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Exhibitors' & Buyers' Comments


Empowered with decades of experience and expertise in organising trade exhibitions, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) is reputed internationally for its outstanding performance.


Our trade exhibitions have been the distinctive platforms where both exhibitors and buyers alike explore business opportunities. At HKTDC's world-class events where buyers and exhibitors from different countries and regions converge, our comfortable and convenient venue provides the perfect venue where they can negotiate business, exchange the latest market intelligence, and establish business contacts.


The HKTDC sincerely invites you to join this exhibition, to explore the way to success.



Exhibitors' Comments Buyers' Comments


Exhibitors' Comments



Established in 1983, Delta Pyramax produces and supplies fire and smoke protection systems, HVAC systems and building-related equipment. We’ve extended the scope of our businesses to the distribution of medical devices over the last decade to cope with growing market demand. Our company has been participating in this Medical Fair for the past few years to promote a series of high quality medical and rehabilitation equipment we distribute. This year’s highlights include an electric and ergonomic toilet aid from the Netherlands for elderly and patients with limited movement ability as well as a contact-free monitoring device from Finland designed for detecting heart rate variability and the stress level when you are asleep. This is an excellent exhibition and it’s getting better and better each year. The concurrent Hospital Authority Convention generates good synergy effect and draws a large number of practitioners to the fair. Last year, we successfully struck a deal to provide luminous sky ceiling for Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital. We’ve met so many visitors and potential customers this year. The response has been even better than last year. This is another successful show and we are positive about explore business cooperation with the new contacts.”
Webby W.Y. Lau, Marketing Manager, Delta Pyramax Engineering Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no.: 3G-A20)


 “In business for 25 years, APL is engaged in the sale and distribution of healthcare and medical equipment in Australia. We are distributing Mediana automated external defibrillators (AED) in Australia and Asia Pacific. AED is a portable simple-to-use electronic device that can diagnose cardiac arrhythmias and help reverse the potentially fatal disorder. The product has been selling well in Australia. We are participating in this Medical Fair for the first time to introduce this technology to Hong Kong and Asia. We have received a lot of interest from many visitors including buyers from Hong Kong, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. This fair really opens up opportunities to find customers and increase people’s awareness about the value of AED. We are very impressed with the turnover of visitors. The organiser has done a great job bringing together a large number of buyers here and providing support to our exhibition. We hope to make it an annual event to grow our presence.”

Julian Cosgrave, General Manager, APL Group Pty Ltd, Australia (Booth no.: 3F-F10)


“Our group is participating in this Medical Fair for the third year to showcase the latest medical devices we distribute for business development. In business for 30 years, we also produce medical equipment for the specific needs of customers. This fair offers a unique trading platform to promote our products and acquire both local and overseas customers. We’ve attracted strong responses from buyers this year including potential customers from Hong Kong, the Philippines and Iraq. They expressed keen interest in the branded products we distribute including the wireless medical video series equipment from the US and the luminette light therapy device from Belgium. Further talks will be conducted with the new buyers to develop business relationships after the exhibition. The fair is getting more and more exciting every year.”
Rita Wong, Senior Marketing & Business Development Manager, Healthcare Technology International Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no.: 3F-G24)


“This is the first time we have established a Pakistan group participation in Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair. Pakistan is very strong in the production and export of stainless steel medical and dental equipment to the world. A number of European brands are working closely with Pakistan companies through OEM cooperation. We’ve brought together four companies from Pakistan showcasing a variety of medical instruments and accessories in our group participation this year. We have received a lot of enquiries and many buyers expressed keen interest in our quality products. Our participating companies are negotiating with several buyers from Korea, Japan, Europe and Hong Kong for business cooperation with some deals expected to be concluded soon. With the progress of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, we expect to see increasing business exchanges between businessmen of Hong Kong, Pakistan and the Chinese mainland. This fair offers a good place to develop business. We are satisfied with the results. We hope to exhibit again with a bigger group participation next year to expand our presence.”
Ali Awan, Trade Development Officer, Consulate General of Pakistan in Hong Kong (Booth no.: 3F-D09)


