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Enjo (Poland) Photo
“Focusing in dinosaur toys and remote-control cars, we come to Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2013 to look for new products as consumers always want changes yet with a similar price tag. The Buyer Meetings Service has arranged us to meet four companies and two are with good potential. One got interesting dinosaur figures and skeleton fossils with good price and quality while the other offers nice remote-control cars. We will negotiate further on the MOQ, as well as choosing car models which we can have exclusive right in our country. The meeting arrangement has been really helpful and we would love to use it again.”
Mr. Robert Palmowski
Enjo is both importer and wholesaler selling to about 30 outlets including small shops, big retailers as well as theme parks in Poland.
2. (Australia) Photo
“This time I am looking mainly for ride-on, jumping castle and other inflatable toy in Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2013. We opt for major brands with a good range of products, or non-brands with exclusive products that can differentiate us from other on-line platform. The Buyer Meetings Service has introduced us to two companies and both are good. The supplier offering castles and rafts has new ideas and their products are available in two types of materials – one is PVC and the other is Tru which is bio-degradable. Nowadays Australian consumers don’t mind paying a little more for green products so we will look into that. The idea of preselecting suppliers for buyers is indeed great, because we have limited time and are specific in what we want, and Buyer Meetings can simply narrow down some choices in advance for us.”
Ms. Clodagh O’Reilly, Buyer
Background is one of the biggest on-line department stores in Australia with toy being a major category.
1st Steps (Russia)  
“We intend to explore new companies offering unknown brands with a big range and high quality so we can help them to get popular in Russia. We’ve helped many brands which we have represented getting popular in our market via our aggressive POS promotion and publicity program. We are referred to two companies recommended by Buyer Meetings Service in Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair 2013. The first one offer interesting educational toys which have great potential in Russian market and the second will be perfect when we launch our own brand in the future. The Buyer Meetings Service is absolutely helpful specifically to someone new to the Fair like us!”
Ms. Ignatova Sonya, Senior Purchase Manager
The company has been incorporated for 2 years and is now selling various branded toys.
Digit KFT (Hungary) Photo
“We are at the Hong Kong Baby Products Fair 2013 looking for hardware items like strollers. Under the arrangement of Buyer Meetings, we get to know a supplier offering feeding chairs, baby walkers and strollers. We are truly delighted as the company has precisely what we need, both in varieties and quality. For newcomers to the fair like us, the service is proved to be very useful indeed. We can fit in the pre-arranged meetings in advance into our own time table and it makes sourcing easier. I will certainly use the service if I am here again!”
Mr. Morris Balazs
Established since 1983, the company offers a wide range of baby products at their own shop in Hungary and are also selling to consumers via the internet.
Matti Ltd. (Hungary) Photo
“Though we already have a full assortment of products, it is important to explore original ideas. We source from trade fair around the world and this time we are looking for strollers, car seats and high chairs. We have met two companies recommended by Buyer Meetings in Hong Kong Baby Products Fair 2013 and we have nice surprises – one with interesting plastic toys which we will get sample for further testing, and the other has feeding systems and monitoring products which are new things to me. The matching idea is really great, it makes sourcing much efficient, and the TDC staff is helpful and nice!”
Ms. Eva Olasz, Sales Manager
The company is an importer selling to around 150 baby shops in Hungary, offering all types of products encompassing toys, diapers, creams, feeding systems and car seats for babies up to three years old.
Consultores Onpoint Ltda (Chile) Photo
“It is a fruitful event in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2012. The business matching team takes care of my requirements and matches me with the suitable suppliers. The buyer meeting provides a good plat form for me to locate the suppliers, as well as the products. It is a very good way to start business, as I have prior understanding of the suppliers and I can select those I think suitable to meet with” Mr. Guinez.
Mr. Pablo R. Guinez, Owner
On Point is an importer of all kinds of promotion related products, such as give away items, advertisement and Point-of-Sales products and LED advertisement boxes solutions. They are also sourcing for different types of promotional items.
Elter Ltd (Hungary) Photo
“The Buyer Meetings in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2012 are very helpful to me. The business matching team has done a very well job in the communication with me, such as through email and linkedin; which makes my job easier. They help me to find new contacts and better suppliers to expand my supplier base, facilitating my business growth. The meetings have brought me more opportunities, in turn I can explore our own market and Eastern Europe,” says Mr Elter.
Mr. Balazs Elter, Owner Manager
The Hungarian company is an importer, wholesaler, retailer and online trader for home decorative lights. Mr Elter, the first time coming to Asia, is looking for stylish LED/traditional lightings.
SAROS (Russia) Photo
“This is my first time coming to visit the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2012 and I have no experience in sourcing lighting products from Hong Kong. TDC has helped me a lot, the business matching team especially gives me guidelines. And I am very delighted to meet the Hong Kong exhibitors referred by them. They have done a very nice matching job and saved my time for searching and screening,” Ms Shapiro mentions.
Ms. Anna Shapiro, Project Manager
SAROS is a Russian lighting equipment company providing a full range of professional lighting services and offering a wide choice of lighting equipment such as outdoor, interior and architectural lighting which sourced from the Chinese mainland and European manufacturers.
Krell Industries, LLC (The U.S.A.) Photo
“ Buyer Meetings in Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2012 helps me narrow thousands of suppliers down to some that fit well for our company,” Mr. Eichenbaum remarks. “The business matching specialists take care of my need and locate quality suppliers for me, especially because I do all our own design work and have exact requirements for components and assemblies. The suppliers matched by team offer more favorable and flexible terms for us, which is definitely an advantage for our business in the current economic environment.”
Mr. Todd Eichenbaum, Director of Engineering
Krell Industries, LLC, is a famous US manufacturer with over 30 years of experience creating high-end audio equipment.
Miniature Power Cells (Taiwan) Photo
In Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2012, Business matching has linked him up with 1 quality HK battery supplier is willing to custom-make battery and develops a working relationship with them, and another suppliers offers leather case and protect back cover of iPhone and iPad. Mr. Huang is very pleased with HKTDC’s service.
Mr. Eric Huang, Managing Director, Sales & Marketing
This German invested company focuses on R& D and manufacturing of energy harvesting solar panels for medium and high-end applications. Mr. Huang comes to the fair to source iphone and ipad related products.
Miyachi Corporation (Japan) Photo
"We want to source reasonable priced and quality parts from China, HK or Taiwanese manufacturers for all levels of our laser welding equipment production in Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2012. The business matching team has supported me in locating the potential suppliers, as well as arranging meetings. The meetings are valuable as they can assist to find suitable component manufacturers with the specifications we require, which would be of great help in our cost-effective strategy,” remarks Mr Sano.

He adds that there is possibility to develop working relation with the potential suppliers and he would be pleased to meet more vendors referred by the business matching experts.
Mr. Hirokazu Sano, Manager, Purchasing Division
Miyachi Corporation is a Japanese company focuses on the design, production, and sales of Laser Welding Equipment and related products.
The Mall Group (Thailand)  
“The buyer meeting team is a great matchmaker who brings us and the potential suppliers together. Indeed it is a great occasion, not only introducing our group to them or showing their service and products to us, but also letting them understand Thailand is a politically stable country with strong economic growth. We recover speedily from the flood and this year we have recorded 5% economic growth,” Jakkrit remarked.

“The meetings are also good for us to explore new cooperation opportunities. The suppliers we have met fit our requirements and there is room for further negotiations.”
Mr. Jakkrit Keeratichokchaikun, Chief Merchandising Officer
The Mall Group, owning 8 department stores, caters for the medium to high end shoppers.
SC Irinik SRL (Romania) Photo
“HKTDC’s business matching specialists have helped me to find what I need in the Hong Kong Optical Fair 2012. They have been very supportive as I am a new buyer in this field. I am trying to diversify our jewelry and watch business in response to a slow growing local market,” says Mr Ioan who came to Hong Kong for the first time. “The team has arranged excellent buyer meetings for me. The information provided to me earlier not only gave me a preview of the potential suppliers, but also a chance to learn more about the industry. ”
Mr. Matei Ioan, General Manger
The Romanian retailer has 15 stores in over 10 major cities. They have been sourcing from Italy, Turkey and China for jewelry and watch items.
The California Wine Co Ltd (Thailand) Photo
“We are wine importer and wholesaler in Thailand dealing with wine from around the world. It is a good opportunity for us to join the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair 2012 to look at new varieties. HKTDC’s business matching specialists have catered to my needs and assisted me in search of different Italian wine suppliers, which is my focus of this visit. They have arranged several meetings for me with potential exhibitors, there could be possibility to work with some of them,” says Mr Kollert.
Mr. T.K. Kollert
The wine dealer is present in 6 locations in Thailand and enjoying strong growth of the wine market. Mr Kollert indicates that the market is increasing with a double digit percentage.
GA Lumindo (Indonesia) Photo
“I really appreciate the service provided by the business matching team, they are very helpful and efficient. We hope we can make it in the fairs in our country just like what we can have in Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2012, we have a lot to learn in Indonesia,” Mr Djasa is pleased with the service provided to him. “The people are well-trained and they know well what to do. The meeting arrangements are very well done and the matching information sent to me is nicely organized.”
Mr. Heroe Djasa, Corporate Secretary
GA Lumindo now offering only one watch brand in their own market, is looking to expand their product line with 1 or 2 fancier, stylish watches for the mass market. They will consider both own designs and brand watches.
Chasopt Torg (Russia) Photo
“ Buyer Meetings are absolutely helpful. They bring up opportunities and link us up with those who would like to explore the Russian market. And we have spent a good time with those who are interested in us. I think the business matching team has taken good care of us throughout the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2012, and they have done a good job in providing us the necessary information and arranging all the meetings,” Mr Sadilov said.
Mr. Serget Sadilov, Purchase Manager
Chasopt Torg, a watch wholesaler and distributor in Russia, is carrying various kinds of watches. It visited the HKTDC Watch & Clock Fair, looking for 2 or 3 inexpensive branded watches to bring into the market.
北京益彰商貿有限公司 (The Chinese mainland)
"We are looking for high-end emerging brands with unique designs from the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2012, with a price range from RMB 5,000 to 200,000 or even 300,000 to increase our product varieties. The business matching team, fully understanding our needs, has arranged 10 potential suppliers to meet with us. Most of them vendors possess the qualities we require and we can further negotiate the possibility of cooperation with 6 of them,” said Mr. Zhang. He is very satisfied with the team’s great performance and the comprehensive material sent to him before the fair.
Mr. Zhang Xiaoqiang, General Manager
The company was established in 2009, specializes in the trade of high-end products, currently also engages in the watch retail business.
PChome Online (Taiwan) Photo
Taiwanese integrated internet service provider PC home Online participated in the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair for the first time. Senior Product Manager Ms Chan regarded the fair as the largest in terms of scale in Asia. “We are looking for fresh and chic, multi-functional styles which are eye catching to young customers. The business matching team has provided us with proper details for us to understand the about Hong Kong Watch & Clock fair 2012, as well as the related information of the companies that we are going to meet with to facilitate the discussions. Some of the 6 potential suppliers lined up by the experts, are capable of meeting our requirements for further consideration,” she comments.
Ms. Minna Chan and Ms. Stella Chen
PC home Online was founded in 1996, is one of Taiwan's leading integrated internet service providers. The group offers quality network services through e-commerce and portal business.
city’ Super (Hong Kong) Photo business matching team has set up seminar to introduce the background, development and requirements of City’ Super to potential suppliers. The seminar has created a great sourcing opportunity. A substantial amount of vendor information was gathered and then processed by City’ Super’s team – the information would be good for various locations (eg, HK, Shanghai and Taiwan) sourcing needs.

“It is a good opportunity for the vendors to understand that we are looking for uniqueness and we are capable of importing the best for our customers. We also want our potential partners to know we are willing to nurture a relationship, we target at long-run mutual benefits,” says Ms Li.

