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Leading the Way in e-Waste Recycling
ALBA Integrated Waste Solutions Hong Kong Ltd is building a waste electrical and electronic equipment treatment and recycling facility (WEEETRF) in the city to recycle regulated electric and electronic-waste, such as computers, televisions, air-conditioners and refrigerators, into valuable raw materials.
11 July 2016
Counting China Opportunities Webcast
Tax and legal services consulting firms have set up in large numbers in Hong Kong to capture the more than half a trillion US dollars in investment flows sweeping throughout the region, the largest in the world and representing over a third of the globe’s foreign direct investment.
4 July 2016
Eastern Pivot
Decades of hard work and commitment to Hong Kong have certainly paid handsome dividends for Dragages Hong Kong, a leading engineering and construction firm.
21 June 2016
Peace in the City
In a fast-paced city like Hong Kong, finding a quiet place to relax in between meetings can be challenging.
16 June 2016
Loyalty Pays off
In a city with many more smartphones than people, a thriving consumer-based culture, and intense competition for customer loyalty, platform differentiation is a daunting task for digital commerce providers.
13 June 2016
Healthy Food, Fast
Housed in the former site of a Burger King in the city’s Central district, Home: Eat to Live serves up a similarly fast-food concept, but with the focus resting firmly on healthy plant-based meals, such as the Polar Bear burger, a beetroot, mushroom and oat patty; and the Silky Sifaka earth bowl, a vegetarian take on Vietnamese pho.
6 June 2016
The China Edge
German-born technology entrepreneur Matthias Hendrichs founded his first digital start-up company in 1996 in Germany.
30 May 2016
Hi-tech Investment Solutions
Viewed as a once-in-a-generation opportunity, the fast-evolving Fintech industry has the potential to disrupt legacy practices, while improving customer experience.
19 May 2016
On the Job
Berlin-based start-up Jobspotting aims to match jobseekers with the most relevant positions, and help employers find the best candidates through its personal recommendation engine, which relies on a skills graph and semantics analysis to deliver tailored results.
16 May 2016
Driving IT Change
Combining computer code and people data as it generates analytics across applications, German company Seerene is looking to make the IT systems of large companies more efficient.
5 May 2016
Organic Growth
Mark Blackwell founded Morphis in August 2014 to develop his passion for world-class landscape architecture.
28 April 2016
Toy Town
As one of the world’s fastest-growing toy companies, Zuru credits being in Asia for its success.
21 April 2016
Cool Business Podcast
As warmer weather approaches and Hong Kongers begin to reach for the air-conditioning remote, many households will battle with the age-old problem of setting the right temperature.
15 April 2016
Hands on the Wheel
Clocking lap times has never been an easy or affordable part of amateur motorsport. Enthusiasts once faced the unenviable choice of renting expensive timing equipment or going without.
11 April 2016
Smart Masks
New respiratory diseases, such as the recent outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), are spurring Hong Kong researchers to develop more sophisticated face masks that can protect the general public.
5 April 2016
Organic Upcycling
With more than 3,200 tonnes of food going to waste in Hong Kong daily, two local entrepreneurs have found a way to promote food upcycling by producing Chinese-themed ornaments using food scraps such as vegetable leaves, curry powder and beef tallow.
29 March 2016
Foodie Narrative
Hong Kong famously has one of the world’s highest F&B offerings per capita, with one restaurant for every 300 people, according to government figures.
21 March 2016
Weaving Tech and Fashion
A one-size-fits-all mannequin that shrinks and expands was only an idea until Hong Kong Polytechnic University professor Dr Allan Chan and his research team turned the concept into reality with iDummy.
10 March 2016
Safety Results
With its innovative fish embryonic models for toxicity-testing in food, plastics and cosmetics, Hong Kong start-up Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Ltd is making waves in testing technology around the world.
7 March 2016
Finding Your Mojo
With so many businesses from around the world keen to enter the China market, it pays to stand out from the crowd.
29 Feb 2016
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