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Wizz through the paperwork
As companies stream to market, planning initial public offerings (IPO) in the global financial hub of Hong Kong, demand for document processing is rising strongly. Software-developing start-up Wizpresso is looking to capitalise on this trend by helping bankers and lawyers potentially reduce listing-document verification time as much as 75%.
26 Nov 2021
Connectivity rules for hub cities
London and Hong Kong have long functioned as hubs for massive geopolitical regions – the North Atlantic comprising Europe and North America, and Asia-Pacific.
23 Nov 2021
Hot bento pronto
A hot lunch box from a vending machine in just 17 seconds — that is the “hot-chain technology” product that took a Hong Kong start-up almost three years to perfect. Wada Bento’s founder said the market appetite for his business is growing in the fast-paced city.
19 Nov 2021
Concrete-jungle farmers
Agriculture may not be the first thing to come to mind when considering industries in the very urban Hong Kong, but one start-up is turning to a smart device that lets users experience the joy of growing food in the comfort of their homes.
12 Nov 2021
Cancer clinic comes home
Aurora Tele-Oncology (ATO) hopes to light up recovery prospects for cancer patients through what is believed to be Hong Kong’s first oncology telemedicine platform, where they can seek advice from specialists online.
5 Nov 2021
Diagnosis at a distance
A Hong Kong start-up is seeking to use artificial intelligence (AI) to enable the diagnostic methods of both Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to be applied on smartphones, hoping to benefit as many patients and health professionals as possible.
29 Oct 2021
Smart delivery
Zeek is not your conventional logistics company – forgoing warehouses and vehicles, the Hong Kong start-up provides on-demand delivery services reaching recipients in as little as half an hour, thanks to a massive team of 15,000 couriers recruited through a smart application.
22 Oct 2021
Busting breast cancer
This story is a part of the Hong Kong Means Business “Powered by HSBC – Bridging the GBA” series.
15 Oct 2021
Start-ups boom in hub city
With all the key features of a start-up hub – including accessibility, world-class universities and a deep talent pool – Hong Kong is a magnet for entrepreneurs, boosting the number of start-ups in the city to a fresh record.
11 Oct 2021
Mexico shops online
In the webinar “The E‑Commerce Route into Mexico” recently organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s (HKTDC) Research Department, Mexican pundits were invited to elaborate on the country’s economic situation and digital market landscape after the COVID-19 pandemic and share their insights on how best to venture into the market.
8 Oct 2021
Non-fungible tokens loom large at licensing expo
From virtual masterpieces to immersive escape rooms, the licensing industry, for one, has been quick to adapt to the new post‑COVID-19 pandemic reality. This was the key message underlined time and again at the recent 2021 virtual edition of the Licensing Expo, an annual event traditionally held in Las Vegas.
28 Sept 2021
Recovery time
Quality timepieces call to mind the image of the watchmaker painstakingly assembling cogs and springs. Modern watchmakers identify with this image of tradition and craftsmanship but when marketing products, they are firmly placed in the cyber 21st-century.
21 Sept 2021
AI flags up knee osteoarthritis
This story is the second in Hong Kong Means Business’s ”Powered by HSBC – Bridging the GBA” series.
17 Sept 2021
Belt and Road pivots on GBA
As all the items tossed into the sky by the global COVID-19 pandemic settled back to earth, the world took on a new shape. The shake-up has accentuated the need for global economic cooperation, putting the spotlight on such international collaboration programmes as the Belt and Road Initiative, which is supported by an economic growth engine -- the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA).
8 Sept 2021
Robots transform surgery
Painting in a bottle is an ancient Chinese craft where artists insert tiny angled brushes through bottlenecks to create masterpieces using the inside of the clear glass as a “canvas”.
31 Aug 2021
Movable feast for consumers
Hong Kong people have long beaten a path to destinations far and near in search of new sights, cultures, environments and of course food and drink.
24 Aug 2021
Jumping into market gap
Just as COVID-19 appeared out of nowhere and swept across the world, some fleet-of-foot companies adapted quickly and moved to fill recently created markets.
17 Aug 2021
Adaptability rules for entrepreneurs
From Krakow to Vladivostok and St Petersburg to Sofia, the gigantic Eastern European region is known for its many start-up centres, which draw on a well-educated population, low costs and a host of other advantages.
10 Aug 2021
Jewellery sparkles on for Hong Kong
The world might have moved on from JP Morgan’s infamous 1912 quote “Gold is money”, but global financial hub Hong Kong is also a thriving centre for trade in things that gleam, glitter and sparkle.
3 Aug 2021
Technology hubs prove their worth
The COVID-19 pandemic has fast-forwarded technology-driven transformation across the globe and many commentators have said since much technology work can be done anywhere geographically, technology hubs are declining in importance.
27 July 2021
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