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Nuts about Fun
Barcelona native Alexis Bautista moved to Hong Kong in 2006 to work in marketing.
10 March 2015
Heart-felt Hospitality
A new upscale global hotel brand, Cordis, will debut in Hong Kong in May.
4 March 2015
Seafood Success
Importing seafood from the isle of Nova Scotia, seafood wholesaler Atlantic Treasure set up its Hong Kong office in 2012.
24 Feb 2015
Switched On Webcast
After more than 7,000 online investors raised nearly half a million US dollars on crowdsourcing site kickstarter.com, Hong Kong start-up Nanoleaf last year debuted their innovative LED product.
16 Feb 2015
Insight into Design
French designer Eve Mercier opened Insight School of Interior Design in Hong Kong last year, two years after returning to the city.
12 Feb 2015
Brewing in Hong Kong Webcast
The Hong Kong Beer Co is capitalising on the city’s growing thirst for craft beers. Established in 1995 as the South China Brewing Company, the business relaunched in 2003 with its new name, producing locally brewed craft beer.
3 Feb 2015
Bound for Success Webcast
Trampolining, says Case Lawrence, the American businessman who brought Asia’s first indoor trampoline park to Hong Kong, is “this generation’s physical recreation of choice.”
27 Jan 2015
Timely Expansion
One of the world’s largest private equity and real estate fund administrators, Augentius is responsible for the administration of more than 320 funds, servicing about 8,000 investors on behalf of more than 130 fund management groups in 35 countries around the world.
22 Jan 2015
Vital Link in Financial Services Chain
No sooner had Capco, a global business and technology consultancy to the financial services industry, opened an office in Hong Kong last March, than it began looking for larger premises.
13 Jan 2015
Licensing Cute
Capitalising on Hong Kong’s love for all things cute, Malaysian comic artist management company Safe Tree Sdn Bhd teamed up with MTR Malls to feature Pocotee Loh’s animation, Pocotee & Friends at Telford Plaza last April, with more possible collaborations with Hong Kong companies to follow.
6 Jan 2015
Tastes Like Home
Aimed at a young market of gourmets short on kitchen space, yet keen to show off their cooking prowess, Rent-a-Kitchen offers a well-designed kitchen and roomy dining area to those looking to share a home-cooked meal with friends.
30 Dec 2014
Born To Win
As a parent, wanting what’s best for your child begins at birth, if not before.
23 Dec 2014
Cooking up a Storm
Hong Kong culinary veterans Lori and Patrick Granito have established Kitchen Sync, a Sheung Wan-based test kitchen, or “culinary incubator,” which allows culinary start-ups to test-drive their epicurean ideas and create their products in an inexpensive setting.
18 Dec 2014
From Crisis to Opportunity
In the spring of 2011, shortly after the 11 March Tohoku earthquake hit Japan, Tomoko Komatsuzaki gazed out from her office at the streets of Roppongi, a tourist district in Tokyo famous for its nightlife.
11 Dec 2014
Flying High Webcast
“It was fantastic,” says a British tourist couple, who just completed an aerial tour of Hong Kong.
3 Dec 2014
Curators of Creativity
Positioning itself as an “online curator” that scouts for trendy products created by emerging designers from around the world, buyMeDesign was set up three years ago in Hong Kong by French native Florence Coirier Giraudon.
25 Nov 2014
Bridging Asia
Nurturing business relationships in Asia and beyond is not just a matter of setting up in Hong Kong.
17 Nov 2014
A Model Business
Creating environmentally friendly cities has become more cost-efficient, thanks to a unique technology developed by Hong Kong-based NGIS China Ltd.
11 Nov 2014
Bold and Beautiful
Last month’s opening of nemaworkshop’s Hong Kong studio responds to the firm’s increasing visibility in the United States and overseas, where many hospitality and restaurant projects are underway.
29 Oct 2014
Returning to their Roots
Michael Leung and Rony Chan have made a name for themselves in Europe’s design community through their Netherlands-based creative agency, Miro.
22 Oct 2014
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