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Hard sell for bubbly start-up
As drinkers seek healthy tipples, spiked sparkling drinks have emerged as a trend in the food and beverage world as they offer the same bubbly mouthful as beer or sparkling wine but have much lower calorie levels. Riding on their growing popularity, Hong Kong brand BubbleMe offers a zero-sugar, antioxidant-rich, low-calorie hard seltzer.
2 Aug 2021
Harnessing social marketing
Riding the digital transformation wave that crested across swathes of industries during the COVID-19 pandemic, two innovative Hong Kong entrepreneurs teamed up in 2020 to establish a salestech platform that enables companies to develop their own on-demand virtual sales team, thus helping them promote products and build a sustainable prospects database through social networking.
26 July 2021
Tropical tipple comes home
A favourite sundowner in tropical climates, gin has long been a staple in Hong Kong liquor cabinets and a common cocktail ingredient. Typically imported from leading producers such as the United Kingdom and India, the spirit now has bespoke Hong Kong-based producers such as Two Moons Distillery.
19 July 2021
Healthy habits counter COVID stress
The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown normal routines out of the window and many of us have reached for unhealthy foods and alcohol, and are sleeping poorly because of stress. To break the bad-habit cycle, some people seek out online health coaches such as Neelam Pure Health. The Hong Kong start-up was founded six months ago by Neelam Daswani following her studies at the Integrated Institute of Nutrition, which takes a holistic approach to health.
12 July 2021
Innovation for art’s sake
Many artists and artwork owners guard pieces from alteration or reproduction but an innovative Hong Kong consultancy is turning this notion on its head and deliberately streamlining the process of producing edited reproductions.
5 July 2021
Brewing up on the spot
In Medieval Europe, alewives brewed the beverage daily and sold it on their premises. During and after the Renaissance, technological improvements took the craft into large-scale brewhouses.
28 June 2021
Taking property digital
Anticipating that “proptech” — the application of technology in the property sector — and smart-city initiatives will bring massive changes to the real estate industry, Hong Kong developer Sino Group has set up a corporate innovation programme, PropXTech.
21 June 2021
Service by design
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost all sectors, and services industries are not spared. When reimagining services, design is just as important as it is for physical items.
15 June 2021
Mobile solution to keep wheels turning
As a first-time car owner, Danny Chan struggled to find vehicle workshops offering quotes, and realised this was a pain point many drivers face.
7 June 2021
Don’t push my buttons
Worries over tactile transmission amid the COVID-19 pandemic has driven many innovative cleaning and sterilising solutions for heavily used surfaces such as lift buttons.
31 May 2021
Activating nuts for health food
Hong Kong nutritionist Shan Shan Feng often fielded queries from clients about healthy, delicious snacks.
24 May 2021
Pandemic-induced mental reset
Hong Kong is emerging from one of the most stressful 18 months in living memory – and it’s taken a toll on wellbeing.
17 May 2021
Genes unzipped
Just as plummeting costs for data processing, storage and transmission drove the information technology revolution over the past 50 years, the plunging cost of sequencing genomes has been boosting biotechnology since the turn of the millennium.
10 May 2021
New life for old timepieces
Just as watches track time, time tracks watches.
3 May 2021
Family home page
COVID-19 has transformed family life as the shift to work from home and limits on school attendance mean parents and children spend more time together.
26 April 2021
Clear-headed drinks gain traction
Driven by a thirst for flavourful alternatives to ordinary soft drinks and a desire to cut down on alcohol content, the non-alcoholic spirits market is booming.
19 April 2021
Platinum goes - platinum
Bespoke, high-value jewellery has remained popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring solid demand for platinum and glittering opportunities for suppliers such as Hong Kong-headquartered Platinum Group International (PGI).
12 April 2021
Robots to carry, clean, cover
Helping businesses deploy autonomous robots at scale, Rice Robotics hopes to make its machines an integral part of daily life — initially in Hong Kong and eventually in global markets as well.
29 March 2021
Home-office health
As the work-from-home boom driven by the COVID-19 pandemic blurs the line between work and personal life, behavioural health – physical and mental well-being as affected by habits – has become more important than ever.
22 March 2021
Global culinary launchpad
Noting the Korean fried chicken and barbecue restaurants in Hong Kong, chef Mingoo Kang felt the market had space for a progressive Korean dining concept.
15 March 2021
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