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Timely Fashion Webcast
Watch brands are using eye-catching store design to entice customers in Hong Kong. This week’s In Focus investigates the high-style trend.
5 Sept 2012
Bidding on Time
Hong Kong is the world’s largest market for watches, with more than 20 per cent of Swiss production ending up here. This new In Focus series examines how auctions are driving watch sales in the city.
29 Aug 2012
Tea's Time Webcast
Gourmet tea companies are brewing up brands that excite and educate consumers. Details in this last in a series looking at Hong Kong’s food and beverage industry.
15 Aug 2012
Hungry for More
One of the world’s great international food cities, Hong Kong readily embraces new concepts. Which means there’s always room for more cuisine at the table.
8 Aug 2012
Plan Japan
Efforts are underway to revive Japanese food exports following the devastating March earthquake last year. The country is using Hong Kong as a key platform to rebuild its reputation for high-quality produce.
1 Aug 2012
Dining with the Stars
Celebrity chefs are stirring up Hong Kong’s restaurant scene, in this first in a new In Focus series looking at the city’s food and beverage industry.
25 July 2012
Of Wizards and Fairies Webcast
Children’s book publishing is a cornerstone of the industry. This week’s In Focus looks at how online media are broadening opportunities for the sector.
18 July 2012
e-Reading the Future
Electronic books are catching on in Hong Kong, especially in the educational sector, thanks to a government drive to promote e-textbooks.
11 July 2012
Literary City Webcast
Hong Kong’s international outlook is fertile training ground for a new generation of writers with a uniquely Asian perspective, as this new In Focus series shows.
4 July 2012
Designers at Work
From independent artists to design consultancies, Hong Kong’s creative scene is flourishing, as this final article on the city’s design industry makes clear.
27 June 2012
Reinventing the Wheel
Hong Kong is a world leader when it comes to designing and planning urban transport systems. This week’s In Focus looks at the latest transport developments, in this series spotlighting the city’s design industry.
20 June 2012
Grand Designs
With Hong Kong Design Year in full swing, In Focus examines the educational offerings for the field, in this new series looking at the city’s design industry.
13 June 2012
French Chic
Hong Kong is attracting a slew of lifestyle brands from France, as companies respond to strong demand for French fashion in Asia particularly, China.
6 June 2012
Transporting Hong Kong Webcast
From a major new cruise terminal to Hong Kong’s storied trams, French transport expertise is helping to drive Hong Kong’s infrastructural development.
30 May 2012
The French Touch
French entrepreneurs are setting up business in Hong Kong to take advantage of the region’s booming economy. This first in an occasional series featuring Hong Kong’s dynamic expatriate community looks at recent French arrivals from the creative industry.
23 May 2012
French Flock to Hong Kong
Hong Kong has seen a surge in the number of French nationals settling in the city in recent years. This first in an occasional series looking at Hong Kong's dynamic expatriate community explains why.
16 May 2012
Lessons Learned
Starting and running a business can be a process of trial and error. This week’s In Focus looks at some early insights gleaned by two Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs at different stages of growing their business.
9 May 2012
Taking it Online
Enterprises, large and small, are capturing opportunities from the explosion of e-commerce. This week’s In Focus looks at the importance of having an online strategy to succeed in the booming sector.
2 May 2012
The Business of Doing Good
Social enterprises are thriving amid the economic downturn. But it’s not only non-profit bodies that are doing their part for society. This week’s In Focus looks at how for-profit firms can also be businesses with a heart.
25 April 2012
Conjuring Up Business Webcast
Whether it’s the world of illusion or real-life world of photography, this new In Focus series looks at how several would-be entrepreneurs turned their passion into successful businesses.
18 April 2012
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