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Oceans of data
Marine researchers the world over now have a reliable solution for capturing and analysing data from beneath the sea – thanks to an innovation developed and produced by four Hong Kong technology entrepreneurs.
12 May 2021
Vietnam improves global reach
Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are accelerating campaigns to upgrade brands, transform e-commerce systems and develop new production and supply chains to ensure they remain viable as long-term businesses.
29 April 2021
T-box highway to ASEAN
Following the COVID-19 pandemic, companies are accelerating campaigns to upgrade brands, transform e-commerce systems and develop new production and supply chains to ensure they remain viable as long-term businesses.
22 April 2021
Vaccine unleashes HK bulls
As COVID-19 vaccine roll-outs boost recovery hopes at home and abroad, investors see improving prospects for Hong Kong and other cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA).
15 April 2021
How green is my tally
Hong Kong technology start-up Carbonbase has devised a fintech solution to the problem many individuals and corporations face – to what extent do our actions contribute to climate change?
8 April 2021
Digits take pandemic pulse
The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken up the marketing world both in what marketers do – they must cope with seismic shifts in product and service demand – and how marketers do things – restrictions on travel and physical contact have turbo-charged digitisation in the industry.
1 April 2021
Recovery path
Asia is in pole position to lead the world into the post-COVID new normal as it has been less hit by COVID-19 than other advanced regions and is already recovering from the pandemic and effects of control measures, according to leading business consultancy Ernst & Young (EY).
25 March 2021
HKTDC launches debut ‘hybrid’ show
Hong Kong’s externally oriented economy has undergone a test by fire over the past year as restrictions to control the COVID-19 pandemic kept traders, investors and entrepreneurs in the home markets.
18 March 2021
Summer family fun
Anyone arriving in Hong Kong soon learns that it is an intensely family-focused city.
11 March 2021
Nimble AI for fast-changing market
As overseas brands scramble to reboot business in Mainland China following a year of COVID-19 upheaval, Hong Kong-headquartered EternityX is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help boost their prospects.
4 March 2021
Budget revives global links
The COVID-19 pandemic played havoc with supply chains, shut down economic activity across much of the globe and isolated outward-facing Hong Kong from most of the world.
25 Feb 2021
Taking versatile bamboo home
British-born eco-entrepreneur Julia Washbourne set up a sustainable homeware and lifestyle products store in Hong Kong more than a dozen years ago.
18 Feb 2021
Robotic helping hands
In setting up robotics company HandyRehab six years ago, Co-Founder and CEO Alvin Cheung had a vision to improve quality of life for people with disabilities and those taking care of them.
10 Feb 2021
COVID innovators win accolades
The fight against COVID-19 requires much more than vaccines. Tools to help maintain social distancing, environmental hygiene and disease monitoring are also essential. And all these call for information technology-heavy applications–and innovators.
4 Feb 2021
Hong Kong maintains IPO bull run
Market followers believe Hong Kong is on track for a bumper year of inbound capital investment, with historically high levels of total initial public offering (IPO) fundraising that will top the world chart.
28 Jan 2021
2020 pivot year
Looking back on 2020 as we clear the threshold into 2021, most would certainly describe the past 12 months as the Year of COVID-19 since the pandemic occupied all news feeds and minds.
21 Jan 2021
Greater Bay Area prospects perk up
Autumn was already giving way to spring in the minds of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area businesses in the fourth quarter of last year, the GBA Business Confidence Index (GBAI) indicates.
14 Jan 2021
Healthy hot meals at a distance
Office-worker dining is an integral part of the social scene in Hong Kong.
7 Jan 2021
Hong Kong numbers add up
Hong Kong was always part of the regional expansion strategy envisioned by Lawrence Chai, Founder of Singapore-headquartered corporate service provider 3E Accounting Group, and he was not about to be deterred by the COVID-19 pandemic.
31 Dec 2020
AFF looks to digital future
As the COVID-19 pandemic drives change across the world, the financial industry has been far from immune. The steady march of digitalisation which had been reshaping the global financial world has turned into a sprint.
24 Dec 2020
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