“I am very pleased with the setup of the buyer meetings in Food Expo 2012. The enclosed area reduces distraction, unlike visiting exhibitors at booths. We can be more concentrated on developing new idea. I really think highly of the business matching team, for they have been proactive and put in so much effort and support in the project.”
Ms Jickie Li – Deputy Head, city’super Business Unit – HK Market Food Retail Business
The company was established in 1996 and has four branches in Hong Kong. city'super provides the high quality of fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, meat, poultry, spices, wine, health foods and snacks with a series of environmental protection and commitment in any local sustainable production of goods.
Wuhan Lift & Theater Supermarket Co Ltd
(The Chinese mainland)
“I have benefited a lot from the HKTDC Food Expo 2012. The TDC business matching experts have arranged very valuable meetings for me - in only one day’s time, I have met with 9 Japanese companies, which is really amazing! I am really pleased as many show products can only be found in exhibition and have not been found in Hong Kong or the Mainland market. For us who are always searching for high quality new products, this is absolutely great news!” Mr. Li notes.
Mr. Mark Li, Merchandising Manager
Wuhan Lift & Theater Supermarket Co Ltd, wholly owned by Wuhan Zhongbai Warehouse Supermarket Chain Co Ltd, specializes in high-end quality consumer goods. Mr. Li is very pleased about the service offered by the business matching team. He has saved time on screening for new suppliers, as well as acquired updated market information.
C.P. Consumer Products Co. Ltd. (Thailand) Photo
“I would say the buyer meetings service is very good and the support is excellent,” he said. “The information we received before the Food Expo 2012 gives us a clear background of the companies that we are going to meet, and they are what we are looking for. And the meeting arrangements were good; it just hits the target and saves me a lot of time.” He denotes that the TDC’s business matching service will have a growing importance when the AEC (Asian Economic Community) develops, as more businessmen like him will increase sourcing from Hong Kong.

C.P. Consumer Products Co., Ltd engages in selecting high quality products and distributing them in the Thailand market, with 60% local goods and 40% imported goods in their 27,000 outlets. President Mr. Pravit comes to the Food Expo to source seasoning sauce suppliers and he has been very satisfied with the business team’s service.
Mr. Pravit Wirungruangkul, President & Managing Director
C.P. Consumer Products Co., Ltd engages in selecting high quality products of from manufacturers and distributing them in the Thailand market, with 60% local goods and 40% imported good from Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Japan etc. Their local distribution coverage, up to 27,000 outlets, includes Watsons, 7-11, Tesco, KFC and others.
Comercial Praiazul Limitada (Chile)  
“The meetings in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer are very good and we are very happy with the service,” said the Chilean apparel designer and manufacturer who came to Hong Kong for the first time. “The team has provided a very nice setting for us to have meetings and we are able to maximize our time here seeing the potential suppliers. It is a great experience working together and most of the suppliers meet our requirements,” recapped Mr Vera G.

He mentioned that information Buyer Meetings team sent to him prior to the fair has been very useful, offering him choices of cost-effective suppliers.
Ms. Carmen Gloria Flores and Mr. Ignacio Vera G.
Established in 1998, Comercial Praiazul Limitada specializes in ladies' jeans and beach wear in Chile. It owns two brands called Guarana and Praiazul. Their products are being distributed throughout retailers, distributors and showrooms.
PT Megatex Indotama (Indonesia)  
“We enjoyed the meetings with the potential buyers and we appreciate the help of Buyer Meetings team in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer, they have taken good care of our needs. The men’s underwear is our new business area and we are glad to see the high quality HK design with their international exposure. The vendor information offered to us was complete and valuable, we can have a picture of the fair before coming here,” said Mr Sulistya. PT Megatex Indotama now focuses on all kinds of socks trading and is expanding to men’s underwear.
Alexander Bagus Sulistya S.T., Director
PT.Megatex Indotama is a socks’ trading company since 2002. Started from 2012, they have been planning to expand men's underwear
Five s.r.o. (Slovakia)  

The Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer has been useful and interesting, as well as providing good sourcing opportunities for brand garment for us. We appreciate the effort the Buyer Meetings team paid to provide us with the handy information, as well as helping us liaise with the potential suppliers and arranging excellent meetings. Indeed the meetings have been very productive with the vendors matching our requirements on pricing, leading time, design and quality,” said Mr. Kopecny.

With a current slow European market, Five s.r.o is looking for more competitive price for better growing opportunities.

Mr. Pavol Kopecny, Business Development Manager
Five, s.r.o. was established in 2001 and became one of the leading fashion clothing wholesalers and distributors in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The company operates nine shops with over 1,800 m2 in Czech and Slovakia as well as a showroom with 440 m2.
H & M Hennes & Mauritz (Shanghai)  
“I am thankful to Buyer Meetings team in Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring / Summer, they have done such a good job for us in such a short notice. By finding us the right suppliers who meet our requirements, they save our time on searching, screening and making arrangements. The various Buyer Meetings have brought us potential partners who can fit us with right pricing, quality and lead-time,” said Mr Lui. He represents H & M Hennes & Mauritz, Shanghai office and sources for various merchandises (except for clothing).

He denotes that the service offered by is the most applicable for them, as the suppliers’ data is frequently updated.
Mr. Patrick Lui , Capacity Assurance Manager
H & M's first store was opened in Sweden in 1947. H&M has expanded substantially in recent years and today they have around 2,500 stores spread across 44 markets. Germany is the biggest market, followed by the UK and the US.
CIT International s.r.o. (Czech Republic) Photo
“We are now doing mainly indoor items but I am also spotting suppliers in Hong Kong Lighting Fair for a UK project involving 20,000 street lights. I am very impressed with Buyer Meetings introducing me to three prospective companies which we are likely to work with. One of them has exactly the product range we are looking for, and has a very professional technical guy answering all our queries; we like specifically their LED candle bulb. Another company specializes in outdoor lighting products where our company’s greatest growth relies, while a third company offers good quality LED strips and downlight which now has big market in Czech Republic. Buyer Meetings is really brilliant, with the staff doing a very good job, being very motivated and knowledgeable!”
Mr. George Kreysa, Managing Director
CIT International was established in 1995, specialized in providing the indoor and outdoor LED lighting including T8 tubes, down lights and bulbs.
Haji Commercial Company (LLC) (Dubai) Photo
“We used to find our suppliers from trade fairs; including at previous Hong Kong Lighting Fair held in October and this is our first time to this spring-version. With so many exhibitors out there, Buyer Meetings helps us to single out Hong Kong suppliers which we are confident of. Among the four companies we have met, there are two which are the best -- one offering LED street lighting products, and another offering LED lamps, tubes and fittings. They have promised to send us more information and samples after receiving the requirements on quality from us. Buyer Meetings works great because the face-to-face discussion is very focused, and we already know who has the right products and is serious to do business with us, it saves time checking around in the fairground.”
Mr. Unni Krishnan, General Manager
Haji Commercial Company is an importer and distributor of lighting products. Their customers include shops, dealers, maintenance companies, hotels and shopping malls.
Polaris Lighting Ltd (Bulgaria) Photo
“This is our first time to Hong Kong Lighting Fair and we are looking for suppliers offering street and office lighting. We are representative of some famous brands which are more expensive, therefore we want to source for more economical yet still good quality products for our projects. The company introduced by Buyer Meetings Service is super as their down light and LED Spotlight owns the high quality which meets our requirement and their pricing is acceptable. It is a plus that they are already exporting to Bulgaria and has the safety certificate we required. The arrangement of Buyer Meetings is indeed good, we used to find our European suppliers online, this helps us to find new supplier easily though we are totally new here.”
Mr. Samet Isak, Manager
Polaris Lighting Ltd. is an importer of lighting products. They operate 3 retail shops in Bulgaria and 2 showrooms with demonstration of office lighting and LED lighting.
Syarikat Lian Ping Enterprise Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) Photo
“As we provide lighting products in many hotel projects worldwide, we go through complicated screening process to find the right supplier as detailed supplier references are required by our customers. As such, the format of Buyer Meetings Service which pre-screen suppliers for us suits us well, while at the meeting we can elaborate further as requirements varies in different project. We have chosen some products from one of the referred companies which are also working for hotel projects. Another company also fits in as they are exporting to the US; our current suppliers sell mostly to Europe and Asia so they only have the CE Certificate, while this one has the UL Certificate required for one upcoming project in Canada. The Buyer Meetings truly understands our need and the escorting service during Hong Kong Lighting Fair makes it perfect.”
Mr. Eric Tay, Executive Director
Syarikat Lian Ping Enterprise Sdn Bhd was established in interior renovation industry in Malaysia since 1961.
i-Free (Russia) Photo
“Mr Kosolapov thinks our business matching team has done a good job for him. The supplier list sent to him has provided him a good idea about what is going on in Hong Kong Electronics Fair. Besides, the list leads to a 30% successful rate, which is a high mark in regard to his business.

