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Thinking outside the Box
Having newly arrived from France, Chloe Berger and Magali Portes soon discovered that anyone with an eye for opportunity and a head for business can launch an entrepreneurial start-up in Hong Kong.
22 June 2018
Delivering the Goods of the Future
Online shopping makes life easier in terms of time savings, but the convenience may stop at the delivery.
15 June 2018
Fintech Goes Bionic
Fintech firm Prive Technologies has developed an award-winning software solution for wealth planning, powered by a bionic advisory engine. But it wants to go further – by joining an accelerator programme organised by a major bank.
4 June 2018
Fashionably Sustainable
As the second largest industrial polluter on the planet - second only to oil, the global fashion industry has much to do to clean up its act, from responsibly sourcing materials to encouraging consumers to recycle garments.
30 May 2018
Optimising Spaces
Entrepreneurial ex-lawyers Jacky Lo and Eunice Wong saw for themselves how frustrating it can be for a start-up or smaller SME to find flexible and affordable office space in Hong Kong.
23 May 2018
Reinventing the Bill
When you take a taxi, you pay cash. That is how everyone has been doing it, until now.
14 May 2018
The Art of Happiness
A flower-shaped paper sculpture pops up as the tea paper box is opened; a small box for dried fruits turns into a jigsaw puzzle with interesting patterns.
11 May 2018
Numbers on the Cloud
Providing accounting software for small businesses in more than 40 countries across Asia and over 180 globally, Xero aims to offer an attractive, user-friendly accounting platform that encourages small businesses to make the practice part of their daily day life, says Managing Director Alex Campbell.
7 May 2018
A Literary Affair
When Arti Mirchandani entered the family business 16 years ago, the second-generation bookseller already had plenty of experience selling books: she grew up spending summer holidays working in the shop Bookazine, which her family started in Hong Kong in 1985.
30 April 2018
Owning the Experience
Launched in 2016 and 2017 respectively, the German brand’s two car-sharing services – Audi at home and Audi on demand – enable car enthusiasts to live greener by enjoying a driving experience only when they choose to, without having to own the vehicle.
17 April 2018
Best Foot Forward
An old sporting injury plagued former professional tennis player Eduardo Scherer until he found the problem, and the solution, at the FootBalance booth at the 2015 ISPO Munich International Sports Show.
10 April 2018
Greetings from Hong Kong
Though her family’s strong ties to the paper industry dates back more than a century, it was motherhood, and wanting a business of her own, that drove Claire Yates to set-up Lion Rock Press in 2013.
4 April 2018
Writing the Next Chapter
“Everyone says it’s easy to start a business in Hong Kong, but more importantly, how do you get it off the ground?” asks Nicole Denholder.
3 April 2018
Gallery with a Purpose
Soon after her arrival – via Guatemala – in 2015, opportunity knocked for Madelon de Grave.
26 March 2018
Juicing up Asia’s Tech Ecosystem
It’s a common dilemma – finding the fastest and most convenient way to recharge your phone.
19 March 2018
DHL Builds for Growth
Double-digit annual growth underpinning even brighter prospects ahead has given DHL Express, the world’s leading international express services provider, the confidence to vastly expand its Central Asia Hub at the Hong Kong International Airport.
8 March 2018
Success in the Bag
Trendy backpacks are all the rage especially among the younger set, and Hong Kong-based GGM has been among the companies supplying this functional yet chic accessory around the world.
1 March 2018
Fashion to Dye for
With 20 per cent of the world’s fresh water pollution caused by textile treatment and dyeing, the fashion industry is under pressure to remedy its unsustainable practices.
20 Feb 2018
Keeping Kids Safe Online
Connecting children, parents and educators in a safe and friendly space, MommyDaddyMe.com is a global social networking and knowledge-sharing platform that helps children connect with friends, learn from educators, and collaborate with family members.
8 Feb 2018
Hong Kong Techtopia
From start-up in 2004 by Australian brothers Aaron and Matt Fidler (CEO and Chief Marketing Officer respectively), with Irish partner Stevie Bell as Design and Engineering Director, Furrion has grown to become a global leader of innovative products and solutions for the specialty vehicle market.
30 Jan 2018
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