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Why International Firms choose HK

Thousands of international firms have chosen Hong Kong as their partner for success in the Chinese mainland. Whatever your business model, Hong Kong's business advantages speak for themselves.

World-class business centre

orange Asia's financial centre
orange International business experience
orange Familiar and strong legal system

Hong Kong's open and internationally-focused economy has a range and quality of business and legal services unmatched in the region. Hong Kong-based firms have been instrumental in supporting Asia's major growth areas with capital, procurement, logistical services, management expertise and quality assurance.

Hong Kong's financial sector, which includes offices of nearly three quarters of the world's top 100 banks, assists multinationals and SMEs alike with setting up deals throughout China and the Asia-Pacific.


China experience and networks

orange China's largest external investor
orange Experienced China risk managers
orange Preferential access to China's markets

Hong Kong is the largest single investor in the Chinese mainland. Close to 45 per cent of outside investment in China's main cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, comes from Hong Kong companies. In Southern China's Pearl River Delta region, Hong Kong companies have been key drivers for almost 25 years, with 60,000-plus companies employing over 10 million people.

For smaller companies with limited time and resources for lengthy market development and frequent business trips to China, partnering with a Hong Kong company gives instant China expertise and peace of mind. In addition, the recently signed free trade arrangement ('Cepa') between Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland, now gives Hong Kong companies and their international partners faster and easier access to mainland markets.


Efficient sourcing, selling and distribution

orange Asia's best international trade fairs
orange Easy access to factories in the Pearl River Delta
orange Successful in selling to China

Hong Kong has an unrivalled position as Asia's trade fair capital. Each year, more than 60 international events attract hundreds of thousands of exhibitors and buyers from around the world. Hong Kong's popularity with mainland Chinese exhibitors is a key attraction for international firms, that value meeting companies from across China under one roof.

For international companies looking to source products, or explore new markets, Hong Kong is ideally placed within China's fastest growing economic region, the Pearl River Delta. Hong Kong managed companies have made this region the world's strongest exporter of many light consumer goods. With its growing middle class, fast modernising companies and business-friendly environment, this region offers international companies an easy route into China. Expanding transport networks also make this an ideal distribution hub for the wider southern China region.


Free flows of capital and goods

orange   Visa free access for most countries
orange World's busiest international container port
orange No restrictions on movement of capital

Hong Kong's free flow of trade, capital and information is essential to business success. Goods come in and out tax free, information on the China market is the best available and the Hong Kong dollar is freely convertible.

Hong Kong's business infrastructure includes the world's busiest sea and air cargo facilities. Close to 4,000 passenger and cargo flights service more than 140 cities each week, including direct flights to more than 40 mainland cities. By sea, Hong Kong links the world to 90 sea and river ports in China. More than 30 per cent of exports from the mainland (in value) pass through Hong Kong.

International business community

orange Strong familiar institutions
orange Entrepreneurial culture
orange Cosmopolitan lifestyle

With its open and transparent legal system, world-class business institutions and level playing field, Hong Kong is an easy place for companies, of all sizes and nationalities, to do business. English is widely spoken and commercial practices are familiar to international business people.

Hong Kong is already home to thousands of international companies, large and small. They enjoy the same business benefits as local companies: low taxes (17.5 per cent corporate tax; 16 per cent income tax; no tax on capital gains, dividends, or foreign-sourced income), and the same access to the mainland under the 'Cepa' free trade agreement.