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Launch pad for going global
The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP), signed a year ago, is the world’s largest trade bloc and stretches from the fringes of the Arctic in Hokkaido, Japan (main picture) to the periphery of the Antarctic in southern New Zealand.
22 Nov 2021
IP flexes value muscle
The world’s move from an industrial economy to one based on innovation brings a need to streamline trading in intellectual property (IP) – the oil of the post-industrial realm.
18 Nov 2021
Green solutions
Anyone scanning information on environmental issues will notice a ream of problems – from climate change to plastic pollution – often with little attention to solutions. Plugging this solution gap, Eco Expo Asia last week showcased a wide variety of efforts to improve the global and local environments.
3 Nov 2021
Greater Bay Area talent supply stable
Staff shortages have gripped the developed world as countries recover from the COVID-19 pandemic with reports of fruit and vegetables rotting in fields in the United Kingdom for want of pickers, and restaurants shuttered in the United States as cooks and waiters are thin on the ground.
13 Oct 2021
Innovative Hong Kong draws crowds
The Hong Kong Pavilion at the online-physical hybrid Guangdong 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Expo 2021 focused on innovation and technology and drew attention from visitors from all over the world.
6 Oct 2021
Hong Kong innovator steps into Central Asia
The vast resource-rich steppe nation of Kazakhstan and the vibrant financial hub of Hong Kong could not have sounded more dissimilar, but complementary strengths are making them perfect business partners.
29 Sept 2021
Age no issue for entrepreneurs
This story is a part of the Hong Kong Means Business “Powered by HSBC – Bridging the GBA” series.
24 Sept 2021
Smart healthcare goes fast-forward
The COVID-19 pandemic and moves to fight and adapt to the disease have accelerated development in many technologies, including the sector at the forefront of the COVID fight – healthcare.
15 Sept 2021
Hub, spoke and wheel
It has been suggested that the Asia-Pacific’s Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and China’s Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area can support the Belt and Road Initiative in driving global development forward. Ways to achieve this will be examined at the Belt and Road Summit 2021.
25 Aug 2021
Online fast-track for SMEs
Hong Kong-based e-commerce platform SHOPLINE began in 2013 with a rented desk in a shared workspace. In just eight years, the firm has expanded into a team of more than 600 people and extended its office network from Hong Kong to Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Ho Chi Minh City, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Singapore and Bangkok, becoming an international team serving more than 250,000 companies in Asia. (This story is the first in Hong Kong Means Business’s ”Powered by HSBC – Bridging the GBA” series.)
18 Aug 2021
Delivering digitalisation: non-virtual necessities
The COVID-19 pandemic spurred demand for a wide range of digital devices as lockdown measures forced many live events to go virtual, and people sought to recreate their business, work, study, entertainment and sports in remote formats. Many high‑tech business sectors have been impacted by these changes, and as an essential supplier, the semiconductor industry has been especially affected, albeit to different extents and in different directions.
28 July 2021
Lights shine bright at home
The recent Guangzhou International Professional Light and Sound Exhibition presented a variety of new products across an array of related fields, including entertainment, architecture, commerce and cultural tourism. Overall, miniaturised, integrated and portable intelligent products dominated, while outdoor items – unsurprisingly given the pandemic – also showed considerable growth.
7 July 2021
East-West shifts to North-South
“East meets West” is a term firmly wedded to Hong Kong, in the same way as “Silicon Valley” is linked to San Francisco. But just as the technology business in San Francisco is about much more than physical chips, to view Hong Kong as primarily a link between Mainland China and Europe and North America misses the big picture.
30 June 2021
Showroom becomes platform
Early in Mainland China’s reform drive that began in the 1970s, Hong Kong served as the showroom for factories in Guangdong.
25 June 2021
Mask maker on virtual fast track
Hong Kong businesses are known for being quick on their feet and many adapted rapidly to fulfil needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the sudden surge in demand for medical masks and online shopping.
16 June 2021
Hygiene takes pole position
Shanghai’s Appliance & Electronics World Expo was one of the many tradeshows cancelled last year as part of the measures designed to contain the global COVID-19 outbreak.
2 June 2021
Renewables power ahead despite pandemic
Fuel and power flows across the world in finely balanced networks and slight disruptions can have substantial effects on supply and demand – a phenomenon logistics professionals call the bullwhip effect.
20 May 2021
Animator wins backing
As Mainland China’s robust animation industry continues to thrive, many producers are seeking funding to create original works for global markets.
5 May 2021
Taking marketing technology to Bay Area
Because of the limited size of the Hong Kong market, a number of local start‑ups are setting their sights on overseas markets, with the intention of expanding once their business has grown to a certain level.
28 April 2021
Price tag on carbon footprints
Businesses in Mainland China, a leading exporter of manufactured goods and importer of commodities, need to keep a weather eye on a host of prices – from gold and crude oil to iron ore and bauxite.
21 April 2021
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