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Our Unique Values:

Source from Asia & China wholesale suppliers & manufacturers Relevant - More than 45 years experience in buyer-supplier matching.

Reliable - Proven records in organising the world's largest trade fairs. Our search results include genuine and quality suppliers verified by third parties.

Resourceful – More than 40 offices worldwide situated closer to your time zone and speak your language to provide support.
Our search results and supplier referrals are aided with professional authentications:

Information of Asia & China wholesale suppliers & manufacturers verified by D&B Checked. Company information verified by D&B
Certificates of Asia & China wholesale suppliers & manufacturers verified by SGS Supplier credentials checked by SGS
Quality Compliance for Asia & China wholesale suppliers & manufacturers. Social Compliance for Asia & China wholesale suppliers & manufacturers. Environmental Compliance for Asia & China wholesale suppliers & manufacturers. Security Compliance for Asia & China wholesale suppliers & manufacturers.
Additional compliance in quality, social responsibility and environment protection
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hktdc.com Buyer Meetings
hktdc.com Buyer Meetings Want customised and hassle-free meeting arrangements with your pre-selected suppliers? Start your sourcing trip planning by contacting us for this highly-rated service.

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Small-Order Zone
Small-Order Zone Small-Order Zone is a buyer-oriented online sourcing platform creating new business opportunities and flexibility for direct sourcing of quality products in small quantities. Over 100,000 products are available in quantity of 5 - 1,000 pieces. Selected products are available for instant order protected by PayPal.

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Wholesale Auto Parts Manufacturers & Vehicle Parts Suppliers Auto Parts & Accessories (12615)
Wholesale Baby Products Manufacturers & Baby Products Suppliers Baby Products (16505)
Wholesale Printing Suppliers & Printing Manufacturers Book & Printed Item (8901)

Wholesale Building Materials Suppliers & Building Materials Manufacturers Building Material, Hardware & Machinery (30005)
Wholesale Computer Hardwares Manufacturers & PC / Computer Parts Suppliers Computer & Peripherals (26235)
Wholesale Electronics Suppliers & Electronics Manufacturers Electronics & Electrical Appliance (105685)

Wholesale Environmental Equipment Suppliers & Environmental Equipment Manufacturers Environmental Protection Equipment & Product (8167)
Wholesale Eyewear Manufacturers & Fashion Eyewear Suppliers Eyewear & Accessories (11362)
Wholesale Food Suppliers & Food Manufacturers Food & Beverage (21518)

Wholesale Shoes Suppliers & Footwear Manufacturers Footwear (12531)
Wholesale Furniture Manufacturers & Furniture Suppliers Furniture & Furnishing (53580)
Wholesale Clothing Manufacturers & Clothes Suppliers Garment, Textile & Clothing Accessories (97298)

Wholesale Premium Gift Manufacturers & Gift Set Suppliers Gift & Premiums (49839)
Wholesale Bags Manufacturers & Bag Suppliers Handbag & Travel Goods (51180)
Wholesale Beauty Products Suppliers & Beauty Products Manufacturers Health & Beauty (15580)

Wholesale Home Products Manufacturers & Home Accessories Suppliers Household Product (62279)
Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers & Jewelry Manufacturers Jewellery (77923)
Wholesale Lighting Suppliers & Lighting Manufacturers Lighting Product (71348)

Wholesale Medical Supply Suppliers & Medical Equipment Suppliers Medical Supply and Medicine (5065)
Wholesale Packaging Suppliers & Product Packaging Manufacturers Packaging Product & Material (26343)
Wholesale Pet Products Manufacturers & Pet Supplies Manufacturers Pet & Pet Supply (2299)

Wholesale DSLR Camera Photo Accessories Manufacturers & Digital SLR Camera and Optical Products Suppliers Photographic & Optical Equipment (4922)
Wholesale Chemical Manufacturers & Raw Material Suppliers Raw Material & Chemical (5303)
Service Providers & Service Suppliers Service (33518)

Wholesale Laboratory Equipment Suppliers & Specialized Products Manufacturers Specialised Product (1258)
Wholesale Sporting Goods Manufacturers & Sporting Goods Suppliers Sports Goods (25817)
Wholesale Office Equipment Suppliers & Stationery Suppliers Stationery & Office Equipment (32881)

Wholesale Telecom Manufacturers & Telecom Suppliers Telecommunication (21544)
Wholesale Toy Manufacturers & Toys / Games Suppliers Toy & Game (57986)
Wholesale Watch & Clock Manufacturers & Wholesale Watch & Clock Suppliers Watch & Clock (28532)

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Featured Products
Featured Products
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HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2015 (Autumn Edition)
HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2015
HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2015 (Spring Edition)
HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2015
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HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014 (Spring Edition)

Featured Brands
Featured Brands
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