“We are distributing the innovative AliveCor Mobile ECG in Hong Kong. Our debut participation in this Medical Fair forms part of our marketing campaign to promote the device powered by the Kardia app that runs on compatible smartphones or tablets. Simple rest it on your fingers to record an ECG in just 30 seconds to monitor and manage your heart’s health. The ECG records can be shared with doctors easily when needed. We’ve received strong enquiries from a lot of buyers from different places including Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ireland and Slovakia. Some of them have bought samples from us. We will be engaged in further discussions with these customers. The prospect of business development looks promising. Hong Kong is really a business and trading hub, and the exhibition results are encouraging.”
Sebastian Behler (right), Department Director, Healthcare Technologies, Illies East Asia Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no.: 3G-B20)


“Established in 1993, Janley is now a well-established supplier distributing a wide range of advanced medical, home care and rehabilitation products from Europe. This is our first participation in this Medical Fair to reach out more customers. Our exhibition highlights include smart bathroom solutions from Denmark as well as innovative rehabilitation products from Germany and hospital products from Czech Republic. We strive to provide the best products to help patients and elderly people to live a safer and better life in hospital or at home. Many representatives of local hospitals and elderly homes came to us and they expressed strong interest in our offerings. We are in talks with a number of new and existing customers for business development. With more hospitals coming on stream and increasing demand for home care and rehabilitation products, we are positive about business growth. This fair is a good place to meet buyers and raise our presence. Our suppliers from Denmark, Germany and Czech have joined us at the exhibition and they are very pleased with the results. We will continue to exhibit here.”
Jeffrey Tai, Managing Director, Janley Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no.: 3F-E01)


"In business for 15 years, ENTpro produces and supplies unique medical devices and products in Sweden with sales presence worldwide. Major markets are Europe and the US, followed by Japan. We are exhibiting in this Medical Fair for the first time to make entry into the Hong Kong market in particular. Our highlights include a nasal rinsing device for people suffering from allergy and nasal problems, a jaw angle support to tackle disruptive snoring and a medical patch for relieving tinnitus. We’ve received an overwhelming response from many buyers including retailers and distributors from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the Chinese mainland. At least four to five Hong Kong companies expressed serious interest in distributing our products. With such strong feedback, it will be a challenge for us to choose the right partners from so many new business contacts. We will stay in Hong Kong for a while after the exhibition to enhance exchanges with potential partners. Everything has been well organised throughout the fair that features a good mix of products. We’ve gained extensive media exposure thanks to the organiser’s assistance. We will consider exhibiting again."
Dr Peter Ahnblad, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, ENTpro AB, Sweden (Booth no.: 3G-B11)


“Founded in 1991, Shenzhen Everbest manufactures a wide range of industrial-related equipment including thermal imagers, infrared thermometers, electrical testers and distance meters. We have also expanded our product lines into medical devices mainly non-contact infrared thermometers. This is our third-year participation in Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair to grow our international presence. A number of buyers have shown strong interest in our products including existing thermometer models as well as a newly-launched infrared thermometer series Leyu Baby that comes in a compact stylish design. We’ve established initial contacts with potential customers from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the UK and Turkey. Three Malaysian buyers already got our samples while at least seven to eight Hong Kong hospitals expressed serious interest in our products. We are positive about entering into business cooperation with these new buyers. This fair is really a very convenient place for us to present our products and acquire customers."
Sara Jin, Sales Representative, Shenzhen Everbest Machinery Industry Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland (Booth no.: 3F-D10)


