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Product Specification

A-China semiconductor

Model No.


product niche

32 bit microcontroller with PUF security function, each MCU have its own naturally create 1024bit PUF ID, concept like the human finger print, the ID is unpredictable, unclonable, truly random, reliable


firmware protection, smart lock, car key, ID tag, IoT authentication, cyber security

Product Description
  • Specification : 32 bit, ARM M0, 24Mhz, 20K flash, 4K SRAM, 1024 bit PUF, DES/TDES, 12 bit 16 channel ADC, 16 bit 7 channel PWM, 2* UART, SPI, I2C, 28 GPIO, TSSOP48
  • Product niche: Utilise small difference during silicon process, naturally create 1024 bit PUF ID
  • Application:
    • Firmware protection (no one can copy your IP design firmware which is store into the MCU007 flash memory)
    • New product development (no worry to send out your engineering sample to channel before production )
    • Smart lock, car key, ID tag
    • IoT authentication
    • Cyber security
    • Blockchain
    • Cryptocurrency
Production Lead Time

90 days