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Hear Matching Stories 
The meetings went well and the initial impression was good, we hope that it can lead to successful deals. HKTDC’s business matching team has been supportive and saves my time. We are pleased about the potential buyers they introduced to us, as these buyers like our products and they are also our target customers, “said Mr Fonseka.

Mr. Sarath de Fonseka, General Manager and Mr. Priyani Amarasekara, Deputy General Manager, Tea Bags Department, Jafferjee Brothers , Sri Lanka
The business matching service by HKTDC is “very nice and helpful, “said Mr. Quiette at his first time exhibiting in the HKTDC Food Expo.

Mr. DaShon Quiette, Regional Sales Manager, Gramma Betty’s, the USA
“The business matching service is great, the team has done a good job as a matchmaker!” Ms. Leung said. “I had a few potential business meetings and they like our products, which is definitely very encouraging and get us started on positive ground.

Ms. May Leung, Director, North American Food Company, the USA
We are very pleased with HKTDC’s business matching services. Prior to our visit to the fair, qualified exhibitors’ information has been obtained and we have had many meetings with suppliers on site.

Ms Jasy Yang and Ms Summer Yu, Content Manager of Internet Marketing Department, Tencent, Chinese Mainland
I would say the fair is impressive and we are satisfied with the business matching service. The pre-match service served a function of introducing our companies to those we have not met before. We are indeed planning to come again next year.

Mr Adam Meiklejohn, President & CEO, MGL Licensing, UK
This is my first time using the Business Matching service and it is very helpful to me, especially with the language barrier issue. The customer services provided is excellent.

Mr Takashi Funatsu, Contents Plan Production Department, ‘NicoNico’ Business Head Office, Dawango Co Ltd, Japan
I am very pleased with the on-site matching service, as it brought us potential buyers whom we are not usually able to reach. The pre-match service helped us screen some enterprises and enhanced our efficiency in searching buyers.

Ms Chevy Xiao, Marketing Representative, Anitime Animation Studio, Chinese Mainland
The Business Matching Service has just introduced us to a well-known Hong Kong footwear retailer whom found the addcube system very accommodative as new products arrive at their stores constantly.

Mr. Gregor Kreusch, Director, Gate-eight, Germany
We have met 2 companies, and one of them may turn up to help us to produce some solar and wind –power lighting products for our projects. What a nice surprise!

Mr. Quang-Huy Luong, Project Manager, German Design Group in China, Germany
Thanks to TDC’s Business Matching Service for introducing us to prospective customers. The Business Matching Meeting is a great alternative platform for us to know more buyers and the meeting itself is a very good start for both parties to understand each other better.

Mr. Kazuhiro Monma, Owner, Monmatansu Corp. Ltd., Japan
The matching service is very helpful as we are totally new here with no channel to get acquainted with these big names, in addition, we also grasp more market intelligence through communicating with these potential partners.

Ms. Toshie Ida, International Sales Department, Daiya Industry Co, Ltd, Japan
Medical Supplies
We are really impressed by the Business Matching Service with the pre-screened companies well briefed and have the initial interest in our concept; these save us time and efforts in getting business done.

Mr. Eiji Miyazaki, Right Now Inc, Japan
Photo We can tell the product of the referred tea farms are of high quality and they have good reputation in the industry

Mr. Su Kun Lu, Manager, Uni-President Enterprises Corp., Taiwan
Photo With the arrangement of the HKTDC Business Matching Service, we have talked to six companies and we are considering collaborating with three of them.

Kirin Wong, Executive Director, Timing Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Taiwan
Chinese Medicine & Health Products
Photo Thanks to HKTDC Customised Business Matching Service, their arrangement is very well planned, even with staff escorting those selected buyers to our booth.

Ms. Yoshiko Osanai, President, Aka-i Ringo Co. Ltd., Japan
Photo “The Hong Kong Trade Development Council has built a very good platform which enables us to meet with potential suppliers. All the three selected companies are good matching.”

Mr. Huo Bin, General Manager, Koowin Industrial & Commercial Group Co. Ltd, Chinese Mainland
Photo “The Business Matching Service has arranged us to meet with some selected buyers and this is very helpful as they have genuine interest in our products and this facilitates our communication.”

Mr. Jimmy H. Kawaguchi, President, Yamaki Porcelain Co Ltd., Japan
“This Business Matching Service is indeed supplementary to just staging our booth here as we have already talked to two potential buyers whom are operates as wholesaler as well as exporter.”

Ms. Mihee Seo, Sales Manager, May Costume, Korea
“The Buyer Meeting Service is really good as the referred buyers already know our background and they don’t just ask about price like many others whom bumped into our booth during the Fair.”

