Herbal Tea

Herbal Tea originated in the Guangdong Province in the lands of the southernmost part of China where the weather is hot, rainy and humid, a little carelessness would cause someone to fall ill with such minor problems as colds, rashes, sore throats, acne and so forth. Therefore, it has been the conventional wisdom for southerners to resort to drinking Herbal Tea, which supposedly consists of the element of “coolness” to effectively heal the “hotness” within the human body, and help with detoxication, exhaustion and urination. Its popularity and application are not only restricted to the lands in southernmost China, but also the subtropical countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, which was brought in and spread by the Chinese immigrants long time ago. As it might be said, where there are Chinese people, there is Herbal Tea.
In 2006, Herbal Tea was officially recognized and listed as one of the 518 National Intangible Cultural Heritages by the State Council of China. In fact, there is a wide variety of Herbal Teas and each has its particular function, such as “24 herbs”, “tea of five flowers”, ”cold remedy”, “canton”, “mulberry leaves and chamomile”, “common selfheal”, “honeysuckle flower”, “turtle jelly tea”, “asiatic centella”, ”hemp seeds”, “India fieldcress”… It must be noted that there are no set formulas for a single type of Herbal Tea because each of those century-old shops would have its unique ways of preparation, whose reputable brand names of quality have sustained their survival thus far. In addition, new kinds of Herbal Teas with refreshing new flavors have also been launched in recent years, such as “sea Coconut and pear tea, winter melon and barley tea, mulberry plum and hawthorn tea, chia seeds and mountain begonia tea, and fig and monk fruit tea. As long as there are novel ideas to meet consumer demands, more new kinds of Herbal Teas are yet to come.

Recommended Shops

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Address: G/F., 226 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
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2) Yip Heung
Address: Lau Herbal Tea104 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
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3) Lik Sun Tong
Address: 150A Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
Telephone: 31070249