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HKTDC Backgrounder


The Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) was established in 1966. We are a statutory body dedicated to promoting Hong Kong's trade in goods and services. Our mission is to explore potential markets for Hong Kong companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and connect them with business partners all around the world. With the help of our global network of more than 40 offices, including 13 on the Chinese mainland, we create opportunities and promote Hong Kong as a platform for doing business with the mainland and throughout Asia.


The HKTDC's work is guided by three main objectives:

  1. Position Hong Kong as Asia's global business platform and promote Hong Kong services to the world
  2. Explore new markets and create global business opportunities for Hong Kong SMEs
  3. Sharpen Hong Kong SMEs' capabilities

Showcasing Hong Kong Services

To adapt to the new global economic landscape and the mainland's changing development strategy, the HKTDC helps Hong Kong companies capitalise on business opportunities by promoting Hong Kong as Asia's business platform. We strive to showcase the strengths of our services sectors to the world, promoting Hong Kong's advantages in finance, logistics, design, infrastructure & real estate, entertainment, ICT, IP trade, legal, accounting and other professional services. By organising nearly 170 promotion activities a year focusing on services promotions, the HKTDC successfully connects Hong Kong services companies to nearly 135,000 business contacts around the world. Overseas companies use Hong Kong's global business platform to access the Asian market, and the mainland in particular. These efforts serve to enhance Hong Kong's reputation as Asia's premier services hub.


Explore & Connect

To help Hong Kong SMEs explore and expand global trade and business frontiers, the HKTDC organised 340 promotion activities in 2012/13. They included conferences and exhibitions in Hong Kong, and promotions around the world. Of these activities, more than 60 per cent were focused on the mainland and emerging markets, which present promising prospects for Hong Kong exporters and services providers. In Hong Kong, the HKTDC organised more than 30 exhibitions, of which nine are the largest of their kind in Asia, while three are the largest in the world. These fairs attracted nearly 34,000 exhibitors and more than 680,000 buyers to Hong Kong last year, enhancing the city's reputation as Asia's trade fair capital. In addition, the HKTDC organised another 470 networking or outreach events and received about 700 missions during the same period. These activities helped to expand the HKTDC's global network.


The HKTDC's website, www.hktdc.com, is another effective business matching platform that connects global buyers and sellers. It features more than 1.4 million registered international buyers, as well as some 120,000 products and services suppliers mainly from Hong Kong, the mainland and Asia. Business matching is facilitated by more than 20 print and online product magazines and industry supplements that reach more than five million global buyers in some 200 countries and regions each year.


Enhancing Hong Kong SMEs' Capabilities

Small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of Hong Kong's economy. Enhancing the competitiveness of Hong Kong SMEs and start-ups in the digital era will be a major focus of the HKTDC's work to help sustain Hong Kong's long-term economic growth.


As part of this effort, the HKTDC organises more than 100 targeted events, such as SME-focused exhibitions, seminars, workshops and forums each year, which are attended by approximately 30,000 Hong Kong SMEs. The HKTDC Research Department provides timely market information, sharing more than 1,000 research articles a year across a broad range of topics, including market trends and industry forecasts. Other support services include a China business advisory team located at the HKTDC SME Centre, which serves as a resource hub for up-to-date market intelligence.


Please visit www.hktdc.com for more information about the HKTDC.