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Business Matching

Finding a suitable partner for your international business can be time consuming - look no further than HKTDC's Business Matching service. We process over eight million business matching enquiries annually through Premier Connect and hktdc.com sourcing.

orange HKTDC Business Matching, HKTDC's customised business matching service, helps you search, identify and screen potential business partners. This service is backed by our professional matching and industry specialists with years of market experience and HKTDC's unique database of 100,000 Hong Kong based companies.
orange hktdc.com sourcing, is an online sourcing channel connecting you with suppliers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and Taiwan - helping you reduce your sourcing time and enlarging your reach at the same time.
orange You are welcome to register your company profile in our business matching database free of charge. It takes only a few minutes.
orange If you are interested in our business matching service, simply approach the TDC office nearest to you.