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Our Advantages

Expert and Experienced Team
The HKTDC has over 40 years’ rich experience in trade matching. Your enquiry will be managed by the Business Matching team made up of industry and market specialists based in Hong Kong and more than 40 HKTDC offices worldwide.

Profound Industry Knowledge
Through handling business matching enquiries of all sorts and everyday intercourse with worldwide companies, the Business Matching specialists stay at the forefront of industry advancement and new business development. We can even formulate your preliminary ideas into concrete business requirements, and find potential business partners subsequently.

Proprietary Databank
The tailored service is backed by the HKTDC’s proprietary databank of 200,000 Hong Kong companies. Covering a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, we match you to suppliers, service providers, agents, distributors, licensees or many other strategic partners.

Trusted by Customers
HKTDC Business Matching has built solid reputation among overseas companies and international buyers, it is given a rating as high as 90% in customer surveys, evidencing how effective it is in facilitating business.


Matching Process
What You Get