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Head-hunting goes digital
With meet-and-greets, face-to-face interviews and networking events key to its business, the recruitment industry could have been knocked sideways by the COVID-19 outbreak.
1 June 2020
Rebuilding after outbreak
The annual International Construction Cost Index (ICC) by global design and consultancy organisation Arcadis indicated that social unrest in the second half of 2019 and COVID-19 this year have hit the construction industry hard, while environmentally friendly practices need to be more widely integrated to ensure a carbon-neutral future.
25 May 2020
Consumer shake-up here to stay
Consumer habits tend to change over time but the COVID-19 outbreak has forced consumers to reconfigure their lives, habits and spending at a speed and scale the world has never seen.
18 May 2020
Virus takes toll on minds
Living through a pandemic can play havoc with your mental health, as social isolation, stress and infection worries take their toll.
11 May 2020
Pushed to the limit
The COVID-19 outbreak presents businesses with the ultimate test of operational resilience, worldwide consulting firm Protiviti believes.
4 May 2020
Hotelier seeks to green industry
Bangkok-based American architect and hotelier Bill Bensley, Creative Director at Bensley Design Studios, made waves in the hospitality industry with his white paper, Sensible Sustainable Solutions, launched at the Thailand Tourism Forum in Bangkok in January.
27 April 2020
Gallery director goes digital
As the COVID-19 outbreak is forcing numerous fairs and exhibitions to be cancelled or postponed, the art world, like most other industries, has come to a standstill.
20 April 2020
Restaurants go mobile
Hong Kong is renowned as a foodie’s paradise with a cornucopia of restaurants available for all tastes and budgets. However, social distancing measures introduced to counter the COVID-19 outbreak are keeping most residents at home.
14 April 2020
Picking start-up winners early
An early-stage venture capital firm – investing in seed- to series-A scalable technology start-ups across promising sectors – Click Ventures has helped many Asian and United States-based start-ups fast-track their global expansion.
6 April 2020
Safe travels in a changed world
The travel industry is in turmoil amid the COVID-19 outbreak, with aircraft grounded, bookings sharply down and hotel occupancies at rock-bottom.
23 March 2020
Workplaces embrace brand
The age of cramped cubicles and lavish corner offices may well be numbered, as collaborative spaces and brainstorming pods becoming more commonplace in workplaces.
16 March 2020
Singular approach to dining
Putting a unique slant on dining, French restaurant Mono offers a single menu rather than a la carte, adding to the novelty of Hong Kong’s vibrant food scene.
9 March 2020
Fitness anytime, anywhere
Enabling users to work out on their own terms, Munich-based fitness app Freeletics takes a holistic approach, advising on nutrition, sleep and stress as well as exercise routines.
2 March 2020
Navigator for IP universe
Reforms to the Hong Kong patent system are set to transform the intellectual property (IP) industry as we enter a new decade.
24 Feb 2020
Reshaping the future of HR
Global business-service and accounting firm KPMG is looking to shake up human resources.
17 Feb 2020
Roadmaps for SMEs
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need to keep up to date with rapid technological changes that impact almost every aspect of business.
10 Feb 2020
Impact investing gains ground
Environment, social and governance (ESG) issues took centre-stage at this year’s Asian Financial Forum, in line with its theme “Redefining Growth: Innovation ∙ Breakthrough ∙ Inclusiveness” (AFF). Impact investing – where managers direct resources to achieve positive environmental and social impacts – was one of the hot topics at the event.
3 Feb 2020
Family-friendly recruitment draws strong demand
Even the most highly qualified, skilled women can find it difficult to re-enter the workplace after taking time out to have a family. Hong Kong niche recruitment firm PIVOT aims to bridge the gap by connecting high-calibre women with some of the city’s most esteemed companies.
20 Jan 2020
Communicating from the heart
If you struggle to put your message across, then you may consider enlisting the help of a consultancy such as Louder, which encourages clients to speak from the heart and become masters of body language before they step up to make that big presentation.
13 Jan 2020
Toast to artisanal wines
Intense interest from industry players at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair in November testifies to the city’s role as a wine hub, where merchants including bespoke vintners find a welcoming market.
6 Jan 2020
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