And it is easier, more efficient and convenient with Buyer Meetings to arrange the meetings, as TDC being a trustworthy ‘matchmaker’ in between the two sides, it is easier to develop a relationship of the buyer and the seller.”
Mr Evgeny Kosolapov, CEO
i-Free is a Russian online content provider who is looking for new knowledge and supplies from the Hong Kong Electronic Fair.
Penguin Group (U.S.A.) Photo
“The Buyer Meetings service has been fantastic and the matching specialists have been helpful. They have arranged potential suppliers, who are able to meet my requirements, to meet with me. And these meetings during Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair have been successful; we have discussed about price and production time, as well as getting samples. I am now to go to the further follow up stage,” Mr Ruggiero comes to the Gifts Fair to source for mugs, water bottles, paper products - journals etc.
Mr. Vincenzo Ruggiero, Corporate Vice President
Penguin Group (USA) Inc. is a leading adult and children's book publisher, also offers gifts and gear.
Cotton Candy Inc. (Canada) Photo
“ Buyer Meetings service has made my job at the Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair much easier. I am very happy that the team provided me with a useful list of suppliers, which helps narrowing down our choices. They also arranged meetings for us in a very efficient way.
We have seen social compliance being the important consideration especially with our big corporate clients lately. Buyer Meetings has arranged 7 supplier meetings for us, 5 of the suppliers can meet our requirements of compliances like the certificates or logos and they are eager to work with us,” said Ms Nguyen.
Ms Minh-Huyen Nguyen, Sustainability Officer
Cotton Candy Inc. is one of the leading promotional marketing companies in Canada, provides promotional products and services to achieve various marketing and branding goals. Their services cover custom designs, direct importing and promotional products etc.
Fubon Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd.(Taiwan) Photo
“Our company owns a comprehensive network covering TV shopping channels, website, catalogues, drug stores and department stores. We have a number of buyers coming to Hong Kong Houseware Fair while I focus sourcing products for our three TV shopping channels.
Indeed, TV channel shopping is hot now in Taiwan with the total sales of this shopping model went up to NT$351billion last year. TV channel shopping requires featured products to be presentable, practical and innovative, and Buyer Meetings has introduced us to good-fit suppliers. Among them are two OEM manufacturers of plastic and wood home products which have great opportunity to collaborate with our existing Taiwan suppliers as these Taiwan companies only got the concept but not the production facilities.
There is another company that offers products with nice design concept and highly presentable, we will keep liaising with them. The Buyer Meetings Service is truly helpful, and thanks to its staff for taking everything to their heart!”
Mr. J.L. Lam, Product Development Representative of TV Product & Home Electronics Department
Fubon Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. They have extended into department store business since 2010, comprising of branded cosmetic, fashion, leatherware, houseware, food and beverage. Based on the experiences in Taiwan, they planned to expand their business in Chinese Mainland. They are cooperating with TV shopping media in Chinese Mainland in order to organize a globalized shopping platform in Asia.
芳林貿易股份有限公司(Taiwan) Photo
“Currently we act as representative for medical devices, diagnostic products and health care products coming from Japan, the US, and Europe. Though our family business has operated for over five decades, yet with the saturating local market and changing government policies, we need to keep finding new products to uphold our market position. Buyer Meetings Service has introduced a number of prospective business partners to us in Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair.
One which offers clinic-use cervical screening tool and another with the mobile patient transfer lift are both new concepts to us; the later one also got a CT Scan comparable to similar European model yet at a more economical price. I am also interested in another supplier which offers high-frequency knife and portable ECG monitor. Most of all, they have already got the FDA certificate, so very likely we can introduce them to Taiwan. In addition, there is another company with a medical security system which is very thoughtful. The Buyer Meetings has indeed given us a big hand. All the staff has great attitude and everything is well looked after.”
林宗億, Sales Manager
The company is a selling agent of medical equipment, medical supplies and testing equipment, as well as providing home health care services. Their sales network covers all levels of medical institutions, blood donation centers, medical supply wholesalers, chain pharmacies, pharmacies and so on.
Medinvest LLC (Russia) Photo
“Our company owns the largest private medical network with more than 30 clinics in Russia and we are expanding each year. Besides sourcing the usual range of medical devices, I am also exploring new opportunities to grow our business in Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair. Buyer Meetings has introduced us to a supplier offering MRI machine, which is new to us. And most importantly, it is already exported to Russia and got the safety certificate required. Another company has quality blood pressure meter offered at a price which is cheaper than those available in Russia; I will look into wholesaling them to our local pharmacies as well as offering them at our own internet shop to be set up. This is a super arrangement as the referred suppliers have the latest products with good quality, plus they also got the particular requirements to collaborate with a Russian firm!”
Mr. Dmitry Zhukov, Executive Director
Medinvest LLC is an importer and wholesaler of medical equipment, disposable medical supplies and disposable medical instruments. It connects to more than 30 private medical clinics throughout Russia, and it has partnerships with other sellers of medical equipment and medical supplies.
Far Eastern Citysuper Ltd. (Taiwan)
“The quality and design of the suppliers pre-selected by Buyer Meetings fit very well with our requirements -- high-end pet accessories. These companies are also keen to collaborate with us and very likely we will place trial orders after receiving their quotations. This is a nice surprise for us as a first-time user of the service, specifically that this is such a big Hong Kong Houseware Fair packed with exhibitors, we can save time in finding the prospective suppliers and digging out their background. And of course I would love to use the service again!”
Ms. Peggy Lin, Operation Manager
Established in Hong Kong in 1996, and now employs more than 1,200 people across their four retail brands. Citysuper is the mega lifestyle specialty store with four outlets.
Hyundai Jiayou Home Shopping (Shanghai) Photo
“ Buyer Meetings Service provides us with a few qualified suppliers and we are happy with that. One of the selected suppliers’ semi-precious stones and pearl items are among what we are sourcing. The product design and the lead time are major considerations for us. We will decide after we have studied the quotations and information.”
Ms Amy Yang
Hyundai Jiayou Home Shopping focuses on TV shopping business in Shanghai area.
Abu Sara Jewellery (Jordan) Photo
“The meetings done by Buyer Meetings were successful. I think it is very nice that they prepared us with a few choices and we just followed the information provided, and went to visit the suppliers. They helped us to scan the suppliers’ background beforehand and it saved our time. I found the products of one supplier with good quality and in our price range. While another supplier offers packing boxes are with innovative design and suitable for my second line jewellery.”
Mr Yousef Abu Sara, General Manager
Abu Sara Jewellery is looking for loose diamond, diamond and gold jewellery, as well as packaging boxes. They operate 8 shops and sell a wide range of jewellery, they also design and manufacture pieces, as well as jewellery collection sets.
Cathy Jewellers (Canada) Photo
“This is my first visit to Hong Kong and it is a really big exhibition. I am very happy with Buyer Meetings Service. Without their help, it will take me much longer to walk around the huge exhibition halls to find what I want,” said Mr Israel.
I met with two suppliers and I am satisfied with both of them. First with a gold and platinum jewelry manufacturer, I am free to choose small amount from different styles like 5 to 10 pieces of 15 styles, which is flexible with me. For the next one, I select 6 styles of cobalt items, 20 pieces of each style,” he added that now he tries with a smaller quantity, but if the merchandises sell well he will just repeat the order.”
Mr Isaac Israel, President
Cathy Jewellers, based in Quebec, is a retailer of low to medium jewelry items and watches
Artbox (Korea)
“I focus on sourcing fancy design pens, but I am also interested in calculators in the same category. In Korea, Artbox is famous in selling adorable stationery and daily products to high school students. We have our own characters designed on merchandise, yet I am here looking for more supplier with more choices. The Buyer Meetings service is of great help to me. The searching time for suppliers has been shortened with information provided in advanced. On the day I have met 3 potential suppliers so far and we might go further on quotes and discussions.”
Mr Huy Kwak, Deputy General Manager of Planning Department
Art Box was established in 1984 and specializes in stationary supplies in Korea and was responsible for transforming the simple stationary supply store into the "fancy products" industry. The company operates more than 100 domestic chain stores in Korea.
E Bazaar (Russia) Photo
“I would like to thank TDC for providing such an excellent buyer meetings service for me. This is my first time using the service in Hong Kong Stationery Fair 2012 and the arrangement is very good. The company information given to me is complete and the matching is done in a fast manner, it is efficient and saves me a lot of time just touring around by myself.”
Ms Ekaterina Beshich, Brand Manager
“eBazaar” is a distributor on Russian business gifts and stationery market since 2000. The company is planning to start up with a new collection of business accessories.
H2H Ltd (Taiwan)
“Through the Buyer Meetings in Hong Kong Stationery Fair, H2H has met 2 potential suppliers with the first one which provides him Xmas card and wrapping paper. The supplier is offering him a minimum order quantity in terms of purchasing amount. H2H can choose different kinds of products with a total in specific amount, the order policy is flexible and attractive to the Taiwanese company and the representative is positive about making a deal. Another supplier manufactures gift boxes which is a potential supplier as well.”
Mr Michael Lin, Representative
H2H Ltd is the sole agent for Hallmark Cards in Taiwan. The company looks for high quality paper and gift wrapping items.
Geekay Distribution General Trading LLC (Dubai) Photo
“We are supplying video games to the Gulf area and I am looking for products with creativity for the young consumers. I would say it is very important to have the Buyer Meetings Service as it helps us find suppliers in a more efficient way. We are immediately introduced to potential partners at the Fair and the pre-match service also enables us to screen suppliers’ information before we come which has definitely shortened our searching time. In a word the service is very impressive. Hong Kong products display design innovation priced at affordable level, which is key to us. I like to do business with Hong Kong people as they can communicate well in English while embracing global vision.”
Mr Kishan Deepak Palija, Managing Director
Geekay Distribution General Trading LLC is a video games distributor that specializes in games consoles, games software and high quality branded accessories.
F Style Ltd (Bulgaria) Photo
“We used to source from Europe but has began to buy from Asia to look for better-priced products. This is our first trip to Hong Kong Toys and Gamers Fair and I have to say ‘bravo’ to Buyer Meetings! The two referred companies are offering the type of products we are looking for, and it is great that one already got the product commercial we need for promotion at our local TV channel while the other will discuss with its partners. The meetings provide good opportunities for us to discuss our requirement clearly with these potential partners –for instance the importance of product guarantee for electronic toys. With the ongoing economic crisis in European, we really want to make sure we are hitting the right product. We are truly thankful to the organiser.”
Ms Tatiana Georgieva, General Director
F Style Ltd. specialize in distributing quality children’s ready-made fashion clothes and world well known children toys.
Radar Group (Romania) Photo
“This is the first time we come to Toy Fair and we feel like to starting business with two companies referred by Buyer Meetings. One of the suppliers has the richest range of party items I have ever come across, and I am interested in their costume and accessories; while the other has very special magic products and funny products. As our market is very sensitive to price, it all depends whether their prices and delivery terms can match our demand. We like the Business Matching Service very much, all the staff here is very kind and helpful, with every little detail well taken care of. I have travelled around the world and this Fair ranks top with facilities and environment making it comfortable and easy to conduct business.”
Mr. Costel Dan, Manager
Radar Group Export Import Ltd. was established in 1996 and is a distributor of party and festive products in the Romanian market.
Cedric's Luxe Collection (U.S.A.)
“We are really thankful to the HKTDC which we first met at a Las Vegas show, after that we came to Fashion Week in 2010 and was lined up with many manufacturers whom became our suppliers. This time again I found new resources which got excited as I know they will do very well-- sequin capes, knit items, and faux fur items from the six companies introduced by the Buyer Meetings Service are all prospective; in fact I already placed a sample order of 10,000 units of faux fur to be used in gloves. This is the best trip and the best buying experience we have ever had. Buyer Meetings is an excellent service, very understanding and focused; saving us time and resources. The HKTDC staff who led us right to the specific suppliers that we are interested in made everything so much easier; he is also very knowledgeable and this little personal touch makes a different. And indeed, we keep coming here because of the terrific service offered by HKTDC.”
Mr. Cedric Kirchner, Owner
Cedrics was incorporated in 1960 and has always done fur but later also got involved in men’s and women’s wear. At the beginning they mainly imported European brands to sell at our specialty stores but since 2003 they also expanded into manufacturing and wholesaling. The company is now sourcing a wide range of products for our 22 stores, our own website, as well as different types of retailers encompassing reputed brands, and TV shopping channel.
Gamebuzz (Canada) Photo
“We sell video games and the accessories to chain stores and running our own chains as well. Therefore I visit the HK International Licensing Show to look for competitive and young products to license in the North America, with a focus on the Canadian market. The games market over there is growing despite of the global economy downturn. With Buyer Meetings service, I have met with relevant exhibitors providing educational DVD series for kids that interested me a lot. It’s a good arrangement!”
Mr Francois Carrier, President
Gamebuzz is a chain store in Canada. It has 20 stores that sell video games. is its online store for e-tailing. The company is associated with, a wholesaler selling to 500 individual stores.
Eastern Broadcasting Co Ltd (Taiwan) Photo
“We are looking for cartoon and characters suitable for children market covering kids of age 4-14. We focused on American, Japanese and Korean products and we hope we can expand our choices by participating in the Licensing Show. With the assistance of Buyer Meetings services, I had met a few quality suppliers, including two Mainland enterprises and one Hong Kong company. In terms of art and design techniques, both Mainland and HK designers are very skillful. But the latter have an edge when it comes to the structure, editing and the presentation of the whole story which attract the audience.”
Mr Mitchell Tsao, Chief Operation Officer, Preschool Development Division
The Preschool Development Division of EBC runs its own chain kids’ nurseries in Taiwan, character licensing and merchandising. They seek for cartoon and characters suitable for children market covering kids of age4-14.
Wipro Lighting (India) Photo
"This Buyer Meetings service is really great. During the whole process, even the smallest detail is well followed through and the kind of support given is better than many organisations of similar nature in the other parts of the world. I have met four pre-screened companies and definitely will work with two of them. One of them has innovative LED dim lighting which is new in India; while the other one manufactures lighting electronic gear which is only made by a few companies in Europe. These suppliers are going to send us the technical information, price and full samples to be tested while we plan for their factory visits."
Mr. Makarand L Sainis, Vice President - Technology C & I
Wipro Lighting was established in 1991 and is a lighting company in India, engaged in design and manufacture of various lighting products. The company handles the modern work space lighting, merchandise lighting, industrial lighting, street lighting projects as well as lighting technology products.
Daewoo International Corp (Korea) Photo
"We just debuted the LED product area last year so it is really good to have the Buyer Meetings helping us to broaden our sourcing network, and we trust the HKTDC is selecting quality suppliers for us. This time we are finding LED products for public lighting project and I have just met two companies which both meet our expectation and got interesting products. One has good patented designs while the other finds their strength in quality and price. We will await for their samples and quotation for further negotiation. Of course, I hope I can use this service again in the future!"
Mr. Dae-Young Yoo, Electronic Industry Division
Daewoo International Corp. is a general trading company which has more than 100 branches and offices over the world. The business scope of electronic industry division is dealing with electronic products and components as well as supplying information technology solutions
L G Sourcing, Inc. (USA)
"We are looking for OEM manufacturer yet we also count on vendors with design capability. Our screening process for vendors is rather complicated and it is good to have the Buyer Meetings to pre-select some suitable companies for us. In this initial contact both parties can communicate in greater depth -- for us to know if the suppliers are familiar with the market, if they can offer our desired products, their capability and most importantly if they can follow our payment terms. There are two companies which have some table lamps, floor lamps, as well as LED light bulbs which we are interested in, we will keep on contacting each other to see if something works out."
Mr. Dixon Lau, Sourcing Manager
L G Sourcing, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lowes Companies, Inc. Lowes Companies, Inc. is a USA based chain of retail home improvement and appliances stores. Founded in 1946 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina, the chain now serves more than 14 million customers a week in its 1,710 stores in the United States and 20 in Canada.
LEO Industries (Singapore) Photo
