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Reassurance without Risk
Expectant mothers worried about the chance that their unborn children may be born with Down’s Syndrome can now be doubly reassured by a simple blood test called safeT21, developed from research done by a scientist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
10 Dec 2015
Are you Reddie?
After struggling to find the pieces she wanted for her own home, Australian interior architect Caroline Olah set up bespoke furniture brand, Reddie, in Hong Kong.
2 Dec 2015
Feel the Beat Podcast
Frustrated by the intrusive sound of mechanical metronomes, Florian Simmendinger came up with a digital version of the musical device.
24 Nov 2015
Proprietary Products in Safe Hands
In the rapidly innovating field of wearable technology, serial entrepreneur Steve Leftly creates products that are world firsts and have been picked up by some of the biggest names in sport.
23 Nov 2015
Preserving Asian Cinema Heritage Podcast
From Charlie Chaplin to Bruce Lee films, some of the world’s greatest movie classics have been restored to high-quality viewing, thanks to Italian film laboratory L’Immagine Ritrovata.
11 Nov 2015
Green Products in Style
Maroon-coloured tableware once popular in 1960’s-era Hong Kong is seeing a revival, thanks to Eco Concepts.
5 Nov 2015
Thrilling Business
Matt Prior runs the kind of business most desk-bound office workers only dream of: foraging through jungles like survival expert Bear Grylls, encountering more adventure in a day than most people experience in a lifetime.
2 Nov 2015
Water Works
Imagine a water purifier that only needs its filter replaced once in more than two decades.
22 Oct 2015
Uniquely Asian Accessories
Hong Kong’s love affair with fashion is reflected in the myriad retail outlets around the city, be they hip boutiques from local fashion brands or luxury malls stocking the latest in catwalk couture.
19 Oct 2015
Green is the New Black
Decades of know-how from two key Hong Kong industries – research and textiles – are in the spotlight, thanks to new technologies developed to keep luxurious natural fabrics looking their best, and another that provides sustainable synthetics.
7 Oct 2015
A Place to Call Home
Nomad Temporary Housing, launched in 2014, provides temporary apartments, serviced apartments and extended-stay hotel solutions for executives on the move.
5 Oct 2015
High Fashion for Hire
For women who have always wanted to step out in a traffic-stopping evening gown, online designer dress rental Yeechoo offers a way for fashionistas to get their hands on the latest collections, without shelling out a small fortune.
24 Sept 2015
Supermarket Sweep
The market for purchasing consumable items online in Hong Kong is starting to show promise, with 25 per cent of Hong Kong consumers now purchasing food and beverages over the Internet up seven percentage points from 2011 – according to a recent study by Nielsen.
21 Sept 2015
Quick-start Careers
In the race for a top job in a competitive international city such as Hong Kong, more students are entering the job market with a list of internships arranged by a professional internship broker.
14 Sept 2015
The Right Retail Fit Webcast
“Inhale….exhale, keep breathing,” said instructor Victor Chau, as he led a group of about 200 people for an outdoor yoga session overlooking Victoria Harbour.
4 Sept 2015
Timely Diagnosis
Hong Kong-based Time Medical is helping to make MRI tests widely accessible in less-developed communities, by developing smaller, discipline-specific scanning systems.
31 Aug 2015
Pearly Profit
Hong Kongers looking for the perfect smile can now check into a new venue dedicated to teeth whitening that offers a distinctly upscale approach.
24 Aug 2015
Snap-happy App Goes Global
Hong Kong’s Jeffrey Ng may well be Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and SnapChat’s Evan Spiegel rolled into one.
11 Aug 2015
Built to Last
When Keith Griffiths was a young architect with a global vision, he headed East from his native England to establish an architectural practice in Hong Kong.
6 Aug 2015
Clean Fuel
With oil sources dwindling and car ownership rising in the Chinese mainland, India and other emerging economies, scientists have long tried to come up with a viable alternative to fossil fuels.
3 Aug 2015
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