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Green is the New Black
Decades of know-how from two key Hong Kong industries – research and textiles – are in the spotlight, thanks to new technologies developed to keep luxurious natural fabrics looking their best, and another that provides sustainable synthetics.
7 Oct 2015
A Place to Call Home
Nomad Temporary Housing, launched in 2014, provides temporary apartments, serviced apartments and extended-stay hotel solutions for executives on the move.
5 Oct 2015
High Fashion for Hire
For women who have always wanted to step out in a traffic-stopping evening gown, online designer dress rental Yeechoo offers a way for fashionistas to get their hands on the latest collections, without shelling out a small fortune.
24 Sept 2015
Supermarket Sweep
The market for purchasing consumable items online in Hong Kong is starting to show promise, with 25 per cent of Hong Kong consumers now purchasing food and beverages over the Internet up seven percentage points from 2011 – according to a recent study by Nielsen.
21 Sept 2015
Quick-start Careers
In the race for a top job in a competitive international city such as Hong Kong, more students are entering the job market with a list of internships arranged by a professional internship broker.
14 Sept 2015
The Right Retail Fit Webcast
“Inhale….exhale, keep breathing,” said instructor Victor Chau, as he led a group of about 200 people for an outdoor yoga session overlooking Victoria Harbour.
4 Sept 2015
Timely Diagnosis
Hong Kong-based Time Medical is helping to make MRI tests widely accessible in less-developed communities, by developing smaller, discipline-specific scanning systems.
31 Aug 2015
Pearly Profit
Hong Kongers looking for the perfect smile can now check into a new venue dedicated to teeth whitening that offers a distinctly upscale approach.
24 Aug 2015
Snap-happy App Goes Global
Hong Kong’s Jeffrey Ng may well be Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and SnapChat’s Evan Spiegel rolled into one.
11 Aug 2015
Built to Last
When Keith Griffiths was a young architect with a global vision, he headed East from his native England to establish an architectural practice in Hong Kong.
6 Aug 2015
Clean Fuel
With oil sources dwindling and car ownership rising in the Chinese mainland, India and other emerging economies, scientists have long tried to come up with a viable alternative to fossil fuels.
3 Aug 2015
Sommelier at Your Service
Hong Kong serves up business opportunities in endlessly surprising ways.
27 July 2015
Kiss and Tell
Testing glucose levels for diabetes has become a whole lot easier with the Kiss & Tell glucose meter from Hong Kong-based eNano Health.
16 July 2015
Fired up for Growth
A world of trading opportunity has opened up for Active Components, a New Zealand electronic components distributor, after establishing a base in Hong Kong.
13 July 2015
Design Nature
Stepping into the tropical garden of Singapore’s Sandcrawler building is to be transported to another world.
2 July 2015
Robotic Trail Blazer Webcast
Hong Kong technology firm Insight Robotics was named Entrepreneur of the Year at the IBM SmartCamp Global Finals in Las Vegas, in February, for its innovative wildfire detection system.
25 June 2015
Research Revolution
In an age of increasingly sophisticated marketing campaigns, brand managers look for ways to gain more information about how their product is perceived.
18 June 2015
Asian Design Hub
Founded in 1953 by Sid Bregmann and George Hamann, Toronto-based B+H Architects provides architectural, interior and landscape design services, as well as master planning.
10 June 2015
The Lap of Luxury Webcast
If you have to ask the price of the service, you probably should be looking at another hotel.
3 June 2015
Waste Not
Growing up in Toronto, Mike Shum considers recycling waste a “given.”
26 May 2015
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