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The ideal global health hub
Hong Kong’s population – well-educated, technologically sophisticated and simultaneously growing richer and older – underlines the situation in Asia as a whole, which has driven the rapid development of biotechnology and medical technology in the region.
25 Nov 2021
Barcodes a metro boon
Japan, the pioneer in Asia’s 20th-century technology boom, still captures global attention. The country continues to shine, especially in the field of design and technology.
17 Nov 2021
Bamboo scales fresh heights
Bamboo International (Group) Co. Ltd. has been in the bamboo business for almost two decades and entered the Hong Kong market eight years ago. Its business scope ranges from product design, development and production to construction materials.
11 Nov 2021
Designs on travel
Hong Kong-born Natasha Usher attributes her fascination with interior design to a love for beautiful bathrooms. “Since I was a child, I’ve always loved craft and creative objects. I was always sketching and making things with my hands in woodwork and origami.”
27 Oct 2021
Balancing personality and practicality
Designers are not purely artists – even design with the highest artistic value needs to satisfy a client’s needs. The two factors are not mutually exclusive, however, although it might not be easy for a designer to maintain their own style. Some prioritise clients’ requests, while others stick to their own lane. Alvin Cheng, an architectural designer from Hong Kong interior design house MAD Studio, chose the former.
21 Oct 2021
Design with lines and lighting
Architects and interior designers need to walk a fine line between addressing clients’ needs and asserting their personal style. Yet the latter seems to be more prominent in the approach of creatives such as Charles Kwan.
12 Oct 2021
Fashion back in fashion
As COVID-19 restrictions ease back across the world and people switch tracksuits for office attire, fashion industry leaders have turned bullish on sales prospects.
30 Sept 2021
Designers hit right notes
The power of music transcends boundaries between languages, races and professions, and so it has brought a group of musicians and designers to work together at Musician Designer – a Hong Kong-based gift design and production company. Driven by passion, the team designs gifts with a musical theme to jazz up the lives of urbanites consumed by work.
10 Sept 2021
Household goods turn high fashion
A Hong Kong home appliances business that incorporates German technology and design was launched under the name “German Pool” in 1982. It has since been growing and diversifying – and more recently into a brand new arena: fashion.
3 Sept 2021
Creative toys take to catwalk
Long popular among adults and children, especially males, the colourful and ever-changing LEGO toy brick set is striving to change its image as a lad’s plaything: the brand recently launched a number of products to make girls feel relevant.
27 Aug 2021
Space race fuels innovation
“There’s never enough space for storage,” said houseware designer Yvette Robeck, who has spent the past 20 years in Hong Kong. She has experienced, first-hand, limitations of tighter living spaces than those in her home country, South Africa. Always up for a challenge, the designer started her line of homeware focusing firmly on practicality and sustainability for urban dwellers with an eco-friendly focus.
20 Aug 2021
Food expo fit for world city
Asia’s world city, Hong Kong has for many years brought together cultures and customs from across the globe. And nowhere is this more clear than in the city’s eateries.
13 Aug 2021
Inspirations from history
Bestowing high praise on historians and biographers, British author Oscar Wilde said: “Anybody can make history. Only a great man can write it.” And renowned American science fiction writer Robert Heinlein once said: “A generation which ignores history has no past – and no future”.
6 Aug 2021
Jewels glitter in open window
Measures to control the COVID-19 pandemic have closed many doors across the world but windows remain open, letting light shine through. And this week the light has sparkled on gems, gold and silver as Hong Kong hosted twin jewellery shows.
30 July 2021
K-wave surfs stream
Move over cinemas — at least for now. The latest trend in film watching is through the Internet.
23 July 2021
AI gives winning edge
The COVID-19 pandemic upended almost every line of business throughout the world, with few being more hard-hit than tourism and hospitality. Earnings slumped for hotels and associated services, including booking applications.
16 July 2021
Pearl open for jewellery trade
Dubbed “the Pearl of the Orient”, Hong Kong has long been a global centre for jewellery and gem trade, where the glitter of diamonds and the sparkle of gold have not only withstood the test of time, but also that of COVID-19.
9 July 2021
Global sustainability network for start-ups
As the COVID-19 pandemic has moved health to the top of everyone’s agenda, sustainable development — which is conducive to a healthy environment — is gaining traction.
18 June 2021
Guangdong in the palm of your hand
Half a century ago overseas visitors to Hong Kong could take trips to ridges in the northern New Territories, where they would stand and look across the hazy forested hills into the mystery territory of Guangdong.
11 June 2021
Linking up with UK textile hub
Although in‑person seminars and trade events are still difficult to deliver under many of the prevailing COVID-19 containment measures, the need for manufacturers, end users and supply chain management personnel to interact and coordinate may never have been greater.
28 May 2021
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