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Smoker takes a plunge
In the United States Texans are known as pioneers and risk takers – having the confidence to open up a restaurant in Hong Kong amid the COVID-19 pandemic is a fine example.
19 Oct 2020
Boutique hotels prepare for recovery
COVID-19 travel restrictions have confined the world’s travellers to their quarters for 2020 and departure dates remain impossible to fix but this does not stop high-end travellers from dreaming about getting away from it all.
12 Oct 2020
Lights must stay on
Dealing with uncertainty could be described as the most important task of a business owner or manager, and lack of information is a key element of uncertainty.
5 Oct 2020
Design of recovery
Inspirational design has the power to uplift and transform individuals and communities and after a turbulent 12 months, and Business of Design Week (BODW) later this year will do just that for Hong Kong.
28 Sept 2020
Virus brings smart response
A key strength of start-ups is their ability to adapt quickly to new circumstances, whether these are a change in the environment, shift in markets or technological disruption.
21 Sept 2020
Discerning tipplers reshape market
With limited-edition bottles and private labels gaining a foothold in the market, standard spirits brands have received a wake-up call as Hong Kong buyers become more discerning in their choice of tipple.
14 Sept 2020
Family office business booms
In his novel Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy held that happy families are all alike but unhappy ones each have their own unique misery.
7 Sept 2020
Hong Kong leads in upcycled fashion
As COVID-19 raises awareness of sustainability issues, Hong Kong fashion collection Refashioned has become the first label globally to be recognised by the new Upcycling Verification Program launched by Swiss certification firm Standard Global Services (SGS) in July this year.
31 Aug 2020
Budget airline weathers COVID storm
As aircraft sit empty on runways around the world, budget carrier AirAsia – the continent’s biggest low-cost airline – has been broadening its horizons.
24 Aug 2020
Home-grown travel takes off
Travel has been put on pause in 2020 as families swap long-haul trips for staycations in hotels or flats close to home.
17 Aug 2020
Need for speed in COVID testing
Living things are complicated and relationships between them – including infections of one by another – even more so.
10 Aug 2020
Indian street food goes upmarket
Many Indian restaurants in Hong Kong offer versions of the country’s diverse cuisine.
3 Aug 2020
Masked in style
Hong Kong-based artist and fashion designer Leanne Claxton - who made her name with silk scarves and accessories showcasing her floral prints - started making face masks from leftover silk in March as COVID-19 swept through Europe.
27 July 2020
Collaboration key in post-COVID-19 workplace
Many employees are still working entirely remotely in an effort to control the COVID-19 pandemic, removing the social benefits of the workplace.
20 July 2020
Remote conferencing zooms out
As well as mammoth challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic has also brought opportunities – not least to the technology sector.
13 July 2020
Virus outbreak shakes up offices
The post-COVID-19 workplace will be very different from the workplaces that went before.
6 July 2020
Early responders fight pandemic
The COVID-19 pandemic has given Hong Kong a chance to cement its reputation as a city full of nimble, innovative firms which can adapt rapidly to changing circumstances.
29 June 2020
Pandemic brings responsible trade to fore
The COVID-19 outbreak has led countries worldwide to re-examine their supply chains and trading relationships.
22 June 2020
Tourism turns green
Consumers are expected to travel with more purpose and sensitivity towards the health of people and planet when tourism resumes following the COVID-19 outbreak.
15 June 2020
Fine dining embraces changes
Named Veuve Clicquot Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2015, chef Vicky Lau runs a Hong Kong restaurant that has been awarded one Michelin star every year since 2013.
8 June 2020
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