Ms Ahyoung Choi, Overseas Manager, C & Boko Ltd, Korea
“ As I have graduated for just a few years and being inexperienced in the field –specifically on the business side, the business matching service is giving me good support and able to refer me to good potential customers.”

Mr. Mountain Yam, Finalist of Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2010, Hong Kong
Inspiring Matching
“The meetings have fulfilled the targets of my visit and I look forward to achieving fruitful results after further discussion with these companies.”

Mr. Yoshihiro Hattori, Manager of Sales Section, Environmental Products Division, Takahashi Metal Industries Co Ltd, Japan
Opening the Door to New Business Opportunities
“That is the first time I was referred by the Business Matching Service and I think it has worked very well for us…With the Business Matching Specialist starting the communication and arranging everything for a meeting, we just come today and are opened to new business prospect!”

Mr Alan Yiu, Sales Manager, Aitken Enterprises Ltd, Hong Kong
Amazing Sprouts
“This is really effective – to meet with pre-selected suppliers that are offering the exact kind of products we are targeting at. It also enables us to keep abreast of the industry trend in Japan.”

Mr Sam Li and Mr Dawson Li, Superintendent and Sales Engineer, Growthful Link (Asia) Ltd, Hong Kong
In Pursuit of a Green Mission
“Being referred by the Business Matching Service for the first time, I found it an effective way in locating new prospective business partners with face-to-face communications available.”

Ms Ling Cheung, Manager, Amiralty Chemical Ltd, Hong Kong
Tracing the Right Partners
"This is fantastic! They can find in advance the companies which are interested in Australian wine and doing business with us. This would have taken us at least 2 weeks if we did it ourselves but now we have done in one day with very good progress. So it really saves us time; and time is money!"

Mr. Graham Cranswick-Smith, Managing Director, Cranswick Wines Australia Pty Ltd, Australia
Relationship Building for the Wine Business
"Relationship building is important to us when searching the right partner, it is good that we can ride on the Business Matching Service to extend our relationship since last Wine & Spirit Fair with this potential customer, as well as touch base with more new contacts, we will also consider exhibiting at the Wine & Spirit Fair 2010 to take advantage of the year-round service of HKTDC."

Ms. Jane McLean, Manager, Mudgee Wines, Australia
The CEO Choice
"Instead of doing the sourcing blindly ourselves, it is much more effective to have the Business Matching Specialists pre-screening some companies for us. In addition, the company information provided in advance are very useful, allowing both sides to understand each others' needs and get well-prepared before the first encounter."

Mr. George Chan, General Manager, CEO Wine Cellar, Hong Kong
NSW Wine Uncorked
"I trust the HKTDC has done a lot of professional screening and we've been able to spot some good choices with the price point we are expecting. Indeed, with the HKTDC acting as the middle man, both parties are boosted in confidence and that catalyse our negotiation progress."

Mr. Benson Chow, Managing Director, Emtex Industrial Co Ltd, Hong Kong
An Intimate Understanding Paves for a Good Start
"This is a terrific service offered by the HKTDC. To be introduced to established prequalified organizations with existing substantial networks that can leverage on our products and services to enhance their own business and operations was just smart."

Mr. Mark Simpkin, Group Managing Director, ACG Global, Australia
Consultancy Service
Essential Networking Makes A Difference
"This year, the customized business matching meetings were even more pertinent than last year's and we were really happy with it."

Mr Jerry Rapes, VP for APAC Sales, Global Gateway Innovation Exchange, the Philippines
Consultancy Service
Matching Direction Fuels Collaboration Efficiency
"As there will be a number of exhibitors at the event, it will be difficult for us to visit every one of them. Business Matching Meeting works in a way which allows both parties knowing each other's needs in advance of the initial meeting, while more in-depth discussions can take place during the exhibition."

Mr. Zhang Song Xin, General Manager, Fujian Feng Lian Trading Ltd, Mainland China
Effective Pre-Show Matching Connects
"As we are not well acquainted with most of the companies in Hong Kong, the Business Matching Specialist can do the preliminary screening to first understand various companies and choose those matching ones which have interest to work with us; it also allows both parties to get well prepared for the meeting."

Mr Jerry Lin, Chief Procurement Officer, Fujian New HuaDu Super Center Co Ltd, Mainland China
Striding out for Success
"I think the Business Matching Service can truly help Hong Kong companies, especially those with no Mainland experience to make the first successful step to venture into China!"

Mr John Wong, General Manager, Trillion Food Co. Ltd, Hong Kong
Food & Beverage
Accessing the Mainland Department Stores
"We are really glad to have found four potential partners out of the five meeting companies which have been pre-selected by the HKTDC Business Matching Specialists; and among them are second-tier department stores which we have longed to collaborate with."