“PolyU is taking advantage of this Medical Fair again to showcase our latest medical innovations for various applications to both local and international visitors. This fair serves as a solid platform for us to explore cooperation with businesses interested in commercialising the ideas what we are innovating continuously. We’ve drawn positive feedback from many visitors including companies from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, Poland, India and the Chinese mainland. Our iWheelchair system with health and safety monitory functions and RFID-based electronic nursing management system attracted a lot of attention. Some companies have approached to discuss potential collaboration. Other exhibits got a lot of enquiries as well, including an innovative protective garment against X-ray, smart fetal monitory belt and adaptive hydrotherapy wetsuit. A bra producer has come to us exploring cooperation opportunity regarding our uniquely-designed mastectomy bra and prosthesis. The overall results have been encouraging and we will pursue further with the contacts after the fair.”    

Lemon Kwan, Assistant Manager, Institute for Entrepreneurship, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong (Booth no.: 3F-B07J, 3F-B07K,  3G-A16)


“MediConcepts provides one-stop-shop design, consultancy and manufacturing services for medical device development. Our major customers are mostly from Europe and Australia. While equipment designed for medical treatment represents the mainstream development, we expect to see a faster growth in precautionary medical devices driven by technology and big data analytics. We are participating in this Medical Fair for the first time to raise our presence and reach out to more Hong Kong customers. We’ve got in touch with buyers from different places such as Hong Kong, Germany, Poland and the US. The response looks positive and we expect to sign non-disclosure agreements with four to five serious customers for possible cooperation. We are pursuing long-term business relationships and it usually takes six to nine months to exchange ideas and detailed information to get a project off the ground. This fair is a lively event and draws largely professional buyers. We are pleased with the exhibition.”
Benjamin Chan, Managing Director, MediConcepts Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no.: 3F-G18)


“Standard Medi-Tech distributes and supplies a diversity of medical equipment ranging from hospital beds to ward furniture, lockers and consumables for Hong Kong customers. We are participating in this Medical Fair this year to promote our new products including hospital beds with enhanced safety, nursing shoes and clean room work shoes. We are happy with the feedback. A large number of existing and new customers have come to us and expressed serious interest in our products. At least 20 to 30 local elderly homes are the new contacts and we are discussing about possible deals. We’ve also received enquiries from buyers from Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, India and France. Competition is keen in the medical equipment market. This fair serves as a solid platform to promote products and raise our profile among customers. We will exhibit again to expand our presence in the market.”

Jacob Chong, Manager, Standard Medi-Tech Sources Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no.: 3F-H09)



“Our company serves as a central Chinese medicine pharmacy providing integrated dispensing, decoction and delivery services as well as clinical software for Hong Kong Chinese medicine practitioners. We are participating in this Medical Fair to promote our services for the first time. The focus of attention is a computerised medicine dispensing solution that streamlines the work flow. Developed by Beijing Tcmages Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, the system includes dispensing and packaging devices, plus a cabinet for storing Chinese herbal medicine that comes in the form of concentrated granules. Better hygiene, safety and efficiency can be ensured with the setup. We’ve attracted a lot of interest from Chinese medicine practitioners, hospitals, clinics and investors wishing to explore Chinese medicine business. Further talks are needed to establish business cooperation. There is increasing demand for Chinese medicine and associated services. We are positive about the growth prospect. The exhibition results have been better than expectations. We will consider participating in the fair again.”

Eugene Chu, Deputy General Manager, Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Service Centre Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no.: 3F-E16)


“This is our first participation in this Medical Fair to promote our original sleeping aid device SleepingACE. Designed to help people with sleeping difficulty, it applies the transcranial electrical stimulation technology to transmit micro-current to modulate brain wave, relieving stress and enabling better sleep. The response has been overwhelming at the fair. We have met with a number of Hong Kong medical institutions and overseas buyers including companies from Russia, the US, Finland, France, the UK, Luxembourg and Australia. Many of them already bought samples from us. We are in talk with 8 private clinics and a couple of health centres in Hong Kong for possible deals or cooperation. Technology associated with neuroscience is now a hot topic issue and SleepingACE marks a step forward for our business development in this regard. We are now working on more brain function enhancement devices. This year’s exhibition results have exceeded our expectations. We are very satisfied and will exhibit again to grow our presence.”
John Zhao Yu, Product Manager, Advance Electronic & Medical Industries Co Ltd, Hong Kong (Booth no.: 3G-B18)