“I am here to source for light-fitting manufacturers which can design specific to my company’s semi-finished products. This is the first time attending this fair, and Buyer Meetings service facilitated my sourcing needs here. Among the three suppliers recommended, I prefer two companies as they have the capabilities and product knowledge required. We are keen to work with genuine manufacturers, but not traders posing as manufacturers. A reliable manufacturer understands our requirements better, which allows for a better product design and lower costs when compare to working with traders. The service is very helpful as it helps to narrow my search for reliable manufacturer’s, thus reducing the time and effort required for the sourcing process – this is very important to ensure my company stays competitive.”
Mr. William Tan, Sales Manager
LEO Industries specializes in electronic products from small to mid-range to large volume manufacturing capabilities. They have over 30 years experience in turnkey PCB Assembly Services. Their electronic assembly services range from Prototype assembly, PCB assembly to complete box build products.
TTF International Co. Ltd (Thailand) Photo
“I am looking for LED fluorescent bulb and LED decorative products which can be used in resorts and hotels, and the two companies recommended by the Buyer Meetings Service are manufacturing exactly what I need. We will do some comparisons on quality and price, as well as further discuss on warranty as the commercial sector in Thailand requires a longer warranty period. This is a good start for us as we just venture into lighting products and we have the confident suppliers that gone through the screening of HKTDC are reliable.”
Ms. Marjory Duke, Division Manager
TTF International Co. Ltd. involves publication, exhibition, and recently start with trading of lighting products.
Hollyhocks Batteries Plus (Australia) Photo
"This arrangement is very good indeed, to sit down in a quiet environment to talk with suppliers which are pre-screened for us, ensuring that they know what our company wants and they can fit in. There are two suppliers which I just met and I am prepared to buy from them. One of them offers lithium batteries which we are not currently doing but we know they sell well in the market, so this will help us to get into this product segment as well. The other is producing SLA batteries which we have, but we are looking for cheaper and better alternatives so that we can be more competitive. Therefore these meetings are truly fruitful meetings!"
Mr. Daniel Walker, National Sales & Product Manager
Hollyhocks Batteries Plus is a distributor of batteries including Duracell, Toshiba, Varta and Golden Dragon. The company is also distributor of Gilette shaving parts and torches.
Yabushita Co Ltd (Japan)
“This is my first time here and I am sourcing for uniquely-designed frames for our market. I have met two suppliers recommended by Buyer Meetings and one of them got a few models which are good for the Japanese market, with attractive price point as well. We will consider if their designer can further accommodate their design to further fit our preference. This service is truly good, with the meetings well prepared and organized, it is indeed complementary to just walking around the fairground.”
Mr. Kazuyoshi Matsumura, Director
Yabushita is an importer of spectacle products who selling to the wholesalers in Japan.
Jain N Jain (India)
“This is our first time coming out of India, aiming to find suppliers to manufacture our brand collection that will be launched very soon. I am new to this Fair and know nobody, so I am really thankful to HKTDC and completely satisfied with Buyer Meetings service. The whole arrangement is good and very supportive, with brilliant staff escorting me to meet the pre-screened exhibitors. I met a few suppliers and three are prospective: with high quality and good design products which I believe our customers will want to spend their money on. The top priority one has even offered me their best price and very likely we can come up with something.”
Mr. Narendra Jain, Buyer
Jain N Jain has 50 years experience for selling the jewellery and watch business. It is the key watch retailer in Mumbai with 5 own shops. Its retailing watches sourced from wholesalers, distributors and local manufacturers.
Vinis s.r.o, (Czech Republic) Photo
“Among the companies referred by Buyer Meetings, we have already singled out two suppliers with interesting watches that are suitable for the youth market in Czech—being appealing in both design and quality. This Buyer Meetings service is perfect! We usually check out for new suppliers at trade fairs and this time the service has helped to screen out in advance from many at the venue that are interested to collaborate with us and fit in our requirements. And most importantly, we know they are trust-worthy suppliers as being recommended by the HKTDC.”
Ms. Urszula Sembolova; Sales Department
Creator Club Sdn. Bhd (Malaysia) Photo
“With the arrangement of the Buyer Meetings Service, I have met two companies with background and profile that match very well with our requirements. One of them offers a profusion of attractive sports eyewear and frames that suit our young executive market, while the other is very quality-oriented and has some lens with color coating that is new in Malaysia. We are encouraged by their enthusiasm to work with us, and we will make further decision after receiving their detailed information and samples. The efficient correspondence between us and the Business Matching Service specialist before the meeting has facilitated the whole buying process, and in fact before we come we have already spotted out some models we like from one of the suppliers’ website. So indeed this Service is very helpful and we would love to use it again.”
Mr. Edmund Lee, Group GM
Creator Club is a licensee and distributor in Malaysia for many Malaysian and US eyewear brands.
Metzler International s.r.o. (Czech Republic) Photo
“We are an importer selling to retailers in Czechia and Slovakia. We have already sourced from Chinese Mainland, yet this is my first time here looking for sunglasses. This company recommended by the Buyer Meetings Service manufactures sunglasses with good quality and very nice style; I expect to receive their quotation which we can further work on. This Service is indeed beneficial to buyers; it is like a filter which spots out the potential suppliers among so many exhibitors at the Fair. We would like to use the service again in the future.”
Mr. Jiri Kaiser, Managing Director
Metzler International s.r.o. is an importer selling to retailers in Czechia and Slovakia.
Airport City Development Co. Ltd.
(Chinese Mainland)
“ACL is planning to set up a wine trading centre in Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone which lies adjacent to Beijing Capital International Airport. The centre provides a wide array of service, including wine storage, as well as exhibition and promotional activities which facilitate the business tie between overseas and mainland wine industry players. Beijing offers a high-end market for wine, while the Beijing Capital International Airport is the regional air transport logistic hub of Northern Asia; we therefore come to this Fair, hoping to meet wine manufacturers and agents interested to explore the Asian market. This Wine Fair organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council has offered us an excellent channel to get acquainted to wineries from different pars of the world. Many of them show keen interest in China market, we will keep contacting each other after this initial meeting.”
Ms. Sunshine Wang, Sales & Marketing Director
Established in December 2004, Airport City Development Co. Ltd. (ACL) is the main operating entity fully in charge of the planning, construction and operation management of the Airport City Logistic Park Project and the Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone. Until September 2011, RMB4 million have been invested in completing a construction site of about 400,000 square metre of the Beijing Capital International Airport Air Cargo Terminal and FTZ.  
CS Trenholme & Associate (Canada) Photo
“This is my first time here. I am looking for suppliers interested in the Canadian market. The Buyer Meetings Service was absolutely excellent! Based on the criteria of innovative branding, realistic pricing and patience to succeed in a new market, I found more than half of the pre-selected suppliers had potential, including those from New Zealand, South Africa, Italy and Uruguay. Time is a precious commodity for business travelers and these meetings were indeed productive, enabling us to establish contacts in a very efficient way. This is the best-organized show among all I have visited around the world, with the HKTDC staff being very supportive and friendly. Hong Kong is the most exciting city on the planet. I’ll definitely come again!”
Mr. Charles Steven Trenholme, Managing Director
CS Trenholme & Associates is a management consulting firm established in 2003, providing sales & marketing support to the beverage alcohol industry. As a consultant, Mr. Trenholme assists overseas wine suppliers to find Canadian agents to represent them to sell to 605 liquor board (LBCO) retail stores/depots in Ontario.
Vi Wine (Russia) Photo
"We import from different parts of Europe and this time we intend to widen our portfolio and are looking for higher quality wines from Italy. The Buyer Meetings Service has been very helpful in selecting a number of wineries from Italy, and on just the first day we have already spotted one which has got a big product assortment that fits our market. That company also owns experience selling to Russia, so it is easier to come to an agreement. It is a big job for the Matching Specialist to co-ordinate the whole thing, from analyzing our demand, going through suppliers and screening the suitable ones, then follow through all meeting arrangements. Given that there are a lot of exhibitors at the fair, it is not easy to visit the right booths just by intuition, so the Service indeed saves our time and efforts. It was quite a nice beginning that could possibly lead to good partners relations. Thanks again and wish your Matching Team further success."
Ms Valeria Ermola, Buyer
Vi Wine was established since 1997. They are importer with distribution in Russia who works with about 15 wholesalers and about 7,000 retailers including supermarkets and wine boutiques.
Fred's Inc. (U.S.A.) Photo
"This is the first time I have been in Electronics Fair as well as using the buyer meeting service. During this trip, we are looking for OEM manufacturers of DVD players, MP3 players, cable and cord for our own brand. HKTDC has introduced three suppliers to us and all are in precise match. While one of them surprised us since we are currently buying the products from their OEM customer. We will follow-up the quotation among those suppliers after this business trip. In fact, we had been other international trade fairs before but rare to find such proactive matching service. This service is definitely helpful for bridging overseas retailers and suppliers as the pre-arranged one-on-one meetings do save lot of time. With the help of buyer meetings service, we were able to locate suitable suppliers in addition to others we had previously identified.
Mr. Robert Francis, Merchant
It was established in 1947 and now operates almost 700 discount general merchandise stores, including 24 franchised FRED'S stores, mainly across the southeastern states and stock more than 12,000 items.
Kevin Electrochem (India)
“ buyer meetings is very useful, it helps me to get connected with the right suppliers. It is very helpful especially for the first time buyer to Hong Kong.”
Mr. Rushabh Solani, Director
Kevin Electrochem is a trader of electronic components and sealants in Mumbai, India.
Modern Royal Co Ltd (Japan) Photo
“We are kind of loss for such large electronics fair. Without the buyer meetings, it is difficult to locate quality and the well matched suppliers. I am sure I will ask for more buyer meetings service very soon.”
Mr. Makto Ichikawa, Managing Director
Modern Royal Co Ltd was established in 1965, they developed their own products of fitness equipment, body care products and living products under their brand AEROLIFE since 1990 in Japan.
Numberland (Germany) Photo
“We are an engineering consultancy company which bridges up the cooperation between developers of innovative material/application and manufacturers that can utilize those novel ideas in their production. We are delighted to have used buyer meeting service complementing our visit to this fair. Besides introducing some innovative invention to the pre-screened companies at the meeting, I also found one of them with unique products that I can help them to find potential customers. This is really good matching and I would certainly like to ride on this service again!”
Dr. Wolfgang Grond, Physicist
Numberland was founded in 1996 as a mediator for material developers which are looking for new applications for their materials, material processing, analytics and parts build from these materials.
Prontoluz (Argentina) Photo
"This is my first time visiting this fair and it is great to have another option to meet potential buyers referred by buyer meeting service. This indeed helps us to spot suppliers that meet our requirements. The meeting went smooth and we have already discussed about the price of products which we are interested. The companies are going to make a sample that meet the Argentina standard for our perusal at our coming meeting scheduled at another fair to be held in Chinese Mainland. We used to find our suppliers from the web yet meeting face to face is much better, it helps to build trust and facilitate business co-operation!"
Mr. Pablo Sanó, Manager
Established in 1996, Prontoluz is a manufacturer, importer and exporter of electronics products as well as electrical products.
Shivam Marketing (India) Photo
“I think only HKTDC is doing an amazing job to organize such large fairs. The buyer meeting is value added services that provide the buyer excellent service such as well meeting environment and quality suppliers.”
Mr. Arun Lumar Luharuka, Proprietor
Shivam Marketing was established in 1973 and specializes in distributing consumables office equipments, computer peripherals and accessories.
China Central Television Shopping Co. Ltd.
(Chinese Mainland)
“This is the first time we come to the trade show of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Under the arrangement of the Buyer Meetings, we have met a number of Hong Kong companies which provide us insight into the product market here, with some suppliers also offering innovative products which we will follow up. Many thanks to the HKTDC, this exhibition as well as its exhibits are of very high standard, and the meetings are so well organised. In recent years TV shopping is developing at a great pace in the Mainland, thus we are now coming out to source globally. This is a very fruitful trip and I look forward to finding the right business partners in the future via the Council’s various trade exhibitions and business matching service.”
President, Ms. Yangrong Huang
As the sole television shopping platform of the China Central Television(CCTV), China Central Television Shopping Co. rides on the brand prowess of CCTV in winning the confidence of consumer in purchasing via its channel. At present China Central Television Shopping has already covered over 168 regional cities including Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Nanjing and Shenyang, totaling to 45 million households and 1.5 billion people.
Michael Rossy Ltd. (Canada) Photo
“This Buyer Meetings Service is excellent. The staff in Toronto was very professional and in conjunction with the Hong Kong office of HKTDC organized some very high quality meetings for us with prospective vendors. The transition between the Toronto office and Hong Kong office was seamless. The organization of the show was outstanding. I was also pleasantly surprised to have my own, dedicated meeting room here at the show venue! The meetings were productive and I am confident that we will develop business as a result of this show. We offer a myriad of products in our stores and it is paramount that we source direct from manufacturers. We are constantly seeking new suppliers to offer new products at competitive pricing. The Buyer Meeting Service is very useful to us in achieving this goal and I would be glad to use it again in the future! Thanks to all at HKTDC.”
Mr. Brad Creamer, VP, Direct Import
Michael Rossy Limited established in 1963, and it is a chain of junior department store with 69 locations, 59 are located in Québec, 9 in New Brunswick and 1 in Ontario, store size range from 10,000 – 35,000 sq. feet. Product range includes general merchandise consumer goods, toys, furniture, seasonal items, house wares, electronics and apparel.
Fondz (USA) Photo
" Buyer Meetings Service is the full-fledged assistance! It is phenomenal to have HKTDC specialists from HK and from Los Angeles to screen out 15 to 20 manufacturers out of a hundred or more for us to further choose from and is definitely supplementary to my own sourcing network here in US. Then, HKTDC fair specialist has lead me to the booths of those pre-screened manufacturers in the busy fairground. With the first one met today, i have already spotted LED flash-light items which are in line with our product expansion strategy. Since conception, HKTDC has helped us tremendously in saving time and by offering more valuable resources to enhance our brand and business. Many referred manufactures have become our key and long-term suppliers, and I truly believe the Buyer Meetings Service can elevate our business to the next level!”
Mr. Dominic Fong, VP
FONDZ is a product design, development, distribution, and direct sale company with over twenty years of Watch Bands, Watch Batteries, and Accessories expertise in the United States. Along the years, they continue to expand into promotional products, corporate premiums, pens, electronic & digital gadgets, key chains, wallets, bags, and ornamental jewelry lines.
Fattami Pastry (Dubai) Photo
“We operate 7 restaurants inside various schools in Dubai and this time I am looking for gift items as give-away to students at special occasions. This is our first visit to this fair and Buyer Meetings Service is great! It is much focused and we could know more about the selected companies before we came. I have already spotted some inflatable products which can be used as gift items, some nice gift bags, as well as some stainless steel utensils. We are quite cost-conscious so with the Buyer Meetings Service being free, it is an added bonus!”
Mr. Essa Falassy, Owner and Manager
Fattami Pastry began operation in Dubai in year 2004. They signed several contracts for food supplying, including the contract with the Dubai Education Zone and we supplied to more than 30 schools, after that we have opened many branches in malls and universities.
Souris Mini (Canada) Photo
“Our brand name runs a wide range of medium-high end products for kids – from babies to teenagers, so we need to do a lot of sourcing and research to keep a good mix of regular suppliers and new suppliers. We are very satisfied with all the companies referred by the Buyer Meeting Service as all are the right match and there are a myriad of varieties to choose from. The meetings went smoothly, our next step is to send our technical packages from Canada to those companies which we found most suitable. It is not easy to find a good supplier and this service is excellent, really very helpful. For sure we are going to use it again in the future!”
Ms. Marie Dorion, Director
Souris Mini was established in Quebec in 1989. Since then, the company has continuously redefined children’s fashion standards in Quebec each season.
Gracious Living (Canada)
“We are spoilt by choices from the 5 suppliers screened by HKTDC. The one with desk & floor lamps have good potential; we will select some items for quotation and will visit their factory soon. Another supplier offering LED products is also very good, being very knowledgeable in the field. There’s one works on consultancy basis, so we may have opportunity to work with them on special projects in the future. This is our first time using buyer meeting service and we are very impressed. We realized that we can save lot of time. This is excellent; we will definitely try again next time!”
Mr. Peter Yeung, Foreign Buyer
Established in 1980, Gracious Living Corporation is one of the leading Canadian manufacturers and importers of house wares, furniture, lighting fixtures, LED bulbs, air conditioners as well as numerous custom products.