Miss Tang, Cocolulu, Hong Kong
Matching Makes Business Easy
"Overall, I think this meeting format is very value-adding that we are able to meet with sincere and targeted parties who are ready to do business with us. Some of them even have connections in the Chinese Mainland, I believe it surely brings us a step forward in expanding our network in the region."

Mr Hikaru Tahara, Director, Jione Co Ltd, Japan
New Frontiers for Distribution
"It is no easy to find the right potential counterparts. Much time and efforts have been wasted when we conduct blind search on our own. Much could be achieved in just a few hours' time as the background information of each other have been introduced by the business matching specialists prior to the meetings."

Mr. Tadayoshi Iwaki, Chief Director and Ms Yan Zhao, Trading Manager, Prairie Dog Co Ltd, Japan
Successful Connections to Japanese Brands
"It is the first time for us to enjoy the business matching service, we are impressed by its effectiveness in connecting us with targeted business partners."

Mr Takizawa Shuichi, Buying Manager, AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, Hong Kong
Fashion Sourcing Made Easy
"We were very impressed by the professional service and in-depth analysis provided by the business matching specialists which fostered fruitful discussions with targeted suppliers. We looked forward to riding on this valuable service to expand its sourcing connections with experienced companies in Japan for further business development."

Ms Catherine Au, General Manager, Yata Department Store, Hong Kong
Capturing the Essence of Fashion Business
"I must say that the Business Matching Specialist has been very helpful. The contemporary fashion category is very board and Ontfront is in the luxury area, the specialist been very open to hear our need and make a perfect match."

Mr. Tomas Overtoom, Creative Director, Ontfront, the Netherlands
Customised Solution to Expedite Market Expansion
"It won't be easy to get in touch with these companies without using HKTDC Business Matching Service, and it is so efficient for us to get all relevant information in advance and further our discussion with them while we are exhibiting here. I believe we can keep riding on this effective platform to make inroads into the regional market."

Ms Marcella Tessari, Textile Designer, Tessari-Art, the Netherlands
Connecting with Dutch Label for a Jump Start in Retail Kingdom
"The collaboration with Ontfront is an important inauguration for us and has given us great confidence in using this service. The business matching service is specifically helpful as we seldom work with European brands and are not accustomed to their way of doing business. This will also certainly facilitate our future cooperation with other European brands as well as boosting their confidence to team up with us."

Mr. Timothy Shen, Managing Director, Camden Rich Limited, Hong Kong
Promising Encounters
"It was a very promising preliminary meeting and we discussed a lot about our business perspectives. We will be visiting their retail outlet during our current visit Hong Kong too and I feel that we can be good partners in the future."

Mr. Terumichi Miyake, Assistant to President & Chief Operating Officer, Overseas Development Team, Cat Co Ltd, Japan
Pony Character Landed
"We used to be in the licensing arena but have only started our overseas business since last year with Korea. Therefore it is really great that the business matching specialists can pre-screen some appropriate companies for us, plus providing us with very comprehensive background information before we came to the Licensing Show."

Ms. Yuko Fukushima, Assistant Manager, Jammy Incorporation, Japan
Fruitful Business Matching Meetings Shed Light on New Collaborations
"We have a strong feeling that we reached the right companies, thanks to the business matching service which played an important role to connect us with these prosperous contacts. We will explore further with them after the fair and hope our businesses can cross."

Mr. Simon Chan and Mr. Stephen Yim, World Fancy's Co-founders and Directors, World Fancy Limited, Hong Kong
Gifts & Premium
Getting to Know the Rules of the Game
"We will be churning out more new products and hope to apply some characters onto them. Since we are totally unfamiliar with the licensing business, the matching arrangement does help us a great deal in making the right connection and understanding the rules of the game."

Mr Teddy Cheung, Manager, AZtroni Ltd, Hong Kong
Electronics & Electricals
Leveraging Licensing to Boost the China Retail Business
"This service fits my needs a lot. Thanks to the matching expertise and communication work done by the business matching specialists, I met with four Hong Kong and overseas exhibitors, among which three of them I want to commence business with immediately... These firms are exactly the kind of partners we hunger for."

Mrs. Jennifer Liu, Managing Director, UFO International Limited, Hong Kong
Bags and Handbags
All-Round Preparation Facilitates Smooth Negotiation
"As there were so many visitors at the fair, sometimes we may get too busy and miss good potential buyers. With Business Matching Specialist introducing companies with corresponding background and requirement before we come, we can have preliminary communications that dramatically facilitates our face-to-face meeting and speeds up our negotiation."

Mr. Hidehiko Otake, MBA, President and CEO, Nanoegg Research Laboratories, Inc., Japan
Professional Screening Spots the Right Match
"Impressed by the very well-matched companies, Bruno believed the business matching specialists had done a lot of market research before making the recommendations. With both meetings went smoothly, Bruno was confident that the opportunity to bingo was big."

