Campaign Highlights
Around 1500 corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, founders and economists attended the Los Angeles edition of ‘Think Asia, Think Hong Kong’, a dynamic event showing how Hong Kong can advance American companies seeking to do business in Asia, including the Chinese mainland. More than 50 industry-leading speakers from the US and Hong Kong addressed the California gathering which took place on 19-20 September 2019, and came after other successful ‘Think Asia, Think Hong Kong’ events in countries including Japan, the UK, Italy and Germany.
04:36 3 Mar 2020
Opening Session
20:28 18 Oct 2019
Main Session
58:50 18 Oct 2019
Special Remarks
05:33 18 Oct 2019
Growing Businesses in the New Economy
44:41 27 Oct 2019
Doing Business in Asia
01:33:36 27 Oct 2019
Financial Technology
01:19:12 27 Oct 2019
Design x Technology Now and Beyond
02:00:54 21 Oct 2019
The Future of Smart Living and Digital Entertainment Part1
28:46 27 Oct 2019
The Future of Smart Living and Digital Entertainment Part2
49:37 21 Oct 2019
What Hong Kong can offer to US Enterprises Part1
01:21:23 3 Nov 2019
What Hong Kong can offer to US Enterprises Part2
01:11:10 21 Oct 2019
Think Finance, Think Hong Kong: Investing in Asia
01:19:23 3 Nov 2019
Think Asia, Think Hong Kong: Hong Kong is the Best Place for Robotics
World-renowned robot Sophia hosts an interview with her Hong Kong-based inventor, David Hanson. He says he set up Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong because it is the best place in the world to make robots. Besides being a centre for robot developers, Hong Kong is also a robotics marketplace, a well-established location for IP protection and encourages an AI eco-system for the Greater Bay Area.
04:18 2 Sep 2019
Think Asia, Think Hong Kong: Food for the Future
US-based Impossible Foods Inc decided on Hong Kong as its first international centre to follow a sustainable mission to eliminate animals from the global food system, says the company’s Heidi Nam. Hong Kong’s reputation for Asian and international cuisines, as well its talented chefs, made it a preferred platform for creative brand development of its unique plant-based products, with access to many strategic alliances.
04:12 2 Sep 2019
Think Asia, Think Hong Kong: Virtual Success
Hong Kong-headquartered Shadow Factory produces VR, AR and enterprise solutions for major brands, companies and agencies, including for large US clients. Partner Amit Chatterjee says Hong Kong provides a geographic advantage in Asia, with the company’s entire production based in the SAR: “The city is always renewing itself with new ideas and industries – the whole world is here in Hong Kong.”
03:15 2 Sep 2019
Think Asia, Think Hong Kong: Building Connections
US-based CallisonRTKL established its planning, architecture and design practice in Hong Kong to connect mainland China operations with the rest of the region, according to the firm’s Darryl Custer. He says as Hong Kong is at the centre for Asian business, its US practices have contributed to innovative healthcare solutions for hospitals, for example, while it recently provided distinctive design for expanding mainland companies like Duty Zero.
04:12 24 Jun 2019
Dane Smith on Hong Kong Advantage
"Think Asia, Think Hong Kong" is a mega promotion organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to attract more overseas companies to use Hong Kong’s service platform to tap into the mainland and the Asian market.

It will feature a main symposium, a high-level dinner and various sector-specific sessions. Consultation with Hong Kong service providers and business matching meetings will also be arranged.
00:58 2 May 2019