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Brewing Business
Sake is moving beyond the confines of Japanese restaurants, with Hong Kong-based entrepreneurs reaping the rewards of a growing demand for the Japanese brew.
31 Oct 2012
The Grapes of France
China’s thirst for wine continues unabated, as does its love affair with French wine. This first in a new series looking at Hong Kong’s wine and spirits market examines China’s fascination with French vintages, and why it’s no passing fad.
24 Oct 2012
One for the Road Webcast
A state-of-the-art supply chain has helped transform Hong Kong into a regional wine hub. In the last of a series on the city’s logistics industry, In Focus examines how Hong Kong has become an international wine distribution centre.
17 Oct 2012
The Logistics of e-Commerce
E-commerce is booming on the Chinese mainland. In the second of a three-part series on logistics, In Focus talks to a practitioner about the trend and what it means for the Hong Kong logistics industry.
10 Oct 2012
All Hands on Deck
Is Hong Kong losing its competitive edge as an international shipping centre? In the first of a three-part series on the logistics industry, In Focus looks at how the city’s maritime sector can maintain its long-held advantages.
4 Oct 2012
Greening the Mainland Webcast
For Hong Kong eco-entrepreneurs, breaking into the Chinese mainland’s green-tech market requires the right technology, a reliable partner and good timing.
26 Sept 2012
Creating Positive Energy
It’s not only carbon neutral, it generates more energy than it needs. Hong Kong’s first Zero Carbon Building serves as a model for the future in the first of a two-part series looking at the local green industry.
19 Sept 2012
Time for Training Webcast
Hong Kong is a breeding ground for local talent skilled in the fine art of watchmaking. The professional courses are designed to meet the booming demand for servicing Swiss watches in the region.
12 Sept 2012
Timely Fashion Webcast
Watch brands are using eye-catching store design to entice customers in Hong Kong. This week’s In Focus investigates the high-style trend.
5 Sept 2012
Bidding on Time
Hong Kong is the world’s largest market for watches, with more than 20 per cent of Swiss production ending up here. This new In Focus series examines how auctions are driving watch sales in the city.
29 Aug 2012
Tea's Time Webcast
Gourmet tea companies are brewing up brands that excite and educate consumers. Details in this last in a series looking at Hong Kong’s food and beverage industry.
15 Aug 2012
Hungry for More
One of the world’s great international food cities, Hong Kong readily embraces new concepts. Which means there’s always room for more cuisine at the table.
8 Aug 2012
Plan Japan
Efforts are underway to revive Japanese food exports following the devastating March earthquake last year. The country is using Hong Kong as a key platform to rebuild its reputation for high-quality produce.
1 Aug 2012
Dining with the Stars
Celebrity chefs are stirring up Hong Kong’s restaurant scene, in this first in a new In Focus series looking at the city’s food and beverage industry.
25 July 2012
Of Wizards and Fairies Webcast
Children’s book publishing is a cornerstone of the industry. This week’s In Focus looks at how online media are broadening opportunities for the sector.
18 July 2012
e-Reading the Future
Electronic books are catching on in Hong Kong, especially in the educational sector, thanks to a government drive to promote e-textbooks.
11 July 2012
Literary City Webcast
Hong Kong’s international outlook is fertile training ground for a new generation of writers with a uniquely Asian perspective, as this new In Focus series shows.
4 July 2012
Designers at Work
From independent artists to design consultancies, Hong Kong’s creative scene is flourishing, as this final article on the city’s design industry makes clear.
27 June 2012
Reinventing the Wheel
Hong Kong is a world leader when it comes to designing and planning urban transport systems. This week’s In Focus looks at the latest transport developments, in this series spotlighting the city’s design industry.
20 June 2012
Grand Designs
With Hong Kong Design Year in full swing, In Focus examines the educational offerings for the field, in this new series looking at the city’s design industry.
13 June 2012
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