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Quotes from our Executive Trainees


Silas Chu
Director, Japan
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Bachelor of Business Administration (Finance)
Joined in 1997


At HKTDC, you don’t expect to be taught on what you are supposed to do. It is a place that you’ll experience hands on in different roles and keep on trying until you learn what is the right thing to do to promote Hong Kong globally. International exposure, rotational training and tremendous job satisfaction aside, TDC is something more and it is a career for life.

Kelly Ma
Manager, Service Promotion
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Bachelor of Marketing
Joined in 2001


I am so grateful of the fruitful experience provided through tremendous opportunities to work on various international trade promotional events as well as exposure in overseas posting. It is challenging but sure a great journey which does not only groom the executive trainees in all aspects, and also equips us with skills for promoting Hong Kong globally.

Kevin Ho
Manager, SME Relations
University of Bath, United Kingdom
Master of Science in Human Communication & Computing
Joined in 2003


HKTDC is a global organisation that pays great attention in grooming trainees to all-round executives. We grow together with Hong Kong SMEs via different job duties from organising world-class trade events to bringing Hong Kong delegations to different parts of the world. The experience in working with HKTDC team is fulfilling and incomparable.


Andrew Tsui
Manager, Belt and Road & External Relations
University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)
Joined in 2007


The ET Programme offers exceptional international exposure. You will have the opportunities to work with colleagues, partners and customers worldwide, right from the first day and throughout your HKTDC career. I myself travelled to overseas markets such as India and Kazakhstan to promote Hong Kong, within less than a year after completing my 3-year posting in Japan. In view of the diversified market and job nature, trainees are expected to learn fast so as to deliver results quickly. It is through this rigorous and rewarding journey that turns trainees into competent executives with a global vision and exposure.

Tendy Lam
Assistant Manager, Service Promotions
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hotel and Tourism Management)
Joined in 2012


In HKTDC, you will enjoy rich learning experience and understand about diverse industries in Hong Kong. During the three-year programme, we were given full support, resources and help to achieve more. From promoting Hong Kong's strengths, organising overseas roadshows, to taking up new and challenging projects, every task made me know and grow my potentials. Yet, it is just the beginning of my exciting journey.


Kristie Chu
Assistant Manager, Product Promotion
The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
Bachelor of Science (Environmental Management & Technology)
Joined in 2014


As a recent graduate of the Executive Trainee Programme, I am equipped with essential skills to organise world-class promotions for Hong Kong and work efficiently in a dynamic, team environment. Joining the HKTDC as a trainee might imply a steep learning curve, but you will never be short of opportunities for career growth. Being able to work with industry players from around the world and to support our local SMEs has truly been an eye-opening and fulfilling experience for me. I look forward to more exciting experiences at the HKTDC.