities
The technology, CityTree, was developed over 10 years of research in Berlin and Dresden, Germany, and commercialised in 2014 with the launch of Green City Solutions.
18 Feb 2016
All that Glitters
Shanghai-based jeweller Lao Feng Xiang is part of a wave of Chinese retailers looking to take advantage of falling Hong Kong rent costs as global luxury brands retreat in response to a declining number of tourists from the Chinese mainland.
3 Feb 2016
Finding the Perfect Bar
In a city that’s home to hundreds of bars, tracking down the ideal watering hole in Hong Kong can be tricky.
25 Jan 2016
Virtual Helper
Tamim Batcha admits his early years in school were not his easiest, but the Vice President and co-founder of the fledgling Hong Kong-based concierge service SpotHelp already made the grade in business, passing with flying colours.
21 Jan 2016
Snappy Answers
Launched in 2013, Snapask aims to help students by directing their questions to a team of experienced online tutors, who can counsel users on subjects ranging from mathematics to hospitality management.
14 Jan 2016
Window to the Licensing World
Beaming bunnies huddle under a bright-pink cherry blossom tree, their heads poking from behind brightly-coloured Easter eggs.
7 Jan 2016
Start-up Support
As international tech entrepreneurs are increasingly drawn to build start-ups in business-friendly Hong Kong, homegrown hotel operator Ovolo is tapping into the trend by offering working and living space for techpreneurs to build their empires.
23 Dec 2015
Va va Vroom
Shing Chow never intended to start his own business. But in the space of two years, his delivery-van application Easyvan by lalamove, has grown from a single-person company into an employer of 200 people running the largest fleet in the region, with more than 27,000 drivers operating vans, lorries, trucks and motorcycles across Asia.
21 Dec 2015
Reassurance without Risk
Expectant mothers worried about the chance that their unborn children may be born with Down’s Syndrome can now be doubly reassured by a simple blood test called safeT21, developed from research done by a scientist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
10 Dec 2015
Are you Reddie?
After struggling to find the pieces she wanted for her own home, Australian interior architect Caroline Olah set up bespoke furniture brand, Reddie, in Hong Kong.
2 Dec 2015
Feel the Beat Podcast
Frustrated by the intrusive sound of mechanical metronomes, Florian Simmendinger came up with a digital version of the musical device.
24 Nov 2015
Proprietary Products in Safe Hands
In the rapidly innovating field of wearable technology, serial entrepreneur Steve Leftly creates products that are world firsts and have been picked up by some of the biggest names in sport.
23 Nov 2015
Preserving Asian Cinema Heritage Podcast
From Charlie Chaplin to Bruce Lee films, some of the world’s greatest movie classics have been restored to high-quality viewing, thanks to Italian film laboratory L’Immagine Ritrovata.
11 Nov 2015
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