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User regulations


1. Admission
  1.1 Children under 12 years old are not admitted to the SME Centre unless accompanied by an adult.
  1.2 Proper attire including clean and tidy clothing is required at all times.
  1.3 With the exception of guide dogs, animals are restricted entry to the Centre.
  1.4 Centre staffs reserve the right to refrain any visitors from accessing or using the Centre.
2. Use of Collections and Facilities
  2.1 All collections, materials and facilities of the Centre are for onsite use only and cannot be taken away unless permission is granted beforehand.
  2.2 Users may take reference materials from open shelves and should help to preserve the collections and facilities with care. Materials should be returned to book trucks or designated points after use.
  2.3 Do not mark, write upon, fold or damage the Centre collections and facilities. Users are solely responsible for any damage they cause to the Centre collections and facilities like books, archive materials, computers, databases, printers, photocopiers, fax machine, etc. The Centre reserves the right to claim loss or damage from the responsible user.

Some collections are not available for photocopying due to copyright and other concerns unless permission is granted by Centre staff beforehand. Users should follow Hong Kong’s copyright law when making photocopies at the Centre.  The Centre shall not be held responsible for any infringement of intellectual property rights by users at the Centre.

  2.5 Users of computers at the Centre are required to register beforehand. Computers are configured for specific functions. Users are not allowed to upload any unauthorised softwares, websites and information, bypass the Centre computer settings or change the computers’ configurations. Users are restricted to browse any pornographic or unauthorised websites (such as gambling websites, etc.) at the Centre’s computers or personal computers inside the Centre.
  2.6 Users are not allowed to use hand-held copiers, scanners, cameras, recording devices or similar equipments on the Centre collections or facilities without permission from Centre staff.
  2.7 All materials in the Centre are for reference only. The HKTDC SME Centre cannot control, nor is responsible for the accuracy or content of the information gathered from the Centre, either in printed or electronic format.
3. Personal Belongings
  3.1 Users are solely responsible for taking care of his/her own personal belongings and properties at the Centre and the Centre will not be held liable to any loss or damage incurred or left at the Centre.
4. Conduct of Users
  4.1 Users of the Centre are required to behave in an orderly manner and not affect the proper operation of the Centre and staff, and the use of the Centre’s collection, materials or facilities by other Users. Disruptive behaviour like sleeping, smoking, eating, disturbing others, speaking loudly, engaging in harassing, indecent or threatening behaviour is prohibited at the Centre.

Centre staffs are authorized to demand any user violating the above provision 4.1 to immediately leave the Centre, in order to stop the nuisance or annoyance caused to the staff or other users of the Centre.  If necessary, Centre staff will seek assistance from the security guards or police officers to take appropriate measures to cause the nuisance maker to leave the Centre.

5. Others
  5.1 Photo taking or video recording is not allowed in the Centre unless permission is granted beforehand.
  5.2 For security reasons, Centre staff reserve the right to request visitors to show their belongings for inspection as appropriate.
6. Compliance with User Regulations
  6.1 The Centre reserves the right and is entitled to revise the user regulations at any time at its absolute discretion without giving any reasons and prior notice.