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Footfall fights back
Physicist Isaac Newton reputedly had his apple-driven eureka! moment on gravity while studying at a farm in rural Lincolnshire, where he had taken refuge from the plague-struck university town of Cambridge.
7 May 2021
It’s all in the water
Sie kochen auch mit Wasser, goes a German saying which, literally meaning “they also cook with water”, indicates metaphorically that successful firms use the same materials as everyone else but in a unique way.
30 April 2021
Equipping transformed family homes
Early last year the people of Hong Kong and the world abruptly packed their bags and headed home.
23 April 2021
Pandemic shakes up fashion
The fashion world thrives on change, with looks coming into and going out of fashion continually but change has gone into overdrive over the past year.
16 April 2021
Digital FILMART resumes spring slot
With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to constrain international travel, this year’s HKTDC Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART) was, for the second time, held in a virtual‑only format.
9 April 2021
Plotting a course for streaming
The COVID-19 pandemic pulled the entertainment industry in two very different directions – on the one hand live performances and cinema shows were shut down for much of last year (and in many places remain closed or heavily restricted) while the demand for home offerings jumped.
26 March 2021
Creature cures
Even the most successful businesses must move with the times and for 124-year-old traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) health and wellness brand Wai Yuen Tong Medicine, this has meant a new line – supplements for pets.
19 March 2021
Superhero help on call
Inspired by Batman’s Alfred and Ironman’s Jarvis, two Hong Kong investment bankers set up a home concierge service two years ago to help busy city dwellers like themselves cope with home tasks.
12 March 2021
Streaming stimulates screenplay
Asian economies such as Taiwan and Korea have swiftly grasped the possibilities opening up in the premium television market since the COVID-19 outbreak, and Hong Kong is jumping on the bandwagon.
5 March 2021
Leon Lai face of Entertainment Expo
Hong Kong superstar Leon Lai has accepted the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s (HKTDC) invitation to act as Ambassador for the Entertainment Expo once again this year.
26 Feb 2021
Small is beautiful for hoteliers
One of Hong Kong’s most prominent families, the Harilelas, recently opened a luxury hotel in the vibrant Wan Chai commercial district, targeting design-conscious travellers looking to stay in a prime city location.
19 Feb 2021
Entrepreneur discovers new jam
Hong Kong entrepreneur Kerry Tsang did not want to feed her children regular jam packed with sugar and preservatives.
11 Feb 2021
Yoga path to motherhood
As women opt to have children later on in life – the number of births to mothers aged 40 and above grew almost 90% in the past decade – fertility is becoming more of a struggle, with many relying on fertility treatments such as in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) to fall pregnant. Before resorting to such drastic measures, some try to boost their fertility naturally with supplements, acupuncture and yoga.
5 Feb 2021
How bright is ‘I’ in AI?
Apple’s smart voice assistant SIRI puts a human voice, if not a face, to artificial intelligence (AI) for many people, but one of the fathers of SIRI believes that AI, as widely understood, does not exist.
29 Jan 2021
Fast-growing e-commerce target: Russia
A massive country, with 11 times zones spanning almost half the world, and a population of more than 140 million, Russia is one of Hong Kong’s fastest-growing export destinations.
22 Jan 2021
Plastic waste washes away
Serendipity lies at the root of many success stories – when a person or enterprise is busy solving one problem but fortuitously stumbles on another unrelated solution.
15 Jan 2021
IoT brings hospitals home
Across the world authorities have imposed social-distancing restrictions and even lockdowns to reduce people’s chances of catching COVID-19 from a carrier they meet by chance in a workplace, restaurant or any other public area.
8 Jan 2021
Insects turn sustainable economy wheel
As the world's population grows, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations predicts human food demand will increase 70% between 2009 and 2050.
31 Dec 2020
Southern giant an export draw
Brazil is a distant market for Hong Kong exporters in terms of geography but the southern giant’s size, rapid growth and demand for key items such as electronics make the country an attractive option.
24 Dec 2020
Mobile leads e-commerce rush
The COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on movement and gatherings has an upside for several industries, especially e-commerce, delegates to the fourth Asian E-tailing Summit heard. Mobile e-commerce has grown particularly strongly in Asia, with Mainland China taking the lead.
18 Dec 2020
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