Mr Bruno Berard, Berard Design, France
Product Design
Grasping the Pulse of Chinese Medicine Industry to Invigorate Business Opportunities
"For many years I have come to IDT Expo just looking around; but this year is different -- this is a fruitful year for me as my anticipation is well met with a good, prospective business partner."

Ms. Rita Lo, Operations Manager , Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Hong Kong
Personal Care
Filter Manufacturer Rides on Matching Service to Expand Product Category
"I already felt very interested when I first received the information about this supplier from the business matching specialist. Most of the filters we are dealing now have to be disposed after use, yet the filters of this Japanese company are reusable; which are very rare in the market and so the discovery of this company is indeed valuable to us."

Mr Frankie Mak, Director , Kenteen Filter Mfy Ltd , Hong Kong
Tailor-made Matching Service Ready To Strike A Deal
"It is super that the business matching specialist had arranged an interpreter at the meeting. We were all able to express thoroughly our thoughts, which had definitely facilitated the smooth progress. Indeed, I’ll make no hesitation to recommend the HKTDC Business Matching Service to others!"

Mr Herman Lee, Winda Trading Co, Hong Kong
Business Matching Service Brightens the Way for Hi-tech Luminescent Manufacturer
"One of referred companies is specifically interested in Synesthesia Phostech's LED phosphor application in LED lighting and energy-saving products. They show great interest and are willing to experiment our sample products in their production line, I believe there is a big scope for cooperation in the future."

Mr. Jonathan Chong, Chief Executive Officer, Synesthesia Phostech Corporation Ltd, Hong Kong
Environmental Technology
Dream Partners Coming into Reality
"As a small enterprise which starts from zero, I truly appreciate the business matching service of the HKTDC. In fact, there are many SMEs in Hong Kong which are in need of this service to open up their overseas markets."

Ms Vincy Lee, Owner, Exclusively Mine, Hong Kong
The Right Match Brightens Outlook
"The business matching specialists are very professional and abreast of market trends. Besides, they are fully aware of our strengths and thus can make the right referrals."

Mr Christopher Lee, Managing Director, Tak Li (China) Ltd, Hong Kong
Pet Supplies
Flower Business Blossoms
"The factories introduced to us by the HKTDC make products of the highest quality but at affordable prices. We are very impressed with our Hong Kong suppliers and hope to do business with them for a long time."

Ms Sharon Lesk, President, FlowerPower Inc, USA
Gifts & Premium
Three-dimensional Business
A Hong Kong company specialising in three-dimensional display technology has branched into an entirely new line of its business, thanks to the HKTDC's Business Matching service.

Mr Eric Wan, Founder, Sun Ruby 3D Technology Limited, Hong Kong
The rice recipe for success
"I was impressed by the HKTDC's extensive business network and its ability to match the interests and requirements of both sides precisely."

Mr Manabu Kiyama, Founder, The Sake Shop, Hong Kong
Food and Beverage
Selling the Galaxy Bunch
"Through the Australian toy company introduced by the HKTDC, we are in touch with a major international toy brand, paving the way for our entry into the Australian and US markets."

Mr Michael Kwong, Locomotive Production Limited, Hong Kong
Noodles to Go
"Before contacting the HKTDC, we had never dreamed of selling our locally made noodles to Japan. They have received a very positive response from the Japanese side for having the right flavour and texture. Now our Japanese partner has appointed a consultant to advise on packaging design and distribution strategy."

Mr Johnny Lam, Chairman and General Manager, Triple Noodle Company, Hong Kong
Food and Beverage
Wrinkle-Free Match
"We are amazed at the rich rewards we have reaped through a simple and straightforward registration with the HKTDC," said Ms Chan. "We envisage a long-term business relationship with our new Hong Kong partner."

Ms Gladnix Chan, General Manager, Tiffany International Trading Company, Hong Kong
Developing Frontiers
"The HKTDC Business Matching service laid out a smooth path for us and brought in new clients and lucrative business opportunities"

Ms Ischris Li, Marketing Manager, Mega Time Houseware Ltd, Hong Kong
Household Products
Fishing for Business
"We have great confidence in the HKTDC’s introduction and our experience was as expected with this new supplier. We have placed 7 to 8 orders so far, and we are now working on the details of a long term co-operation. We are most pleased with this new connection."

Ms Betty Chu, Chief Executive, Family Care Ltd, Hong Kong
Food and Beverage
The Currency of Trust
"The HKTDC Business Matching service has helped bring us a long-term business partner. The deal was made based on mutual trust - trust backed by the international reputation of the HKTDC."

Mr Sam Tsang, Manager, Country Strong Development Co Ltd, Hong Kong
Building Materials
Ms Ahyoung Choi, Overseas Manager, C & Boko Ltd, Korea