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AFF Deal Flow is a useful platform for project owners to meet potential investors and partners.
We were able to meet several funds and the Chinese O2O market leader of our sector. ”
Antonio Guadagnino, CEO, M2 Italia Srl (Italy)



AFF Deal Flow is a unique deal-sourcing and matchmaking session connecting sources of funds with sources of deals.

This platform enables participants to meet with potential business partners from around the world, based on their shared areas of interest. This is a vital platform providing investment opportunities for Chinese investors who are seeking overseas opportunities and Chinese project owners who are seeking overseas investors. More than 1,800 companies took part in the past editions, including investment project owners, private equity firms, corporate investors, high net-worth individuals and senior professionals from intermediaries and professional services providers.

Deal Flow
Deal Flow
Booths for startups to showcase their ideas to investors
Deal Flow
Investor Meetup
A platform for startups to meet with investors in attendance
Deal Flow
Mentor Hours
4 Informal fireside chats with experts on growing and raising funds in Asia and China for startups


Investment Mentors
Institutional Partners
In 2017
investors, half of which were from the Chinese mainland

Deal Flow
Connect + Match
Sector include:
Digital Technology
Financial Technology
Food & Agriculture
Manufacturing and Clean Tech
Environment & Energy
Infrastructure and Real Estate Services


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Deal Flow
Industry Presentations
The sector-specific presentation sessions will be led by industry players, followed by project owners from the world to introduce their investment dimensions and projects' prospects.

Clean Technology
Healthcare Technology
Financial Technology


Deal Flow
Financial and Professional Advisory Services Zone
The Financial and Professional Advisory Services Zone offers free onsite consultation services covering fund raising, corporate finance fund raising, corporate finance, tax advisory, legal services and other business development issues.



Other Project Sources
The Asian Development Bank is dedicated to reducing poverty in Asia and the Pacific through inclusive economic growth, environmentally sustainable growth, and regional integration.