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New life for old timepieces
Just as watches track time, time tracks watches.
3 May 2021
Family home page
COVID-19 has transformed family life as the shift to work from home and limits on school attendance mean parents and children spend more time together.
26 April 2021
Clear-headed drinks gain traction
Driven by a thirst for flavourful alternatives to ordinary soft drinks and a desire to cut down on alcohol content, the non-alcoholic spirits market is booming.
19 April 2021
Platinum goes - platinum
Bespoke, high-value jewellery has remained popular during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring solid demand for platinum and glittering opportunities for suppliers such as Hong Kong-headquartered Platinum Group International (PGI).
12 April 2021
Robots to carry, clean, cover
Helping businesses deploy autonomous robots at scale, Rice Robotics hopes to make its machines an integral part of daily life — initially in Hong Kong and eventually in global markets as well.
29 March 2021
Home-office health
As the work-from-home boom driven by the COVID-19 pandemic blurs the line between work and personal life, behavioural health – physical and mental well-being as affected by habits – has become more important than ever.
22 March 2021
Global culinary launchpad
Noting the Korean fried chicken and barbecue restaurants in Hong Kong, chef Mingoo Kang felt the market had space for a progressive Korean dining concept.
15 March 2021
Co-working goes collaborative
Providing creatives with a support platform, Hong Kong co-working space V-Co aims to offer something different from the usual co-working environment.
8 March 2021
Women seize apron strings
Two Michelin-star Hong Kong restaurant Écriture will unveil a special tasting menu for International Women’s Day on 8 March, conceived, developed and executed by its female staff.
1 March 2021
Young investors take to whisky
Fine single-malt Scotch whisky casks have been the highest-performing alternative asset of the 21st century, according to the 2020 Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index, which found the return on investment (ROI) from whisky grew 586% in the past decade.
22 Feb 2021
Art showcase goes digital
As the first exhibition centre for global contemporary visual culture in Asia, the M+ Museum is poised to enrich Hong Kong’s cultural scene when it opens at the M+ Building in the West Kowloon Cultural District in autumn.
16 Feb 2021
Peak prospects undimmed
As Hong Kong’s tourist market remains under a COVID-19 cloud, setting up a restaurant in prime tourist territory such as the Peak is going to be difficult.
8 Feb 2021
AmCham plots fresh course
The United States and its relations with the world, especially with Mainland China and Hong Kong, have been very much in the news recently.
1 Feb 2021
Hygiene big seller at airport
Lifestyle outlet Cleanfreak.Store, which debuted as a pop-up at Hong Kong International Airport in July last year, is meeting demand for sanitising products and services created by the COVID-19 pandemic.
25 Jan 2021
Survival, island style
The word “island” conjures up images of palm trees rustling in the wind while waves lap a golden beach – peace and tranquillity.
18 Jan 2021
Bar draws green circle
Inspired by the farm-to-bar movement currently taking the culinary world by storm, Hong Kong bar Penicillin champions a closed-loop production model – sourcing most ingredients locally, repurposing surplus cocktail ingredients in its kitchen, using lab food and sending scraps to its fermentation room.
11 Jan 2021
Beauty works from home
As social-distancing rules during successive waves of COVID-19 in Hong Kong alternatively close or impose restrictions on beauty salons, many women have chosen to carry out beauty treatments themselves.
4 Jan 2021
Smooth sailing from fragrant harbour
Leaf through any pictorial history book on Hong Kong and you cannot avoid noticing that the city has always been closely linked to the sea – pages will be full of images of tea clippers, junks, sampans, steamers and container freighters.
28 Dec 2020
Banking on wellness tourism
The COVID-19 pandemic has kept the world’s travellers at home and led everyone to focus on health, wellness and sustainability.
21 Dec 2020
5G ushers in robot age
A global leader in information and communications technology, ZTE provides end-to-end 5G networks so businesses can connect with core assets such as robots, automated guided vehicles (AGV) and the Internet of Things (IoT).
14 Dec 2020
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