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HKTDCHKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)


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SmartTech IoT Conference – “ IoT Revolution - How does it benefit your Business?”
The IoT Revolution is changing our lives, bringing new business opportunities and enhancing the overall efficiencies in different industries. Heavy-weighted speakers from international renowned enterprises including HP, Intel, Microsoft, Philips, Samsung, Texas Instrument, etc. will share with us their views on the global trends and development of IoT, as well as how we are able to benefit from it! REGISTER for FREE now!
iot IoT Technology
The fair showcases innovations in wireless connected electronic devices which are IoT-enabled. Click here to view some of the devices with IoT Technology at the fair including those from the debut Smart Tech Zone!
SmartTech Unlock the latest sourcing intelligence on Mobile Entertainment and SmartTech Products
Receive the latest sourcing trend and product information in a digital way for FREE! In addition to the specialised product magazines published by HKTDC, we also care for your need to learn about the emergence of new product trends. View the Mobile Entertainment (Headphones, Wireless Speakers) and SmartTech (Intelligent Home) Magazines now.
photo Source Small Grow Big
Online payment via PayPal and shipping arrangement are both enabled to help you source at east. Buy now on smallorders.hktdc.com.
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Electronics And Lighting Fairs Open This Month
New Tech and IoT Solutions in the Spotlight
Hall of Fame Hall of Fame
The Hall of Fame is a dedicated zone for the highest-quality products. View the cutting-edge innovations and creative designs from over 510 renowned brands.

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