“We are engaged in the distribution of quality branded medical equipment and major customers are hospitals and nursing homes in Hong Kong. This is our debut in this Medical Fair to showcase our wide-ranging products. We’ve got in touch with more than 100 new and existing customers here, including public and private hospitals and elderly homes. The feedback has been excellent. More than 50 buyers are keen to purchase and have required price quotations. The most sought-after products include shower trolley from Taiwan, mobile folding wall from Germany and reclinable high chair from Australia. We put strong emphasis on quality, safety as well as outlook design that adds extra appeal to medical equipment. Demand for quality medical devices continues to grow given an ageing population, heightened safety concern and a rising number of hospitals. This fair is an excellent platform to reach out to more buyers while our existing customers can come to discover more about our offerings. We will definitely return and exhibit next year.”

May Wong, Sales and Marketing Manager, International Medical Engineering Company Limited, Hong Kong (Booth no.: 3F-G17)


Buyers' Comments



Xiangxue Pharmaceutical is a leading producer and distributor of Chinese medicine based in Guangzhou city of the Chinese mainland. We are actively growing our business towards life science and precise medical treatment for future development. We are visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to find new products and learn about the latest market trends. There are quite a lot to see and discover here. One interesting item is the advanced bone cement available at the booth of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation. We will also explore cooperation opportunities with The Chinese University of Hong Kong in the research and development of wound dressings to complement our business growth. This fair offers a good window to discover advanced medical equipment and products. It’s also a great opportunity to exchange ideas in the industry. This is a very rewarding visit.”
Shi Zhi Wei (left), Engineer, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the Chinese mainland 


In business for 15 years, Concoll is mainly engaged in the supply of medical equipment to various government institutions and hospitals of the Philippines. We are visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to source new medical devices. So far, we’ve already found a number of new suppliers including a Korean exhibitor, three to four Hong Kong companies and two Chinese mainland suppliers for different medical devices such as ECG equipment and video laryngoscope. I am very positive about placing orders with them but it is now too early to predict the amount of business to be concluded. This is an excellent fair with so much on offer. It’s a convenient place to visit and everything has been made so easy and efficient here. We will definitely visit the fair again.”
John Barry A. De Jesus (middle), President/CEO, Concoll Inc., the Philippines 


Zabuthiri Specialist Hospital is one of the biggest privately-run hospitals located in Nay Pyi Taw, the administrative capital of Myanmar. We are expanding our medical services steadily to serve more patients. At present, we source medical devices mainly through local agents. I am visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to find good quality medical equipment from suppliers directly. This is a very impressive exhibition providing a great assortment of new medical products and new technologies. I’ve found some interesting products including a body fluid and cardiac output monitoring system, top-quality medical instruments from the UK and a specially-designed patients’ bed for the care and safety of those suffering from mental disorders. I will discuss with the management team of our hospital and further negotiations will be held with the suppliers to conclude business. This is a very good fair offering a lot of information about the medical field’s latest development. I will certainly visit the fair again.”
Dr Min Thu Naung, Assistant Director, Zabuthiri Specialist Hospital, Myanmar 


“Pharma Care is one of the biggest suppliers of medical devices and consumables in Slovak Republic. We distribute a range of branded products for cardiology, traumatology, angiology, dermatology and surgery from different countries. The company is now expanding sales into Czech Republic. We are visiting this Medical Fair for the first time to source new products. Talks are underway with 10 new suppliers from Hong Kong, the Chinese mainland and the US, involving a variety of items such as surgical gowns and gloves, ECG device, wireless medical video equipment and cardiac output monitoring device. We’ve already got some samples and will study their pricing and market positioning carefully before placing orders.”
Martin Haas, Managing Director, PHARMACARE SLOVAKIA, spol. s r. o., Slovak Republic 