Alto Impacto (Argentina)
“This is our first trial to source motor cycle headgear from Asia so the Buyer Meeting service indeed helps us a lot! We are looking for both OEM and ODM collaboration, therefore price, quality and design are all of concern to us. The suppliers we met are enthusiastic and the styles from one of them are what we have in mind. We will keep up our conversation via email and hopefully something can come up. The Buyer Meeting is a good arrangement and important for buyers like us, I would certainly love to use the service again.”
Mr. Daniel Carloni, CPN
Alto Impacto S.R.L was founded in 1968. It is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of helmets and other accessories for motorcycles. It commercializes the mentioned products in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.
Spark Promotions (Ireland)
“I am looking for many different types of promotional products and the Business Matching Meetings have been able to screen out a long list of suitable suppliers. Most of them have products which well-matched my requirements and the colleague who has been showing me around to the selected booths is brilliant; so everything ran very smoothly. I have been to the Fair many times but this is my first time using this service and the meetings are complementary to also exploring the fair by myself. The arrangement really saved me a lot of time and I accomplished my work early; this service is really super!”
Mr. Neil O' Connor, Procurement Manager
Spark Promotions is a promotions company based in Ireland with offices in UK, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Spain, and Slovenia. They deal with all blue chip drinks and pharmaceutical companies throughout Europe and source a lot of products from Asia.
Tarata Toys (New Zealand)
“This is our first time to the Gift & Premium Fair and the Business Matching Meetings is indeed a good way to be introduced to potential suppliers. We have met a number of companies selected for us; not only are the suppliers very experienced in their fields, they also offer us a myriad of products. As our items are rather unique, they will need to do some research and get back to us, it is very likely that something will come from these meetings. Of course we would be glad to use this service again in the future!”
Mr. Adrien Lefebvre, Managing Director
Established in 1983, the company is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. They are manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters of games, toys, puzzles, gifts, souvenirs, educational Toys, promotional products and corporate gifts. (
Tomoe Woven Label Co. Ltd. (Japan)
“The Business Matching Meeting is really good as I am able to meet many suppliers at one time in one buying trip. These pre-selected companies are also of good quality offering very interesting products. This format as well allows us to discuss with suppliers their product design, quality, price and delivery in detail with no interruption; it certainly facilitates our decision-making process. The TDC staff has been very kind and helpful and I really feel lucky to have taken part in this arrangement.”
Mr. Takayashi Tomo, President
Established in 1931, the company has expanded its business network by high-quality sewing service for major brands like Daks, Michiko London and department stores. (
DoggyMan H.A. Co., Ltd. (Japan)
“DoggyMan is very keen in offering new products to the market and we will develop about 52-100 SKU of novel items each year, that’s why we are constantly exploring new suppliers. My targets this year are new accessories and treats for dogs and cats; though price is important to us, uniqueness is most pivotal. This is our first time to this Fair so the Business Matching Meetings are indeed very helpful, it is certainly complementary to touring around the fairground. We are very much attracted by the products of the suppliers pre-selected by the Business Matching Service, specifically one manufacturing very innovative toys for pets. We have already discussed some OEM conditions with the supplier and after receiving their samples, we will keep on our business discussion.”
Mr. Masahiko Uei, Division Manager
DoggyMan H.A. Co., Ltd. is a pet product manufacturer, distributor, importer, exporter as well as wholesaler in Japan. Their own brands include DoggyMan, CattyMan, Mini Animan, BirdyMan and Aqua Man.
Lakeland (U.K.)
"Reaching out to consumers via our own mail order catalogue, retail stores, and website, we introduce about 1500 new items every year-that's why we are hungry for exciting, innovative ideas. We are looking for products that work well, improve our customer's lives, and are necessary, besides being beautiful designs. We source from Asia, specifically Hong Kong as it is in the heart of the houseware industry; companies here are more professional, and lead the way in design-led products. Under the arrangement of the Business Matching Service, I have met with a number of suppliers and already chosen some items to be further followed up, some of their new gadgets for food preparation are really impressive. We have requested some samples from the pre-screened companies, and if our tests go right, we might have some more winning product for our customers."
Mr. Martin Rayner, Director
Lakeland is a multi-media kitchenware retailer which in the business by mail order, internet and 55 retail stores.
Lubimchik Pet Store Chain (Russia)
“We offer over 5,000 SKU of pet care items in our own outlet chain in Moscow with products sourced from local distributors. Recently we have planned to buy direct from manufacturers but we do not know where to start. Coming to this Fair and riding on the Business Matching Service, we have been able to get acquainted with three professional companies which offer interesting products. They are very, very suitable for us as they are experienced with the Western market and working for reputed brands – this gives us great confidence in any future collaboration. We are also thinking of debuting our own private label and certainly they are among the potential suppliers under our consideration.”
Ms. Dinera Epifanova, Business Development Manager
Play-2001 OOO is a managing company of a retail chain Lubimchik, which was established in 2001. Now it has 61 shops in Moscow and other Russian cities - Novosibirsk, Ussuriysk, Chelyabinsk, Perm and Tumen.
American Achievement Corporation (US)
“These meetings were tremendously helpful. All six of the companies introduced by Buyer Meetings matched our requirements and were a good mix of different types of materials: from stainless steel, pearl and sterling silver manufacturers to fashion watches –all areas of interest for us going forward in product development. The representatives of the Hong Kong suppliers who I met with were enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about the business and today’s trends. The selection at the show is very large….so this was a great way for us to find six targeted suppliers and have meaningful dialogue in just one day. In addition, the show is very well organized and thoughtfully laid out.”
Mr. Andrew Gallina, Chief Marketing Officer
Established in 1913, American Achievement Corporation (A.A.C.) is one of the largest distributors of jewelry and recognition products in the U.S. They are the parent company of well-known labels such as ArtCraved, Keepsake, Balfour and Keystone.
Sears Canada Inc. (Canada)  
“We used to buy from local importers but we are starting to source from Asia for better price and unique designs. All the three companies that referred by Buyer Meetings can match my criteria set in price, quality and design. The stainless steel supplier got new ideas which I like and one of the sterling silver suppliers has pretty pieces which attracted me. I have already selected some items and they will send us quotation by return. It is really a good mix -- to be able to meet with pre-selected suppliers which already know what we require as well as exploring around at the Show.”
Ms. Karri Pasqualini, Buyer
Sears Canada is a multi-channel retailer with a network of 196 corporate stores, 193 dealer stores, 41 home improvement showrooms, over 1,800 catalogue merchandise pick-up locations, 108 Sears Travel offices and a nationwide home maintenance, repair, and installation network.
Grigoros Canada (1989) Inc. (Canada) La Swiss  
“With our own retail network in Canada, we represent high-end Swiss watches as well as selling our own private label ranges. It is great that all the five companies pre-screened by Buyer Meetings could fulfill our requirements. Quality is our premier concern, and we have already spotted out two suppliers – one with very refreshing ceramic watches and another with steel auto chronograph watches which we have already chosen some styles to place order. One watch-winder supplier is also under consideration. This is a very good arrangement as both sides can get well-prepared and as I am just here for 2 days, this could really save my time and energy!”
Mr. Ben Fu, Purchaser
Established in 1989, Grigoros imported watches from Switzerland and distributed in Canada.
Deals Direct (Australia)
“It is terrific that all three pre-screened companies introduced by Buyer Meetings got the experience of collaborating with online retailers so they know our business model. It is also a good assortment of choices as each supplier represents different tiers of price point as well as product type, from fine jewelry to semi-precious stones and sterling silver. They are also keen, with good quality and competitive price; plus their MOQ is very flexible so we can begin with a low-risk trial. I have confident they will come to us with more suggestions, and in fact I am going to meet the more prospective one again tomorrow for further discussion.”
Mr. Paul Greenberg, Co-Founder
Deals Direct was established in 2004. They are mainly engaging in online business, handling as many as 24 key categories in home family lifestyles products and offering a huge range of 7,500 brand names.
SIMA Industrievertretungen GmbH (Germany)
"The Buyer Meeting that arranged at HKTDC International Lighting Fair 2011 has demonstrated the professionalism of your organization. Not only the meeting arrangement, I also satisfied with the quality of provided suppliers and their detail information was given in advance the meeting. Thank you for providing us such a comfortable meeting environment! ”
Ing. Walter Donig, Light Engineer
Normana Group Gmbh (Chinese Mainland)
"I am very happy and satisfied with the arrangement via Buyer Meetings as three companies are pre-selected according to our requirements. To me this is VIP service and I can tell HKTDC has put a lot of efforts and resources in following up details and organizing these meetings. I like specifically styles from one of the meeting companies as they got very nice platinum items with meticulous craftsmanship. We have agreed to meet with two of them again in a coming fair to be held in Basel for further discussion."
Mr. Jacky Liu, Brand Manager
Shanghai Gracing Group is an established company which has brought many prestigious brands into Chinese Mainland. They have bought Normana (170 years of history) and debuted its first shop in Macau in 2007 and in Shanghai in 2009.
Red Collar Group (China)

