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Designs on Lighting
A new generation of Hong Kong designers is sparking innovation and growth in product lighting. We put a spotlight on this emerging new sector.
27 March 2013
Bright Move
Small, energy-saving and earth-friendly, LED is the buzzword in lighting technology, in this first in a new series on the industry.
20 March 2013
Making Music in Asia
Hong Kong is at the forefront of Asia’s music industry in adapting to changes brought on by the advent of the digital age.
13 March 2013
Global Collaboration Webcast
More than ever, cinema has gone global, with Hong Kong playing a leading role in bringing international movie projects to fruition.
6 March 2013
Book Screening
Literature has long served as an inspiration for movies, including blockbuster films. Asia is seeing its share of this literature-to-film trend, as this week’s In Focus highlights.
27 Feb 2013
Micro-Movie Business
Hong Kong’s Entertainment Expo kicks off next month, spotlighting regional talent in the film, movie and digital-entertainment industries. This first report in a new series looks at the emerging microfilm genre.
20 Feb 2013
Hong Kong Through a Lens Webcast
US film enterprises are using Hong Kong as a cinematic gateway to Asia, as highlighted in this final feature in our series on US companies finding success in Hong Kong.
6 Feb 2013
Selling American Sizzle
Hong Kong’s hunger for American food is expanding beyond traditional steakhouses to more sophisticated options, from expertly aged meat to home-made pies.
30 Jan 2013
Toasting Hong Kong Webcast
Hong Kong’s burgeoning wine market has caught the eye, and nose, of the wine industry in the United States, in this first in a series looking at US companies finding success in Hong Kong.
23 Jan 2013
Brands Go Digital Webcast
The explosion of digital applications is helping brands expand their global market, as this final feature in our series on licensing makes clear.
16 Jan 2013
License Strategy
Never has there been a better time for lesser-known brands to break into China’s licensing market, thanks to the explosion of e-commerce on the mainland.
9 Jan 2013
Branding Success
Collaborations between design houses and mainstream brands are injecting new creativity into consumer products, as this new series on the power of licensing makes clear.
2 Jan 2013
Designing the Future Webcast
Hong Kong’s maturing design scene is fusing heritage and a new appetite for social enterprise with the city’s strong manufacturing base to nurture a thriving creative scene.
19 Dec 2012
Scandinavian Style
Nordic design is making its mark in Asia through Hong Kong. Find out why in this second part of a series looking at Hong Kong’s thriving design community.
12 Dec 2012
Design City
Innovation through design has been the byword of Hong Kong Design Year. The year-long programme has highlighted the power of design for enriching business and everyday life.
5 Dec 2012
Commercialising Success Webcast
Taking an innovative idea from the laboratory into the commercial arena may be as challenging as coming up with the idea itself. But a growing number of support vehicles are helping to make the process easier.
28 Nov 2012
Building a Marketplace
Hong Kong is on track to become a global intellectual property trading hub, thanks in part to its proximity to the Chinese mainland, which is enjoying a surge in demand for IP trading services.
21 Nov 2012
Patent Opportunities Webcast
As the region’s rising intellectual property hub, Hong Kong is attracting both Chinese and global players. Find out why in this first in a series on IP trading in Hong Kong.
14 Nov 2012
The Peruvian Spirit
Peru has been hailed as the gastronomic heart of Latin America, but its national drink, Pisco, is also making waves abroad.
7 Nov 2012
Brewing Business
Sake is moving beyond the confines of Japanese restaurants, with Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs reaping the rewards of a growing demand for the Japanese brew.
31 Oct 2012
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