Biomed came into operation in 1989 to import and distribute high quality medical equipment for sale in India. Our products are mainly sourced from the US, Germany, France and Israel. We are now developing the home care and rehabilitation product lines. With an ageing population, rising life expectancy and ongoing breakdown of joint families, more elderly people are living by themselves in India, thus giving rise to demand for silver products. I am visiting this Medical Fair to find home care and rehabilitation products as well as medical equipment. So far, I’ve found 10-15 potential suppliers from the Chinese mainland for various items. We will get more product information and pricing details from the suppliers while market research will be conducted to test response. Initial order may range from several thousand US dollars to US$10,000 for each product. If sales are positive, bigger orders will be made. Hong Kong is an amazing city and the fair offers a good place to do business. I will come again to find more opportunities.”
Dr Mukesh Daftary, President, Biomed Healthtech (P.) Ltd., India 


“In business since 1992, Ziwell is engaged in the distribution of medical devices and health products in Singapore and Malaysia. We currently source products from different places worldwide including Australia, the UK, Korea and Japan, Italy and Spain. I am visiting this Medial Fair for the first time to learn about new technologies and source new offerings. The exhibition features many exhibits and I’ve found some interesting medical devices, nebulisers and disposable consumables for infection controls. I’ve identified two potential suppliers from Hong Kong and will discuss with them for more information such as MOQ and certification for relevant products. The amount of business has yet to be finalised but our order will usually be in the region of US$80,000 to US$100,000 each product. This is quite a good fair. We can find many exhibitors especially from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland here and the timing is just perfect for me.”
Yeo Siew Meng, Pharmacist/Director, Ziwell Medical (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore 


“Royal Medical specialises in the sale of a wide range of medical equipment with a strong client base across Russia. Our products are mainly sourced from Germany, the Chinese mainland, the US, Russia and Korea. This is my fourth visit to Hong Kong International Medical Devices and Supplies Fair to find new products. I have identified four suppliers from Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland for different items such as ultrasound scanner, physiotherapy device, endoscopic surgical equipment with video function and apparatus designed to enable psycho-emotional calm. This is a good fair. Many Chinese mainland exhibitors are providing quality medical equipment here.”
Dima Zhukov, Owner, Royal Medical Trading Co Ltd, Russia


“HON International is a distributor of dental and medical equipment in Taiwan. We are now branching out to home care products and this Medical Fair offers a good chance to source new and interesting items that are currently not available in Taiwan. This is my first visit to this international trade event which features a mix of medical devices and instruments from different places of the world. I’ve found some appealing home care products such as a pain relief instrument, a portable air-purifying device, an ECG device on smartphones and a non-invasive glucose monitor that detects glucose level from saliva instead of blood. Further negotiation will be held with the suppliers while we will carry out internal assessment to pick the most suitable products. This fair is a platform to explore innovative products.”
Lenord Wang, Sales Manager, HON International Trade Corp, Taiwan


“In business for 20 years, Novamed distributes and supplies a variety of medical devices to some 2,000 pharmacies in Poland. We are expanding business with a view to extending sales network to 5,000 pharmacies in the next two years. This Medical Fair offers something good and interesting. I’ve found some potential items including blood pressure monitor, non-contact thermometer, nebulising device, glucose monitoring instrument with saliva testing and ECG app on smartphones. We will discuss further with the suppliers. Market research will be conducted for relevant products and we will formulate a comprehensive marketing plan accordingly. This fair features a diversity of medical devices and it’s great to be able to find some innovative products here. I like this exhibition very much.”
Marcin Samodulski, Chief Marketing Officer, Novamed Sp. z o.o., Poland