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Careers Expo Draws Crowds
Interested in commanding a ship from the bridge, driving an earth mover on a construction site or finding out how to learn to speak English in Golden Prague?
31 Jan 2019
App Streamlines Tutor Hunt
Whether it is language lessons or music tuition, finding the right tutor or an inspiring institution for your child can be challenging – which is where the We Kiddoos app comes in.
24 Jan 2019
Licensing Takes Manufacturers up Value Chain
As shoppers shift from strolling high streets and malls to scrolling screens in their living rooms, many manufacturers are seizing the opportunity to move up the value chain, and turn to licensing.
17 Jan 2019
Fintech Start-up Spots SME Gap
When you are looking to build a disruptive business, start from the premise of solving a “pain point” experienced by users of traditional players in that sector – so says Hong Kong-based entrepreneur David Rosa, co-founder of local financial services disruptor Neat, who did not have to look further than the banking sector.
10 Jan 2019
Jolly Christmas for Exporters
Cash registers jingled healthily for retailers in many of the countries importing goods from Hong Kong over the Christmas shopping period, with one big change from previous years – the bells were digital.
3 Jan 2019
Bumper Year for Exporters
Hong Kong exporters have achieved a bumper year in 2018, with total exports rising 9.8% year on year to HK$3.45 trillion (US$441 billion) for the first 10 months of this year.
27 Dec 2018
Japanese-Brazilian Fusion Spreads Wings
For the people of Hong Kong and now Paris, restaurateurs Alex and Laura Offe are putting on a party. And in their spirit of generous hospitality, everyone is invited.
20 Dec 2018
Eyewear Maker Comes Straight to Customer
Designer eyewear from high-end European and American brands is de rigueur in Hong Kong – but now shoppers have a local option, Khromis, which has a flagship store in Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan.
13 Dec 2018
Re-birth for Comprehensive Baby-products Store
Sisters Arati Limbu and Anuradha Limbu Chettri shared a job they loved in Hong Kong’s baby-goods retail sector, notching up more than 30 years of experience between them.
6 Dec 2018
Business Booms for Corporate Investigator
Twenty-two years ago, the city was buzzing with anticipation as the transfer of sovereignty drew near.
29 Nov 2018
Patent Rejuvenator Launches at BIPAsia
Innovation is much more than just coming up with smart ideas; these ideas must become plans and the plans turn into viable products and services.
22 Nov 2018
Hi-tech Platform Matches Mamas to Helpers Webcast
Hiring domestic helpers is a challenging task for homemakers in Hong Kong. Potential employers review information supplied by agents, then need to line up to interview a prospective helper.
15 Nov 2018
All-natural Deodorant Hits Sweet Spot
In a hot, humid and sweat-inducing city like Hong Kong, deodorant is a must-have – but residents-turned-deodorant entrepreneurs Sheetal Avlani and Anita Patel were dissatisfied with the array of products on the market.
8 Nov 2018
Insurance Start-up Takes on Big Guns
After detecting a gap in the health-insurance model in Hong Kong, entrepreneur Alvin Kwock decided there must be a better way.
1 Nov 2018
Putting Entrepreneurs First
Incubator and accelerator programmes are great for progressing start-ups from idea to business plan and beyond.
25 Oct 2018
Painless Client Onboarding
Automating and digitising the process of compliance and fund administration, Veridate integrates and automates the four key pillars of wealth administration: client onboarding, accounting, administration, and consolidated reporting.
19 Oct 2018
Children’s Wear Creator Sets up at Home Base
Many small and medium-sized enterprises established in Hong Kong test the local market first before going global.
12 Oct 2018
Co-living Solves Millennial Home Blues
A Singapore-based co-living company has brought its successful business model to Hong Kong by buying local co-living start-up we r urban.
4 Oct 2018
Start-up Express Winners Build Networks
Talents are everywhere in Hong Kong, making it a place full of creativity and out-of-the-box ideas.
27 Sept 2018
Indonesian Retail Giant Focuses on Sourcing
Ensuring a chain of giant home living and improvements outlets in one of the world’s most populous and fast-growing countries meets customer expectations is no easy task and Indonesia’s Ace Hardware – part of the Kawan Lama commercial and industrial supply group – has set up a sourcing company in Hong Kong specifically for the task.
19 Sept 2018
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