"With Buyer Meetings service, our sourcing trip this time has been easy. Thanks for the professional screening work done by the Sourcing Specialists, the meetings had been very smooth and efficient. The Hong Kong designers referred were of great talent and we have even spotted one whose designs fit perfectly with our requirements! We will discuss further for possible cooperation on the debut launch of women's wear collection Autumn/ Winter 2011."

Ms Yunlan Zhang, President
Established in 1995, Red Collar has grown to a leading manufacturer of men's suits and clothing with over 300 specialty shops spreading across cities in Northern China.
JSC "Detsky mir-Centre" (Russia)

"The Buyer Meetings exceeded our expectations, we are happy to have met two suppliers which can provide the products readily. If I knew that this arrangement would be so efficient for us, I would have asked for more products and meetings! We will definitely do it next time. Your coordination between the HKTDC Moscow office and the head office in Hong Kong is very good, your response time and service quality is impressive."

Mr. Michael Safran, Head of Marketing
The largest children's goods retail store network with 50 years of history in Russia, annual revenue is USD 597.2 million. (
Moda Group Pty Ltd (Australia)

"We appreciate the buyer meetings arrangement, you have done a good job in finding me first class suppliers, their quality is good and they are prepared to develop products to suit my market. From the way you handled my sourcing needs, I know that my requests have been taken seriously. The private meetings are perfect as I prefer privacy in our business discussions."

Ms. Kathy Williams, Product Development Manager
Established in 1888, Moda Group is a privately owned Australian company specialising in licensed watches and jewellery, distribution of International brands and the development of private label merchandise for some of Australia's leading retailers. In addition to exporting to retailers and wholesalers in New Zealand and the UK, the company supplies and services a large national retail distribution network through their own sales specialists and agents. (
Future Value Retail Limited (India)

"We always benefit from the services HKTDC provided by, the HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair which is one of the good examples, is the most important toy fair for us. The meetings organised by HKTDC has bought us many good and new suppliers which we cannot find by ourselves. The quality and price are all relevant and we are going to work with two of them. There are actually three other suppliers referred to us last year which we are still cooperating until now."

Mr. Hans Udeshi, CEO-General Merchandise and
Mr. Shree Narayan Sabharwal, Chief
Established in 1994, Future Group is a conglomerate in India with a well-established hypermarket retail business, which runs numerous retail outlets across different consumer groups under a portfolio of brands such as Pantaloons Stores, Big Bazaar, E-zone, Home Town. (
Kidcentral Supply Inc (Canada)

"The sourcing service of Buyer Meetings is outstanding. Business Marketing executives are knowledgeable about many products that I am interested in and they communicate well with the Hong Kong suppliers. There is no way I could have located the amount of suppliers of a special kind through my own contacts, websites and trade fairs! Besides I also find easier and less confusing to search than the websites I have been using."

Ms. Tammy Zilberberg, President, CEO
Established in 2001, supplies to thousands of independent retailers with a multitude of baby product lines. (
Lagardère Services Asia Pacific (Australia)

" Buyer Meetings helps our sourcing trip here by introducing to us precisely the suppliers of up-market stationery. 5 out of 6 companies are good fit with the right products of the right price range. I usually visit local trade shows in Australia, I am happy to know some other suppliers that I may not have chance to know them without your hard work. Based on my experience this time, I will probably come to visit HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair in April and join Buyer Meetings too."

Ms. Angela Papageorge, Category Manager - Stationery, Accessories, Travel, Health & Beauty
Established in 1990, Lagardère Services is one of the major travel retailers of cultural and leisure products in the Asia Pacific region. It operates over 150 retail outlets across Asia-Pacific, with 90 outlets mainly presence in airports and commuter terminals in Australia. For international operations, it covers Singapore, China, HK and Taiwan. (
Heinz Werner GmbH (Germany)  

"We visited the HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter, a regional hub for fashion industry players, to source for suppliers of children trousers. The Buyer Meetings service introduced us to 5 pre-screened suppliers in just one morning and we found 4 of them were great match in terms of trousers' style as we are looking for those that are sophistically washed. Reliability was also important in supplier relationship and such face-to-face meetings provided us a perfect setting to identify qualified potential suppliers."

Mr Erik Werner, Managing Proprietor
Established in 1977, importer, exporter and distributer of children and teenager "ready-made" jeans and sportswear under own brand name of Flix, Flixine, Fip.
Bulthaup GmbH & Co (Germany)

“To ride on the trend of going green, we plan to switch from using traditional T8 to LED lighting for our kitchen system projects and thus, made our first visit to the HKTDC Hong Kong Int'l Lighting Fair. The Buyer Meetings service helped plan our trip very well by pre-selecting us high potential manufacturers; the meetings indeed were targeted and efficient. Without such professional service, it might take us at least three times the effort in order to locate the right companies!”

Mr Friedrich Rehm, Department Head and
Mr Veit Bechte, Head of Innovation & Development
Established in 1949, Bulthaup GmbH & Co KG is an importer, exporter and manufacturer of kitchen system with flagship store in HK. The company has 600 staff and with a network of 500 bulthaup partners in some 50 countries worldwide. (
Orbital International SRL (Argentina)

“Orbital distributes sunglasses and optical frames across South America. Our first visit to the HKTDC Hong Kong Optical Fair was nicely organized by using the Buyer Meetings service. While we often find it hard to locate the real manufacturers, the Buyer Meetings helped do the job well with its thorough industry knowledge and network.”


“We were particularly interested in a couple of companies for lenses and machinery. This service provided a one-stop sourcing solution to fulfill for multiple product categories. To further take advantage of the service's year-round support, we have placed a new sourcing request to the Sourcing Specialists for frame painting machines.”

Mr Lucas Milossi, Product Manager
Established in 1988, Orbital is the importer, distributor, designer and retailer which deals with sunglasses, optical frames, snow goggles, watches, snowboard helmets. It's annual production capacity is 100,000 - 150,000 pieces of sunglasses or optical frames. (
Office 1 Superstore (Bulgaria)  

“My first visit to the HKTDC Hong Kong Int'l Stationery Fair surprised me with the Buyer Meetings which efficiently lined me up with over 10 relevant suppliers in just one day. The referrals were relevant and their innovative products have really caught my interest. I would meet with 4 to 5 of them again the next day to discuss further on cooperation opportunities.”

Mr Dobromir Antov, Commercial Director
Office 1 Superstore supplies a complete range of office products, machines, furniture and services to its corporate clients or individual consumers via its e-Commerce platform as well as 160 retail stores across Bulgaria. (
Kazim Kenzo (Germany)

“Apart from selling high quality stainless steel watches, I have been constantly sourcing relevant watch components for developing a new line. However, I often find it difficult in locating the right manufacturers by myself mostly owing to language barriers and insufficient information.”


“As I am quite confident about Hong Kong's watch industry for its strong technological capability and quality, I returned to the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair in September 2010. I was surprised to be connected to a handful of relevant suppliers by the Buyer Meetings. With the Sourcing Specialists' pre-screening works, the 'real' manufacturers could be easily spotted. I also found the suppliers referred from this source were serious and the relaxed private meeting room also allowed the conversations to be more focused and efficient.”

Mr Kazim Kenzo
Established in 2005, wholesaler, retailer and importer of watch products, own brand 'Kazimon'. (
Angus & Coote/ Prouds (Australia)

“Established in 1902, Prouds has become one of the largest retail chains of fine watches and jewelleries in Australia and we always want to enhance our current supplier list to explore more possibilities. When I re-visited the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair in September 2010, I was introduced to two Hong Kong suppliers via the Buyer Meetings and one of them was a perfect match in providing our desired kind of watches.”


“I often visit the Watch & Clock Fair to look for quality suppliers. Apart from product quality, for a sizeable retail chain like us, quality control, delivery schedule, communication and responsiveness are our key factors of concern and these, I believe, are also the competitive edge of the Hong Kong suppliers.”

Mr Gareth Edwards, Senior Group Buyer - Swiss Watches & Private Label
Established in 1902, large retailer chain of fine jewellery in Australia, annual turnover around AUD 50 - 100 million. (
St. Moritz Watch Corp (Canada)  Photo

“Being a market leader in water-proof sports watches, St Moritz's Momentum® branded products are sold in over half of the 1,500 SCUBA specialty stores across Canada and the US and distributed in a growing number of other countries. To cater for the growing demand, we are always open to meet with new suppliers to diversify our sources of supply and look for different ideas. To us, functionality, quality and reliability are all equally important.”


“As many Hong Kong watch manufacturers are increasingly strong at design and technology application, the Watch & Clock Fair is one of our main sourcing destinations. While visiting it in September 2010, the Buyer Meetings service effectively referred potential Hong Kong suppliers to us. We see this Fair as a 'working fair' which is really practical to get things done. We will definitely use the HKTDC referral service more in the future and would love to see even more meetings set up next time we are in Hong Kong.”

Mr Mike Patterson, Controller and
Mr Simon Pennell, President & CEO
Established in 1980, St. Moritz is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of high quality sports watches, with offices, warehouse facilities and service centers in Canada, USA and Europe. The company's products are sold to sports chains, catalog companies and automobile manufacturers in the world, primarily under the company’s own Momentum brand. (
Deals (Australia)  Photo

“Over the past 6 years of business operation, Deals Direct is now Australia's No. 1 online department store, carrying 20 consumer categories covering houseware and lifestyle products. To expand our sub-category of watches, I visited the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair 2010 for possible suppliers. My sourcing needs were well fulfilled by the Buyer Meeting service which tactfully pre-screened me potential suppliers for meeting in person onsite. Such arrangement was fantastic and initiated a good starting point for my buying team to continue the business discussions after the fair.”

Mr Paul Greenberg, Co-Founder, Business Development
Established in 2004, the company operates as a small to medium business via multiple retail channels, offering a huge range of 7,500 big brand names and quality products at heavily discounted prices in a large variety of product categories, such as toys, wine, electrical appliances, homewares, home furniture, outdoors, sports and fitness, apparel, floor rugs, etc. (
IVS GmbH (Germany)

“As the sales agency of a number of well-known brands, we are responsible for some of their sales, logistics and marketing. We have been sourcing from Asia and this time we are looking for corded / cordless phones, GSM phones for the senior, walkie-talkie; and of course any new stuff since the market is always changing. ”


“These Buyer Meetings are excellent – from the stage of selecting suppliers when we were in Germany, receiving feedback on their background information, to our meetings here. This is supplementary to the HKTDC website and the HKTDC Enterprise which we are also using. Four out of the five suppliers we met today supply products which fit our demand and we'll follow up with. This service is absolutely useful and focused.”

Mr. Jurgen Seegerer, Divisional Manager
IVS (Industrievertretung Schweiger GmbH), founded in 1991, is characterized by selected brands like DeTeWe, doro, MOTOROLA, swissvoice and TOPCOM and diversified products, such as mobile phones, two-way radios (PMR), baby monitors and low radiation phones. (
X5 Retail Group (Russia)

“With recent diversification into the non-food categories, we'd like to establish direct contacts with suppliers instead of sourcing through distributers. This time I am sourcing household consumer electronics and toys. It is good to meet with potential suppliers in person so that I can know whether they are open to the idea and competitive enough.”


