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Blog Search Engine Notey Ramps up Content Creation
With more than 150 million blogs on the Internet, it can be difficult to find content best suited to you.
7 Sept 2018
Design the “Possible Mission” from “Mission Impossible”
It is always said: “Do not buy a pig in a poke.”
30 Aug 2018
The Spaceman Cometh – Bearing Furniture
After operating in Singapore since 2011, space-saving furniture brand Spaceman found it was fielding increasing numbers of enquiries from Hong Kong.
23 Aug 2018
Have Chatbot, Will Hire
By connecting employers with candidates via social media and using chatbots, Talkpush is changing the way firms recruit staff.
16 Aug 2018
Expat Duo Take Start-up Plunge with Trip Guru
Having moved from Argentina to Hong Kong for work, logistics specialist Sebastian Renzacci enjoyed the privileged lifestyle an executive expat package brings.
8 Aug 2018
A Breath of Fresh Coffee
Following a lengthy career as a consultant for many household brands, Baniel Cheung decided to turn his hand to “consulting” for his own brand to fulfil his dream – opening a Japanese luxury café, named Kohee (coffee in Japanese).
3 Aug 2018
Beauty and the Entrepreneur
During her time working as an analyst at a private bank earlier in her career, Phoebe Song routinely dealt with different industries’ research and data.
27 July 2018
Perfect Time for Tea
With an emphasis on fresh ingredients – all its menu items are made using freshly-brewed tea, fresh milk and fruit – Flamingo Bloom has proved a popular destination for those looking for flavourful healthy beverage options.
19 July 2018
Bespoke Butler at Your Service
Working 15-hour days in the banking and finance sector left three young Hong Kong entrepreneurs wishing they had a domestic specialist taking care of things at home.
12 July 2018
Stockholm Lifestyle Brand Expands to Hong Kong
Since establishing the company in 2007, the four co-founders of TRIWA had steadily built an Asian following, predominantly through online sales.
5 July 2018
Work, Rest and Play
Is this the future of the office set up?
3 July 2018
Thinking outside the Box
Having newly arrived from France, Chloe Berger and Magali Portes soon discovered that anyone with an eye for opportunity and a head for business can launch an entrepreneurial start-up in Hong Kong.
22 June 2018
Delivering the Goods of the Future
Online shopping makes life easier in terms of time savings, but the convenience may stop at the delivery.
15 June 2018
Fintech Goes Bionic
Fintech firm Prive Technologies has developed an award-winning software solution for wealth planning, powered by a bionic advisory engine. But it wants to go further – by joining an accelerator programme organised by a major bank.
4 June 2018
Fashionably Sustainable
As the second largest industrial polluter on the planet - second only to oil, the global fashion industry has much to do to clean up its act, from responsibly sourcing materials to encouraging consumers to recycle garments.
30 May 2018
Optimising Spaces
Entrepreneurial ex-lawyers Jacky Lo and Eunice Wong saw for themselves how frustrating it can be for a start-up or smaller SME to find flexible and affordable office space in Hong Kong.
23 May 2018
Reinventing the Bill
When you take a taxi, you pay cash. That is how everyone has been doing it, until now.
14 May 2018
The Art of Happiness
A flower-shaped paper sculpture pops up as the tea paper box is opened; a small box for dried fruits turns into a jigsaw puzzle with interesting patterns.
11 May 2018
Numbers on the Cloud
Providing accounting software for small businesses in more than 40 countries across Asia and over 180 globally, Xero aims to offer an attractive, user-friendly accounting platform that encourages small businesses to make the practice part of their daily day life, says Managing Director Alex Campbell.
7 May 2018
A Literary Affair
When Arti Mirchandani entered the family business 16 years ago, the second-generation bookseller already had plenty of experience selling books: she grew up spending summer holidays working in the shop Bookazine, which her family started in Hong Kong in 1985.
30 April 2018
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