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18 Feb 2020
Hong Kong Designers Unveil New Collections at London Fashion Week

Four Hong Kong fashion designer labels presented their new collections at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2020, showcasing Hong Kong’s fashion creativity to industry elites and style influencers from around the world, where 650 guests attended. The presentation was part of the Fashion Hong Kong promotion campaign organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC).  

The HKTDC staged the “Fashion Hong Kong” show and hosted a cocktail reception at Somerset House (East Wing Galleries) in London at 8:30pm (UK time) on 14th Feb. Incorporating various elements such as art installations, drama, music and performance art, the presentation explored the potentials of the multi-faceted Hong Kong creativity.  

The designer line-up showed the diverse and vibrant fashion landscape in Hong Kong including: Angus Tsui (brand name: ANGUS TSUI), Bettie Jiang (brand name: Bettie), Jessica Lau & Walter Kong (brand name: BLIND by JW) and Yeung Chin (brand name: YEUNG CHIN).

 VIP Guests included Mary Charteris – Singer & DJ; Sai Bennet – Actress; Sydney Lima – Model, Writer & DJ; Chris Lavish – Influencer; Joseph Auren – Blogger; Fifi Anicah – Model; Elenna Owen – Influencer; and Aden Marrie – Photographer / influencer. 

 Fashion Hong Kong comprises a series of international promotions organised by the HKTDC to raise the global profile of Hong Kong fashion designers and labels. Since 2015, Fashion Hong Kong has actively participated in international fashion weeks and renowned events to showcase the city’s unique, diverse designs. The campaign has covered New York, London, Paris, Copenhagen, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai. This is the third year for Fashion Hong Kong to take the city’s brands to London Fashion Week.

This year, Fashion Hong Kong again collaborated with several lifestyle brands and artists to promote the campaign during London Fashion Week. Partners included Hong Kong’s online creative platform StoryTeller and fashion illustrator Ashbee Wong, who crafted an exclusive illustration for the campaign.

Hong Kong start-up ShirtStylist.com, an online platform for shirt custom-making, created another exclusive and stylish series of Fashion Hong Kong shirts with fabrics used by the four designers in their 2020 Autumn/Winter collections.

Daycraft – a Hong Kong brand that features original design with a passion for the arts, design and lifestyle – collaborated with Fashion Hong Kong for the third time to produce a limited-edition diary celebrating Fashion Hong Kong’s participation at London Fashion Week. The diary featured unique cover designs created by the participating designers. Other collaborating Hong Kong brand partners included ditto ditto, CHOCOLAT-IER and Acumen Paper.