“This buyer meeting arrangement is very rewarding as we have very limited knowledge of Hong Kong suppliers. And with so many exhibitors at the fairground, it is easier to have the relevant ones pre-sorted and learned in advance if they are interested or have export experience to Russia. I have found some prospective suppliers at the meetings and we will keep on our discussion.”

Mr. Anders Brorstrom, Non-Food Purchasing Department Director
Established in 1995, X5 Retail Group N.V. is the largest retail company in Russia in sales, operating in 3 different store formats, such as soft discounters, supermarkets and hypermarkets around Russia. X5 wins the TOP 100 Russian retail business ratings in 2008. (
Tokyo Shinyu Co, Ltd (Japan)

“Having won the 2009 Barrier-Free and Universal Design Prime Minister's Distinguished Achievement Award, we are looking for EMS provider to manufacture 426 MHz band radio wave products under OEM projects. We used to produce in Japan but we have changed to outsource the manufacturing generation to China for better cost effectiveness.”


“I have sought assistance from different trade organizations and found HKTDC the best. The staff is indeed very helpful and professional. This type of buyer meetings specifically works for us because EMS providers seldom exhibit at the Electronics Fair, and for manufacturing transmitter and wristwatch-type receiver, we really need reliable and quality suppliers which are hard to identify just by visiting the Fair. I have already signed a non-disclosure agreement with one of the potential suppliers met and I am going to visit their office soon.”

Mr. Norihito Uemaru, Product Development Manager
Established in 1985, Shinyu is a manufacturer of most functional assistive devices for the hearing impaired individuals and the elderly. The company also supplies health and nursing equipment to clinic, hospitals and elderly homes. Shinyu has more than 300 sales agents in Japan. (
Monster Cable Products. Inc. (US)

“We feel strongly that lifestyle products of trendsetting designs and distinguished functional performance will bring Monster to the next level. In order to achieve this, we need superior suppliers who share our persistence to reach the unreachable top. The HKTDC knows suppliers well and can certainly help a great deal in our vendor searching process.”


“We also concur with the way the HKTDC find the prospective suppliers. It identified the most relevant companies for us to meet with, so we feel assured that our interests have been best taken care of. We have yet to finish today's meetings but we are already talking about the next round of Buyer Meetings, Monster is very pleased to maintain a long-term working relationship with the HKTDC.”

Mr Elbert Lee, Sr. Product Area Manager and
Mr. Kendrew Lee, Creative Design Director
Established in 1979, Monster is now the world's leading manufacturer of high performance cables that connect audio/video components for home, car and professional use as well as computers and computer games. Monster Cable is an indispensable component for music lovers, audiophiles, recording studios, sound professionals, musicians, custom-installers and home theater enthusiasts. (
Inno-Vite (Canada)

“With our aim to look for supplements with formulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we made our first visit to Hong Kong, a regional hub with proximity to Mainland China where TCM originates. Apart from attending ICMCM 2010, our trip was much enhanced by the Buyer Meetings.”


“The sourcing specialists were very effective in sorting out the higher potential suppliers for us. Only these face-to-face meetings allowed us to know whether the companies are serious, well-developed, reputable and most importantly, with production capacity. Interested products have been identified from the meetings. Thanks to TDC, our sourcing trip this time has been very fruitful.”

Mr Cornelius Pasare, President and
Mrs Donna Pasare, Vice President
Established in 1983, Inno-Vite is a key player in natural health products in Canada with annual sales turnover of US$10 million. It is a national distributor of specialty health from vitamin supplements to health food stores and natural pharmacies including ABACO Health, Good Health Vitamins, Nutraways, Vitamin Shop, Aviva Natural Health & Fitness, Good N' Natural and Nutrition Plus, etc. (
Purity Life Health Products (Canada)
“Our second visit to ICMCM in August 2010 was enriched by Buyer Meetings which professionally lined us up with relevant Hong Kong suppliers of health supplements. Product uniqueness and functionality are the key and we support the idea of crossing over natural herbal medicine with western technology. We believe companies in Hong Kong are sophisticated enough and there would be no concern on GMP and product quality. Of the 5 companies met, we have strong intention in following up with 4 for further discussions.”
Mr David Chapman, President and Founder
Established in 1984, the company is one of the leading suppliers of natural health products directly servicing over 5,000 health food, pharmacies and practioner accounts across Canada, carrying over 100 brands of health related products. Purity is now an importer, marketer, broker and distributor with exclusive distribution rights for several product lines. In October 2000, Purity received the 'Supplier of the Year' Award from the Canadian Health Food Association. (
Mayhew's Wholesale (Canada)

“The idea of pre-arranged meetings held onsite is innovative and eye-opening. It allows me to have in-depth discussions with suppliers that I am specifically interested in.”


“These meetings are time-saving and allow me to meet pre-selected Hong Kong suppliers of artificial flowers and home & garden décor items. Each meeting was relevant. I was able to visit one suppliers' showroom during the show. Because of time restraints, I was not able to visit other showrooms of these pre-selected suppliers, but our buyers will return to Hong Kong in October, and will make appointments to visit a few more showrooms, and we will definitely let HKTDC know the results of those visits. I would certainly recommend this service to other business partners, and I plan to use this service again in the future.”

Mr Doug Mayhew, President
Incorporated in 1985, Mayhew's is a major importer and wholesaler for high quality artificial trees, flowers & plants with customers across North America and Asia (including Singapore and Hong Kong). The company handles other items such as home decorative accessories and garden decorative items. The company also has a registered trademark, Nature's Image® and also introduced Berdestone® trademark for frostproof home & garden pieces along with other items such as wrought iron accessories and exquisite vases & containers. The company's annual turnover reaches CAD 2 million. (
The Chrisco Group (Australia)
“We have been operating as an mail-order lay-by company in Australia and New Zealand since 1993 and the trade fair visit is one of our main sourcing channels. To enrich our 2011 catalogues of houseware items, we visited the HKTDC Summer Sourcing Show for possible supplier contacts. We appreciated very much the Buyer Meetings arranged on the fairground which connected us with several relevant Hong Kong suppliers. The meetings were great – very targeted and time-saving!”
Ms Michele Deacon, Head of Customer Service,
Mr Neil Sinclair, Group Commercial Manager and
Mr Richard French
Established in 1993 with about 160 staff, Chrisco Group is a Christmas hamper company in Australia. The company is an e-retailer selling a vast variety of products online including toys, gifts, home furnishings, decorations, branded consumer electronic products, kitchenwares, furniture, etc. The company owns a warehouse in Shenzhen and ranges over 700 stock-keeping units in their gift catalogues alone. (
Top Value Imports of Australia (Australia)
“Focusing on wholesaling houseware items and local retailers in Australia, I have tried to source from the Chinese Mainland suppliers directly but experience showed less effective this way. So we turned to HKTDC for possible connection to HK suppliers as I believe their similar business mentality as well as strong sense of international business could facilitate the business cooperation.”

“While visiting the HKTDC Gifts & Premium Fair in April 2010, I was lined up with several Hong Kong suppliers through the Buyer Meetings. They are very well matched and I am confident in being able to work with some of them after further discussions. The buyer meetings are so targeted that makes my sourcing trip hassle-free.”
Mr Gerry Liu, Director
Established in 1994, Top Value is a key gifts & decoration importer and wholesaler in Australia, with client bases of over 2,000 retailers. The main products include ceramics, glassware, giftware, homeware, kitchenware, handcrafted wooden items, and Christmas decorations. Key customers include The Reject Shop, Go-Lo, Red Dot, Sydney Hot Dollars Group, The Warehouse, etc. (
Auchan International (Shanghai) International Trading Company Ltd (France)
“We are sourcing worldwide for our hypermarkets and supermarkets in Europe. This time we are looking for baby products which we plan to develop under our own brand. The quality of the products is thus of prime importance for this sourcing trip.”

“We are taking part in the onsite Buyer Meetings for the first time and we are really impressed by the quality level of its service. From supplier selection to meeting venue and every detailed arrangement, everything matches our expectations. We have met interesting suppliers and we plan to visit some of their factories soon to make further decision. Overall, the key point of matching services is to make sure that selected suppliers really understand our needs. This makes our discussion and progress quick and efficient. We duly appreciated your support and we are confident about the positive outcome of such effort.”
Mr. Gregory Descheemaeker, Product Manager and Mr Thomas Merchandise, Eastern-Asia Sourcing Manager
Established in 1961, Auchan is the 13th largest retailer in the world and 7th in Europe with a turnover of 50 billions USD and 1100 European stores. With 210,000 employees all over the world. Auchan is present in 13 countries and region and develops its activities through four core businesses: hypermarkets, supermarkets, real estate and banking. (
Beijing Anhai Xingye Cultural Development Co Ltd (China)
“We took part in this buyer meeting at the Fair to source for stylish gift and premium items for our customers including theme parks such as the Watercube national institutions, as well as giftware projects for special events such as the World Expo 2010.”

“This type of pre-screened meetings arranged at fairground certainly offers tremendous help to buyers like us. We are referred to suppliers which precisely meet our expectation – offering desirable products with quality and design of international standard which is pivotal to the Chinese Mainland consumers nowadays. I will keep in touch with those prospective companies and hopefully place orders for products we are interested in.”
Ms. Helen Liu, Purchasing Manager
The company is licensed for the development, production and marketing of franchised items of the Water Cube in Beijing. Its headquarters are located right in the Water Cube, and its franchised store started operating on 26th September, 2008 and today receives tens of thousands of visitors daily. The company employs over 180 staff, and has opened several branch stores in various locations in China. (
Beijing Huanneng Gifts Co Ltd (China)
“Since 1996 we have been representing the brand, U.S. Polo Assn., in Mainland China as its sole agent for the gifts & premium section. Recently we aspire to further diversify its product categories and I trust the Buyer Meetings will offer me a good chance to find quality designs from Hong Kong.”

“The meetings have met my expectation as I found the products of the selected companies all appealing. It has also given me nice surprise as some suppliers already owned wholesale or retail experience in the Mainland, so they are familiar with the official procedures and have already got the required documents for doing business in the Mainland – this will definitely facilitate future collaboration.”
Ms. Ruby Chiu, General Manager
The company is the sales agent of the U.S. POLO ASSN in China, and is responsible for the development and trading of U.S. POLO ASSN products. The company has also obtained approval to use the word "America" in its Chinese brand name(s) for its garments, watches, gifts, underwear and bedding products. The company is now planning to expand its gift market acivities in China.
Starcrest Products of California, Inc. (US)
“Starcrest Products of California, Inc. is a unique general merchandise, mail order and web retailer that found the Buyer Meetings held during the HKTDC Hong Kong Gifts and Premium Fair in April 2010 exceeding their expectations. As Starcrest Products of California, Inc. is considered to be America's premier item merchant, we found the arrangement of pre-selecting companies a tremendous use of our limited time.”
Mr. Frank Hartless, General Merchandise Manager
Established in 1976, Starcrest of California is a privately owned company carrying different kinds of gift items and sells products through mail order and the Internet. Products include gifts, kitchenware, garden tools and houseware, etc. Company's annual turnover is around USD 0.5 to 1 billion, with emplyees around 4,000. (
Newegg Inc. (US)
“Newegg Inc. is the second-largest online retailer in the United States offering a comprehensive selection of electronic products ranging from home appliances to high-tech products. Offering over 40,000 items on our website and running our own inventory, we always need to source for new suppliers and new products -- whether they are big brands or small, good quality ones. ”

“This is also why I come to the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2010 and attended the pre-arranged Buyer Meetings. The meetings were very interesting with all three companies showing good products of which I am spotting for, and I will go into further discussion with them. The buyer meeting is very useful as it saves me time and efforts running around; usually it takes us months to find a potential match.”
Mr. Dennis Auyang, Director of Product Management
Established in 2001, Newegg Inc. is the 2nd largest online-only retailer in the US next to The company is also a leading e-commerce re-seller of computers, computer components, and consumer electronics. Newegg has around 1,900 employees with annual turnover USD 2.1 billion in 2008. (
JVC Canada Inc (Canada)
“Traditionally, the sourcing and procurement process were handled by our head office in Japan. Taking the chance that I am visiting Hong Kong and the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair, I hope to find some new innovative products for our domestic market !V such as 3D glasses I am interested in this time.”

