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Drones probe floors for flaws
Buildings often have impressive facades but hidden flaws can bring expensive disasters.
30 Dec 2019
Audits on fitness
Those keen to break bad habits for good as the new decade approaches can consider accountability coaches, who take a holistic approach, going beyond exercise plans and gym routines.
16 Dec 2019
Healthy eating spiced up
Healthy eating does not have to mean compromising on flavour, chef Renaud Marin of Hong Kong’s Asaya Kitchen believes.
9 Dec 2019
Global supply-chain overhaul
Fast-moving economic and geopolitical events around the world are driving a reset for the economy in Hong Kong.
2 Dec 2019
Grasping growth opportunities
Supply chains across the world are changing abruptly as many countries adopt protectionist stances resulting in trade conflicts such as that between Mainland China and the United States.
25 Nov 2019
Global reset
With an open, trade-dependent economy in the world’s most dynamic region, Hong Kong frequently finds itself adapting to new circumstances.
18 Nov 2019
Government shores up support for SMEs
As protectionism increases and the trade conflict between the United States and Mainland China lingers, the threat of recession hangs over Hong Kong’s externally oriented economy.
11 Nov 2019
Staff-first policy brings rewards
With an average working week of 50 hours, according to a recent UBS survey, many Hong Kong employees feel dissatisfied.
4 Nov 2019
VC firm sees golden opportunities
Founded in 2002 in Shanghai, Gobi Partners was one of first venture capital (VC) firms to establish itself in Mainland China and currently has 10 offices across Asia, with more than US$1.1 billion in assets under management.
28 Oct 2019
Italy celebrates Hong Kong links
Hong Kong’s Italian community has grown and is now 5,000-strong.
21 Oct 2019
Table-filler app set to expand
Founded in 2013 in Thailand and established in Hong Kong in 2015, Eatigo helps restaurants fill up empty tables by offering discounts to diners at different times of the day through its mobile app.
14 Oct 2019
Finance hub bright spot for lawyers
Professional services are growing in importance as Hong Kong’s lengthy and continually strengthening role as a bridge between Mainland China and the rest of the world; legal services are no exception.
8 Oct 2019
Taking the boutique route
Co-founded by French sommeliers Romain Loriot and Jean-Benoit Issele, ThinkWine is Hong Kong’s first sommelier-led wine bar and bistro.
30 Sept 2019
Treating sub-optimal health
Born from a desire to improve the healthcare experience, LifeHub addresses the root causes of common lifestyle conditions such as stress, fatigue, low immunity and poor sleep – symptoms that many high-flying executives and office workers have alike.
23 Sept 2019
Understanding world food trends
With offices in Hong Kong, London and Singapore, boutique agency Global Food Consulting works with food and drink firms worldwide on everything from creating new retail brands to providing strategic advice to government agencies.
16 Sept 2019
New take on duty-free retail
Korean duty-free brand The Shilla hopes to redefine the travel retail experience inside Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) after introducing its series of Beauty&You concept store last year, allowing customers to mix and match combinations of cosmetics and perfume with fashion and accessories.
9 Sept 2019
Uptick in the watch market
Thanks to an abundance of luxury watch boutiques, multi-brand retailers and specialist auction houses, Hong Kong is the largest watch market in the world, with exports to the city representing about 9 billion Swiss francs (HK$70.3 billion) in 2018, an increase of 10% over the previous 12 months.
2 Sept 2019
A passion for sustainable fashion
Hong Kong is leading the way in sustainable fashion across Asia thanks to the continued success of the annual Redress Design Award, the largest sustainable-fashion competition in the world.
26 Aug 2019
Reviving the art of craftsmanship
Residential developments often proscribe to the same neutral colour schemes and inoffensive design but K11 Artus offers something different by putting artisanship at the forefront, with rare Chinese arts and crafts on display throughout the development, including a vase and a jade panel dating back to the mid-Qing Dynasty.
19 Aug 2019
Yarn has a new lease of life
As clothing consumption continues to increase globally, sustainability solutions have been developed to deal with textile waste.
12 Aug 2019
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