Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2017 Highlights
05:48 9 Jun 2017
Global Brands Tap into Asia
Global Brands Tap into Asia at Licensing Show and Conference
The Hong Kong International Licensing Show and Asian Licensing Conference 2016 is the place to be for companies looking to license their brands to buyers in Asia and in particular, China. Using Hong Kong as the international licensing and IP trading hub, exhibitors from all around the world promoted their properties and kept up to date on the latest market developments.
03:03 6 Apr 2016
Asian Brands Go Global
Asian Brands Go Global at Licensing Show and Conference
The 2016 Hong Kong International Licensing Show and Asian Licensing Conference was attended by a record of over 20,800 people, in a sign of the city emerging as the regional leader in the licensing and IP trade industry. As an important driver of Asia’s economic growth, licensing has been embraced by big name brands from around the region to turn a profit.
03:35 6 Apr 2016
Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2016 Highlights
Record Attendance at Licensing Show and Conference
A record of more than 20,800 people gathered at the 2016 Hong Kong International Licensing Show and Asian Licensing Conference in January, underscoring the massive regional growth of the industry. Hong Kong’s connection to the mainland and expertise in international business practices helped representatives of more than 860 brands and properties like Cosmopolitan magazine and Sesame Street find new business partners and sign deals.
04:19 6 Apr 2016
社工變身插畫師 延續愛的訊息達致雙贏 (Chinese Version Only)
Company: JAN KOON Illustration
03:39 3 Aug 2015
取色獨特與科技應用 本地插畫師走向國際(Chinese Version Only)
Company: Moon Island
04:07 13 Jul 2015
忌廉哥,品牌是如何煉成的? (Chinese Version Only)
Company : 品牌培育(Brand Breeder)
03:23 25 Mar 2015
Tapping into the Licensing Opportunities in Asia
04:43 23 Feb 2015
License to Thill
Company: JCAP Australia
02:03 16 Dec 2014
玩味品牌 西班牙商授權展大豐收 (Chinese Version Only)
Company : Kokonuzz
02:48 10 Sep 2014
授權提效益 港品牌助內企轉型升級 (Chinese Version Only)
Company : Gifted Design Co. Limited
03:27 30 Jul 2014
Hong Kong International Licensing Show 2015 Highlights
04:16 16 Jan 2015
人型設計授權 為品牌打開年輕人市場 (Chinese Version Only)
Company : Papamamason (Eric So)
02:50 14 May 2014
廣告新生代 動畫吸客成新招 (Chinese Version Only)
Company : Minimind Studio
03:24 19 Mar 2014
2014 Hong Kong International Licensing Show: Art Licensing
03:00 10 Jan 2014
Asian Licensing Conference 2014 Highlights "The Rise of Asia"
03:20 6-7 Jan 2014
香港國際授權展:藝術授權面面觀 (Chinese Version Only)
Company : 浦东文化传媒有限公司
03:58 02 Jan 2014
阿狸教父于仁國 解讀動漫授權路 (Chinese Version Only)
Company : A-li
05:12 24 Dec 2013
內地動漫授權大有可為 專家之言:選擇品牌平台最重要 (Chinese Version Only)
Company : SCLA 上海世紀華創文化形象管理有限公司
04:30 18 Dec 2013
馬仔、Rody錢途無限 品牌授權有門路 (Chinese Version Only)
Company : 楊仕集團
02:20 04 Sep 2013
授權創機遇 本地插畫發放雨後彩虹正能量 (Chinese Version Only)
Company : Double Rice (Rainie & Friends), Asia One
03:08 14 Aug 2014
跨界合作 卡通角色化身多元產品伴左右 (Chinese Version Only)
Company : 3 Piggy Co
02:33 07 Aug 2013
Character Building at Asia's Top Licensing Show
Company : M&C Toy Centre Ltd
03:37 16 Jan 2013
Promise of Asia: Asian Licensing Conference
Company: Pony Canyon
03:20 16 Jan 2013