“Through the Buyer Meetings, we have come across a good potential partner who also collaborates with other national manufacturers. We had a good start in exchanging our requirements and expectations; we will proceed with further discussions and follow up on technical specifications. This pre-screened meeting format is absolutely effective especially with our tight traveling schedule. With this arrangement, both parties know well in advance of what to be expected. It definitely saves time and resources for both parties.”
Mr. Robert Ip, CSP, Senior Marketing & Sales Manager, Recording Media & Accessory Product Sales - Marketing Division
JVC Canada Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Victor Company of Japan Limited. Victor Company of Japan is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of advanced audio and video products. Main products include audio products, digital camcorders, LCD TVs / panels, car accessories and headphones, etc. (
FINK GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
“FINK offers home decorative items to customers who are mostly in Germany and other parts of Europe, including high-end specialty stores, boutique-style furniture shops, as well as interior designers and architects.”

“We are looking for exclusivity: therefore we are eyeing suppliers with uniqueness in their design and workmanship which no others can easily copy. We aim at establishing long-term partnership so we prefer to meet them face-to-face as in the buyer meetings so as to tell whether they are the right type of partners. It is good that the HKTDC arranged us pre-screened meetings at the Houseware Fair. In fact it is creating a network or a platform from which we can connect with potential suppliers who cannot be found by ourselves easily. This is the first time we try this method and certainly we would like to use it again in the future.”
Mr. Georg Messing, General Manager
Established in 1984, with headquarter in Bocholt, Germany, Fink as a brand offers silver-plated living accessories and gifts for over 25 years. Successful articles, created by designers like Henry Fink, have influenced the range since the foundation of the company. Artisan unique quality, aesthetical aspects and the appreciation of customers are absolutely important for Fink. (
Skyworth Digital Group Co Ltd (China)
“Building on our experience in manufacturing, we have ventured into the retail sector in 2008 and our current distribution channels comprise retail shops, TV marketing and our own website.”

“Nowadays many Mainlanders already have the consuming power to buy high-end products and international brands, but there are just not enough varieties in the market to whet their appetite. The Buyer Meetings indeed offers a win-win platform for us and Hong Kong companies. Through this service, Hong Kong brands can get to know strong business partner like us to enter into the Mainland, while we are also introduced to Hong Kong brands that can jazz up our product spectrum.”

“This time we have met selected suppliers from seven different household categories and I must say the HKTDC Sourcing Specialists have been very professional in finding the appropriate match for each product group. This unique meeting format is very targeted and truly an effective way for us to find quality products from Hong Kong.”
Mr. Li Hai Bao, Business Director
Skyworth Digital Group Co Ltd (China)
"This time my team is specifically looking for skincare products and I am glad to find all meeting companies very well-prepared, bringing the appropriate samples which we are looking for. These pre-arranged Buyer Meetings are also very targeted, for instance, one of the selected companies has sold to vendors with similar distribution channel as ours. The all-rounded information provided earlier by the Sourcing Specialist to both parties has also allowed us to have a better idea of whom we are going to talk to, and indeed facilitate our communication at the meetings. We are interested in collaborating with all the four companies we have met and we will go on to discuss further details."
Ms. Gui Ting, Goods Importer In-charge
Established in 1988, Skyworth Group has grown from a small remote control manufacturer to the top 10 TV brand in the world. The company has 40 subsidiaries, 176 branch offices and around 10,000 distributors in China. Skyworth's annual turnover is HKD 1.53 billion in 2008. Export market of Skyworth Group's TC include US, Japan, Russia, South Africa, East Asia, the Middle East and EU area. (
UTC spol. s r.o. (Czech Republic)

“With our business running since 1991, we usually rely on trade fair visits to source kitchenware and houseware items for distribution to supermarkets and hypermarkets in Czech Republic, Central and Eastern Europe. Nowadays, items with trendy designs but at lower price range would be our targets to satisfy the price-conscious consumers.”


“Though we missed the HKTDC Hong Kong Houseware Fair in April 2010 due to the volcanic ash plume, we were able to meet with relevant Hong Kong suppliers face-to-face by the Buyer Meetings when we flew over in May. The meeting arrangement was so effective and we found three of the referrals were very good hits. We even managed to place order with one supplier on the spot.”

Mr Jakub Valnicek, Manager
Established in 1991, UTC is the main distributor and wholesaler of kitchenware and houseware products, carrying brands including Provance, Toro & UTC. UTC has over 16 distribution channels throughout Central and Eastern Europe covering Poland, Russia and Ukraine etc with annual turnover around EUR 21 million. (
Trelise Cooper Group Limited (New Zealand)

“Positioned as ladies!| high fashion designer wear, a retailer and exporter based in New Zealand, Trelise Cooper is searching for quality garment accessories such as buttons, lace and embroidered fabric trims to create distinctive and directional clothing.”


“During my visit to the HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer in July 2010, I was warmly welcomed, with pre-organised buyer meetings held at the fairground.? I really appreciate the preparatory work of the HKTDC Sourcing Specialists; these pre-arranged meetings were very specific and effective in connecting me with relevant suppliers. I would definitely use the service again for other sourcing needs in the future!”

Ms Toni Mitchell, Production Manager
Established in 1997 by Trelise Cooper, the company is a ladies' high fashion designer, retailer and exporter. It has 10 own retail outlets across Australia and New Zealand. Besides, their collections are sold in boutiques in the UK, USA, Paris, Rome, Singapore and throughout Australasia. (
Maggie-T Corporation (Australia)
“Maggie-T is constantly looking for new factories and more possibilities as well as opportunities for our business. The idea of Buyer Meetings is new to us but we found it a good end-to-end service to interact with the prospective Hong Kong suppliers during the Fashion Week. One of the companies we met was particularly interested in knitwear which was then followed up by a meeting in their Hong Kong office.”

“The company profiles we received prior to the meetings surely helped pave the way and speeded up the whole negotiation process. Our future planning will certainly include a visit at the HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week.”
Ms Joy Sillitto, General Manager
Maggie-T has been recognized as Australia's leading designer fashion label specialising in fashion for larger sizes. Currently Maggie-T owns 7 brands, where 2 of them are over-sized brand. The company has 28 outlets across Australia and is selling some selected items in Myer Stores Australia wide. (
Mr. Craig Roberts
The Shopping Channel (Canada)
“I haven’t come across any similar custom-made service provided at other trade fairs, and I found the Buyer Meetings offered by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council very accommodating.”

“I have met four pre-selected suppliers, and one of them hit – this is already very valuable as it is not easy for us to find a good contact for our unique sourcing needs; getting a right one is terrific!”
Ms. Gabi Kube, Merchandising Manager
The Shopping Channel is Canada’s only 24-hour broadcast retailer. They have over 15,000 items on hand, including brand name electronics, stylish home décor, baking essentials, beauty and fine jewellery, etc. (
Magnolia Silver Jewellery (Australia)
“We are looking for special supplies needed for our designers such as special findings, tools and other accessories and it is therefore great that we have the pre-arranged Buyer Meetings which the HKTDC has already screened the targeted companies for us!”

“We are thinking of expanding our retail business in Hong Kong and of course I’ll consider riding on the HKTDC again – I am confident they are well-acquainted with the retail environment and contacts here.”
Mr. Natanel Harpaz, CEO
Established in 1996, Magnolia is specialised in 925 sterling silver jewellery (with precious and semi-precious stones), and silver jewellery watches. It has over 100 stores in Australia, Europe, Canada, etc. They have in-house design teams to develop over 3,000 designs for customers. (
Dorotheum GmbH & Co. KG (Austria)
“We are absolutely delighted to have scheduled the unique Buyer Meetings as we have not anticipated it to be that fruitful. All the four companies we met today match our requirements and they are sincere and well-prepared; one is most likely to become our suppliers.”

“I’ll certainly recommend this service to others – it takes a lot of time to get to know exhibitors at a trade fair, but with these pre-selected suppliers, we already know they offer the kind of quality and quantity we are targeting at; and going through HKTDC, we know they are suppliers we can trust.”
Ms. Karin Stano, Chief Buyer
Established in 1707, the Dorotheum is the biggest auction house in Central Europe and the German-speaking countries and one of the world's leading auctioneers. 9 of their outlets are dedicated to jewellery business, selling classic gold, silver and pearl jewellery. (
Bizou International Inc. (Canada) PIZOU
“The pre-scheduled sourcing meetings are very well organized, they ensure that I can get the most out of my time spent at the fair. We will negotiate further on the quoted prices.”
Ms. Tara Daigle, Accessories Buyer
Established in 1982, Bizou is one of the leading retailers of fashion jewelry and female fashion accessories in Canada. Bizou has more than 120 locations in six Canadian provinces and some 500 employees. Last year, Bizou Boutique launched its online shop, shipping its products throughout Canada and United States. (
Norman Wu
Sald Industries Inc. / Tacwear (Canada) TAC WEAR
“Since we need niche materials fulfilling stringent quality and safety standards, it is not easy to locate suitable suppliers, but with HKTDC's referrals, we met with 11 potential suppliers during our visit to the fair.”

“The pre-arranged meetings make it hassle-free to find the right companies to talk to. We will place orders should the quotations be reasonable.”
Mr. Norman Wu, Designer
Sald Industries was set up since 1990 as a garment manufacturer in Canada. The distribution channel of their own brand "Tac wear" (The Ultimate in Performance Apparel) covers Canada, USA, Germany and Singapore. (
Andreas Tokarski
Happy People GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) HAPPY PEOPLE
“The buyer sourcing meetings supplement our visit at the fair. I can feel rest assured that suitable exhibitors will not be overlooked in such a big trade fair.”
Mr. Andreas Tokarski, Chief Buyer Toys
Established since 1912, Happy People is one of the most important importing companies of sporting, fitness and leisure items from the Far East. It has a subsidiary in Hong Kong - KC Happy People (HK) Ltd. (
Guy Hinze
Bubs Baby Shops (Australia) BUBS
“We are amazed how efficient we can source via buyer sourcing meetings, much is achieved within a few hours.”

“Most meetings are prosperous, we will visit the booths and factories afterwards. The one-stop arrangement allows us to source merchandise and supporting service providers in one visit.”
Mr. Guy Hinze, Managing Director
Bubs Baby has been verified by the Australian Baby Products Association as the first baby products retailer. The company is now one of the top 400 companies in Queensland, owning over 11 superstores. (
ARCOR S.A. (Argentina) ARCOR
“I decided to come to the fair as I found relevant products on the HKTDC's Toys magazine. In the one-to-one pre-arranged meetings, good and relevant suppliers are guaranteed.”
Mr. Diego Endraos, Purchasing Department
Arcor S.A. is an Economical Group of Argentine capitals that counts with 42 productive plants, covering Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru. Employed with over 20,000 staff, their annual turnover has reached USD 2,500 millions. (
Mr. Craig Roberts
Global Baby (New Zealand) Global Baby
“I like the idea of Buyer Sourcing Meetings a lot which is never provided in European fairs.”

“The companies I met are very serious and sincere to do business with us. If the quotation is reasonable, I will place order immediately.”
Mr. Craig Roberts, Director
Global Baby is an New Zealand importer, distributor and retailer of an exclusive range of European baby products, including strollers, capsules, baby clothing and large variety of baby products. (

Supplier Testimonials

“ Buyer Meetings has given us a great helping hand, they have arranged several meetings for us in Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair. When we have HKTDC as the trustworthy middleman, it increases the confidence of both the buyer and the supplier, as well as the chance of closing a deal. A Dubai company is confirming order for our cooling mug and folding cup”

  Ms Betty Niu,
Business Director,
Wemug (HK) Limited (Hong Kong)
“We are indeed amazed by Buyer Meetings Service which has successfully connected us with promising buyers in Fashion Week. A Russian buyer involving in retail and wholesale business has already bought many ladies' leather jackets on site from us. I think everything works so well because the market and price of both sides match perfectly, so we are happy and excited.”
  Ms. Annette Chan,
Managing Director,
Tung Po Fur Enterprises
(Hong Kong)

Success Stories

American Express Plays Right Business Cards
The Buyer Meetings provided big rewards for 6 out of 10 suppliers who successfully entered the programme and were listed in the American Express 2010 Reward Scheme catalogue for gift redemption.