Testimonials and Success Stories


Ms Juliette Gimenez, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Goxip
“Goxip is one of the most interesting, shop-able Instagrams these days which allows you to shop and search and find anything you want from over 500 retailers around the world.” “I think Hong Kong is a very great starting ground for a product because the people here, especially in terms of fashion, you can see out of 10 brands, five or even seven of them have their headquarters in Hong Kong because it is a very international hub in terms of shopping.” “The Asian E-tailing Summit is a particularly important place to gather a lot of bright minds from all the channels, from industry to retail to online to even media companies and online companies, and I think this is very important for them to have a place to gather and exchange ideas.”


Mr Giulio Xiloyannis, Managing Director, ZALORA
“We are certainly riding a wave, we’re riding a very nice wave, of e-commerce, the wave of fashion and the wave of the rising middle class that is happening all across Southeast Asia; it’s a very interesting spot to be in and a very good opportunity.” “Everybody who is in e-tailing is in reality also in the logistics business and supply chain business. The moment you are in the logistics and supply chain business in Asia, Hong Kong is important. It’s a trade zone that is very, very open, has a very strong infrastructure when it comes to logistics and the supply chain and allow us to act as a consolidator for our inventory as a part of our preference in the zone.” “As a fashion player Hong Kong is also the place to be in Southeast Asia, to be honest. It’s the house of the brands and being the house of brands it is also the house of the talent.” “Being at the Asian E-tailing Summit has been a great experience, an enriching experience, in particular allowing me to meet peers, competitors, suppliers and service providers.”


Mr Kiril Popov, Senior Analyst, Fung Global Retail and Technology
“We are very excited about the merging of offline and online. In China, we see Alibaba and JD dot com moving from online, a pure place, to offline retailers as well and we see a similar trend in the US with Amazon and Walmart.” “Hong Kong certainly has connections and historically it’s a place where people come for commerce and to do shopping. So, from that perspective, I think it’s certainly a very key mode in the ecosystem, if you will, that’s being developed in Asia where it comes to e-tailing.” “I think I have been pleasantly surprised by the Summit. I have been pleasantly surprised by the turnout. I think we have had more than a packed auditorium. Here today to see and to hear what we had to say about e-tailing so I certainly feel the vibe is here and the demand is here for people to know more about e-tailing so I see the show actually growing in size down the line.”


Mr Anson Bailey, Head of Consumer Markets, KPMG
“We see increasing numbers of millennial consumers and they are spending money and if you look at some of the numbers I think we see that there are somewhere in the region of about 330 million millennials in mainland China and if you look at Asia in particular millennials here in Asia represent nearly 59% of the global population of millenials.” “We’re here at the inaugural Asian E-tailing Summit because it’s at the right time at the right place and I think moving forward we’re now going to see the next wave of enterprises, we’re going to see the next wave of e-tailing businesses.”


Ms Jenny Hui, General Manager, Cross-Border Trade, eBay Hong Kong and Taiwan
“The Asian E-tailing Summit has provided an ideal platform for industry players, e-commerce experts and professionals to share the latest market trends and intelligence. The Summit enables eBay to have insightful conversations with a wide group of audiences in Asia, including sellers, manufacturers and brands. Most importantly, it aligns with eBay’s commitment to connecting our sellers with the latest market trends in enabling sellers to export and expand their businesses globally.”



Park Byungho, Associate Professor, Director, KAIST
“The speakers are top-notch and the ideas they brought are so interesting. The Asian E-tailing Summit will become the South by Southwest of the retailing business.” “ and eventually the Davos Forum”


Zachary Williams, Founder, BACO Group Ltd
“ I’ve been looking for people for digital market support for us so I thought this was a possible opportunity to come down and find people who work with SMEs to help us grow in mainland China but also grow globally. I think I have walked away with a handful that we’ll follow up with for sure.”


Daniel Drescher, Director, Sales & Marketing, NetSDL
“It’s the topic of omni-channels that is really spurring us all to come here and see and find out what is going on in this new technology driven by retail and e-commerce.” “The Asian e-Tailing Summit has given me an opportunity to meet many of the movers and shakers in the business that is thoroughly pursuing this channel and this stream: honestly, you can feel the excitement here!”


Wong Kwok-kuen Executive Director Tenacity Real Estate Group Ltd
“The Asian E-tailing Summit gave me a good insight of the present perspective of the E-trade and E-tailing in particular with so many interesting speakers from different fields and activities. It is always good for both knowledge learning and business connections.”