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Audience Voting Results

Plenary Session - Redefining Growth: Innovation ∙ Breakthrough ∙ Inclusiveness

Q1. What is your outlook for the global economy in 2020?

  Result of AFF 2019 Result of AFF 2020
Optimistic 15% 22%
Neutral 38% 38%
Pessimistic 47% 40%

Q2. Which of the following tools will lead to the largest breakthroughs in development of financial services?

Artificial intelligence 31%
Blockchain 17%
Big data analytics 21%
Payment systems 13%
Rise of virtual banks and virtual insurers 15%
Regulatory technology 4%

Q3. Development in which of the following areas will pose the greatest risk to financial services development?

Artificial intelligence 33%
Blockchain 20%
Big data analytics 11%
Payment systems 14%
Virtual banks and virtual insurers 22%
Policy Dialogue - Global Outlook and Opportunities for 2020

Q4. What do you see as the major challenge for global growth in 2020?

  1st round
voting result
2nd round
voting result
Limited headroom for monetary and fiscal policies to support growth 19% 19%
China-US tensions on trade, technology and cross-border investment 39% 38%
Intensifying geopolitical risks 34% 36%
Elevated corporate debt restraining business spending 8% 6%

Q5. How likely would innovative solutions (e.g. development of fintech and sustainable finance) help address structural issues and bolster global growth?

  1st round
voting result
2nd round
voting result
Very unlikely 9% 8%
Unlikely 28% 28%
Likely 37% 40%
Very likely 22% 21%
Don't know 4% 2%
Panel Discussion on “Evolution of Global Trade and Supply Chain Finance”

Q6. What is your outlook for global trade in 2020?

Optimistic 25%
Neutral 28%
Pessimistic 47%

Q7. What do you think is the key driver for the growth of global trade in 2020?

Fair and appropriate treatment of capital for trade 18%
Digitalisation of trade 26%
An effective multilateral system 50%
Commercialisation of blockchain 6%
Panel Discussion on “Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)”

Q8. Which of the following ESG issues would raise the most concern for businesses in the upcoming year?

Environmental regulations 27%
Climate change and carbon-related issues 38%
Changing consumer preferences towards more responsible products and services 19%
Labour rights and regulations 4%
Gender equality in the workforce 3%
Product Safety 3%
Corruption 6%

Q9. What do you think is the key benefit in addressing ESG issues for businesses?

Enhance corporate reputation and brand image 31%
Reduce waste and costs from improved operational efficiencies 17%
Improve risk management and monitoring of long-term risks 27%
Provide opportunities for growth and innovation 17%
Lead to competitive advantage 3%
Increase customer loyalty 4%
Attract and retain talent 1%